13 Puppy Coloring Pages That Are Cute And Fun: Free Coloring Pages

13 Places To Find Puppy Coloring Pages For Kiddos Who Want A Dog

July 27, 2020 Updated July 31, 2020

Alicia Jones/Unsplash

No matter how old we are, there is one thing that will always unite us: A love for puppies (and kittens). You may not be ready for a pet. Your favorite animal might be something more wild. But, everyone loves a sweet-looking “Good Boy.” Even those of us with allergies jump at the chance to pet cute doggos… even if we inevitably regret it. Of course, many of us also feel a sense of unity over coloring. Whether we’re 3 or 103, a fresh, white coloring page just makes us oh-so-happy. It’s relaxing to try to stay inside those lines and it’s fun to get to carefully select each color. So, we found the next best thing to petting all the dogs: We’ve collected a ton of puppy coloring pages. Now you can dream about your future shelter pup while coloring with your kiddos. What could be better?

Looking for even more coloring pages with other themes? Mama, we got you! From princesses to unicorns to Pokémon and everything in between, we guarantee you can find some pretty fun options.

1. Twisty Noodle

Think a coloring page can’t be educational? Think, again.

2. Get Coloring Pages

We know the best way to find the right coloring page for your picky little punkin’ is offering lots of options. Get Coloring Pages has just that.

3. Coloring Pages For Kids

And if they don’t find the right one on the first try? Don’t worry. Coloring Pages For Kids has even more.

4. Super Coloring

We love love love these pages, especially. Each pup cartoon is super cute.

5. Just Color

Just Color always nails it when they do a collection and their dog and puppy collection is no different. Bonus: Several options are zentangles.

6. Best Coloring Pages For Kids

Love puppy eyes? These pups seem to have the best, sweetest eyes of all the other puppies on coloring pages.

7. Coloring Pages 101

Remember Pound Puppies? They’re back and there are coloring pages to go with it!

8. Raising Our Kids

Raising Our Kids’ puppy coloring pages are especially fun as they mostly have a very vintage look to them.

9. Hello Kids

Looking for a place where you can not only print coloring pages but also let your kiddos color on the computer or using an app? HelloKids is about to be your new favorite site and app.

10. Small Dog Place

If you want to teach your kids about different breeds of dogs, Small Dog Place is an amazing resource. These coloring pages are breed specific.

11. Coloring Home

Coloring Home offers another good mix of vintage and modern-looking coloring pages themed around puppies. It’s also a good mix of unique pages and things you might find above.

12. Education.com

Remember color by number? Education.com offers quite a few puppy coloring pages that are actually color by number.

13. Coloring Home

While almost all the puppy coloring pages above feature cartoon-y pups, Coloring Home is offering something a bit different. All these coloring pages feature dogs that are a bit more realistic.