Long Live The Nap!


Parenting doesn’t come with a manual.

When I’ve tried to describe parenting to people without kids, I often use the example of a scientist. Each kid, at each different stage of their life, is almost like coming up with a hypothesis and trying to either prove or disprove said theory. Everyday you suit up in your lab coat (yoga pants), you have your Bunsen burners (microwave) and your beakers (bottles of formula) and you keep meticulous notes (post-it’s piled on the refrigerator door) as to your findings.

Dropping my three year old’s nap this summer was a bad idea. It was a hypothesis that has been completely disproved by my toddlers personality late in the day. It is entirely my fault and I will take one for the team on this.

He was not ready.

He is not ready.

But the problem with kids, unlike scientific data, is that they are human beings. You can only manipulate kids so far, while scientific findings can be skewed to the left or the right. And this ain’t G.I. Jane. We can’t “un-ring” that bell. I will never be able to get nap time back now that he has seen the no-nap world.

When we started planning for the Summer, we decided to send both of our older kids to the same day camp. The 9-year-old loves this camp and it just seemed like the logical and proximate choice for his little brother as well.

Only problem, camp ends at 3:45, which is 45 minutes after my toddler would usually start his nap.

“No problem”, I said. “He can handle it”, I said.

Silly mommy, naps are for three year olds.

He’s now a month into camp, and although he loves being a big boy and all his new friends, he comes home from his day cranky and exhausted. Trying to get him to lay down and relax at four in the afternoon is pointless and futile. He won’t do it. A couple of times he’s passed out on the ride home, but I can count those instances on one hand. And when he has fallen asleep in the car he has only once stayed asleep when I brought him into the house.

In so many words…I’m fucked.

The afternoon nap was a win/win situation for everyone involved. The toddler got much-needed rest, and woke up ready to wreak havoc on the rest of us with a smile on his face. I had 2 much-needed hours of time without him. I was able to accomplish so much in the afternoon. I will look back on the time of nap as a peaceful time, before I marred the kingdom with my foolish dreams where I wasn’t a captive in my own home from 3 to 5PM.

All I can do now is pass on the wisdom of my idiocy to you. Please, please, please, for the love of all things holy, hear my cry (actually, at this point it’s more of a sob mixed with a wail followed by a gulp of wine).

If you are still blessed enough to have a napping child, hold onto this time with a fierce grip. Heed the words of Jack from the Titanic and “don’t let go”. Screw Frozen, and do not “let it go”. I’m telling you this because I don’t want anyone to go through the evenings of crying and whining and complete exhaustion I’m going through right now. I’m telling you this because no sane person should have to deal with a three year old attached to your leg, crying, “DADDY!!!! DAAAAADDDYYY!! I WANT DAAAAADDDDY!!!” over and over again for 45 minutes as you try to roast a chicken and your husband is running late.

I’m telling you this as a public service. Learn from my mistake: Long live the nap!

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Amy grew up in the suburbs of Long Island singing Barbara Streisand hits into her hairbrush.  When she's not writing her hilarity fueled parenting memoir as The Outnumbered Mother, she's a Florida living, butt wiping, soccer team carting, gourmet chef attempting, tennis skirt wearing, non-tennis playing, self-proclaimed bad mamma jamma to 3 sons and a very understanding husband.  Find her on her blog, The Outnumbered Mother, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Brooke Wondra 1 year ago

Sometimes the doctor will suggest it if the child is having problems getting to sleep at an “appropriate” time for their age.. but that’s the only reason I could think of! #teamnaptime

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

i’m a babysitter. so when a woman came in and brought her 18 month old for me to care for, i asked her when i needed to lay him down for a nap (because i didn’t want to put him down to late for fear of ruining bedtime)…and she said “oh, he don’t take naps”. WHAT??? in my house…he WILL take a nap, they all do!!! who keeps an 18 month old child up for 16 hours straight? and if you do… i only have one question. WHY?

Kathea 1 year ago

I’m 31 and still nap. And my 8month old does too. Gonna run that as long as humanly possible. Sunday afternoon naps were/are a big thing in my family. Everyone laid down. You didn’t always sleep but you did lay down. We called it warm rock time. Like our cats who tried to find a warm rock to curl up on, so did we.

April Sumner 1 year ago

my twins dropped their naps at 2 and a half because they learned to climb out of the cribs and they have to share a room. They were not ready to not nap. Oh they needed it alright but when you have two little boys in the same room together they just kept playing and waking each other up by jumping into each others bed over and over. I had no way to separate them. So we just powered through it and if I needed them to sleep I went for a drive and they fell asleep in the car. They were holy terrors the entire later part of the day and we put them to bed early like 7 or 6:30 but eventually by about 4 they were back to normal and not needing it anymore.

Christina Vessells Baldridge 1 year ago

I will force rest times until he goes to school! What was this mommy thinking?! 😉 She’s braver than I.

Brook 1 year ago

Agreed. Nap time is non-negotiable around here. They have to at least be quiet in their bed while the other one sleeps.

Eric Cox 1 year ago

I like naps. I think I will take one.

Denise Howe 1 year ago

We rarely skip the naps, only if we are looking to screw up our sanity which is hanging on by a thread. My 7 year old is taking a summer time power nap so he can stay up later, the 4 year old could drop but night time would still be difficult for this kid. The 3 year def needs it or he will lose it for hours. We love naps! When I meet a new mom of a 1 yr old that says he doesn’t nap, I look at her with alarm and suggest she recheck that idea!

Jennifer Gaffney 1 year ago

My 4 year old has not napped for about a year. My 3 year old still naps most of the time. The rule is you do not have to sleep but they both go to their own room for 2 hours and have quiet time. Everyone needs a break from each other. Especially mom. :)

The Outnumbered Mother 1 year ago

Really? I wrote this piece…

The Outnumbered Mother 1 year ago

Thank you!

Michele Feiler Goldberg 1 year ago

My girls both napped til age 4.5 and my son still naps at 3.5. They need them and we need them!!

Eileen Pierce Steuer 1 year ago

Loved this article

Josephine Widener 1 year ago

Wow. This FB page SO frequently stresses the importance of “cage free” and “organic” food substances, and then writes about FORMULA?! Talk about a double standard.

Ainsley Casier 1 year ago

Actually, I would give up nap if my kid would sleep more than 8-9 hours per night.

Ainsley Casier 1 year ago

I have a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old. I LIVE for nap time. It’s the only way we all make it through the day alive sometimes. Nap will continue to be part of our routine as long as I can push it. The eldest missed his nap yesterday and our evening was wretched, followed by a night of night terrors and screaming wake ups. :(

Diane Burke Ptacin 1 year ago

My kids are 7 and soon 5&5 and still go to their rooms for quiet time. The twins do still sleep about half the time.

Andrea Rigby Kessler 1 year ago

I do not know of this “nap” you speak of, my 3yo gave them up on her own at about 15 months! Yeah, was really painful. The upside, she sleeps 12-15 hours a night 😉

Stacie Myers 1 year ago

My son pretty much stopped napping by the time he was 2. It sucked!

Mary 1 year ago

I made both my kids nap until the summer before kindergarten. Mainly for my sake. But I was a SAHM and didn’t have to worry about camp or day care schedules.

Cari 1 year ago

That’s what I was thinking! If my kid isn’t down by 1-1:30, I’d rather skip nap.

Cari 1 year ago

I did away with naps for my toddler when my youngest was a couple weeks old. He “required” a lengthy process to get him down and I just didn’t have the time with a newborn. He adjusted ok but if he got real bad, we’d go for a drive. He’d get a power nap and we’d be good to go. I gotta ask though, how on earth do you get your kids to go to bed when they nap from 3-5? If any of my 3 slept past 2, I’ll wake them up or it’s hell come bedtime.

Maia Cartechine 1 year ago

My 3 year old naps maybe 3 times a week depending on how early he gets up and how cranky he is by noon, lol. Two yr.old naps EVERY day. I love naps. :)

Cari Greywolf 1 year ago

Don’t fix what’s not broken

Jennifer Breva 1 year ago

My youngest stopped napping at 16 months. I spoke to her pediatrician and she told me to put her to bed for the night at 5 PM. She would sleep till 7:30 AM. The pediatrician told me this was good since she was getting all her sleep. It was horrible since the days were long and the evenings were always spent at home.

Patricia Ramirez 1 year ago

I wish I could get a nap!

Sarrah Menge 1 year ago

Nap time rules!

Jillian Dawn 1 year ago

Their little bodies are still growing until they hit adulthood! I say, EVERYONE NAP! Hahaha

Amber Reigle 1 year ago

Amen! I’m keeping my 2.5 year old’s naps as long as possible!

Jo 1 year ago

Oh I hear you. We went from an 18 month old cranking 3 hour naps to a 2 year old that would have a 1 hour one and either by up at 5am or having a screaming fight to sleep at 9pm. Mum and Dad time won in the end but I tell you what those first months tired us out more than her!

Traci Muller Rylands 1 year ago

I love naps when I can get ’em! 😉

Traci Muller Rylands 1 year ago

My son is seven and we still do an hour or so of “quiet time” in his room every afternoon. He can read, play with toys, whatever as long as it doesn’t get too noisy. It keeps us both sane.

Nelsie Alcoser 1 year ago

My four year old still naps, thank god

Morgan McQuade 1 year ago

Yes yes yes!! Nap time is this Mommy’s favorite time of day. BOTH my kiddos go down during the day. Don’t know what I’m gonna do when preschool starts next week and messes up our nap routine.

Karen Carter 1 year ago

If my kids (3&4.5) napped from 3-5 they would not fall asleep until 10 pm at earliest! If they get a nap, they need to be up by 2:30 at the latest to be asleep at 8 pm.

Stacey 1 year ago

My 3 1/2 year old is napping right now, which is why I have any time at all to read this awesome post. DH hates it because it limits what we can do and when we can do it, but I say let the girl nap!

Jessica Hartwell 1 year ago

2-4pm is is the most important time in our house. It is what life revolves around!

Susie Chadwick 1 year ago

I’ve never heard of a parent ending naptime before. My oldest two stopped napping at 2, despite everything I tried. One of them did fine with it, the other still doesn’t get enough sleep, three years later. But not having to schedule life around naptime does have its advantages!

Delanie Chambers Hill 1 year ago

I am so jealous of those whose kids still nap. I had planned to keep it until she went to school as it was my time to rebuild my sanity. But her napping made bedtime terrible and her night time sleep very very short so when she was 3.5 the napping stopped. After 3 days of hell bedtime was so easy and she slept all night. Like anything else what works for some doesn’t work for all but naps were something I wish hasn’t disappeared!!!

Rachel West 1 year ago

I need nap time as much as my twins do.

Catherine 1 year ago

We never let naptime go either – just transition it to “quiet alone time” when the kids read or play in their room alone quietly when got too old to really sleep. My 3 year old usually sleeps, 5 year old listens to audio books or builds legos during his, my 7 and 9 year olds read or work on craft projects in their rooms. A lot of home school families do it, but even if /when we do regular school I think I’d still try to work it in somehow after school. Especially for introverts, having people in your face all day is exhausting. I have to do it for me at home with everyone though or I would lose it.

Jessica Taylor 1 year ago

I’m a true believer that naps help Mom keep that little sliver of sanity she has left. 😉

Angela Noon 1 year ago

When teaching preschool I always had so many parents of 3 & 4 year olds not wanting their kids to sleep at class rest time. Some didn’t need it and wouldn’t sleep. Most were so exhausted they passed out as soon they hit the mat. If they needed it I let them sleep. Growing up is exhausting!

Leslie Bailey 1 year ago

my daughter has a two hour nap/quiet time. It. Is. Staying!!! Forever!!!!

Maria Reuter 1 year ago

Holding on to our three year old’s naps with dear life, we’ve been following the confining nap scheduled for seven years but it’s so worth it. Thanks for the read :)

Jessica See 1 year ago

Wow 3 is late for a nap.

Jamie 1 year ago

I have 3 children…11, 7.5 yr, and 5 months…we all nap…I love naps, they make me feel better, less cranky to face the rest of the day…if my oldest doesn’t want to nap that day, which is unlikely, she is supposed to stay quiet and read….

Amber Hickson Diaz 1 year ago

My 3 and 5 year olds still “nap” alone in their own rooms from 12-2 each day, although they never actually sleep. The rule is they can rest, play quietly, or read, as long as they don’t come out. Mommy needs that break every day, and they need the down time.

Karen Buck 1 year ago

But, but, but…5 year olds at our kindergarten aren’t allowed naps!! We have to wean them off napping the summer before school starts. It’s August, and we’re still napping! Sure glad I don’t teach kindergarten!

Kelly Mitch Norton 1 year ago

It was a cute article until she talked about gulping wine.

Brenda Adler 1 year ago

This is why we still have nap time even though my kids are 6 and 8, and really it’s for the 8 year old who really needs them at least twice a week. Yeah now most nap times are spent reading but it is still “nap” time and they know if they’re obviously tired mommy’s going to make them put dow the books and really try to sleep.

Hilary Wooters Freise 1 year ago


Erin Wormsley 1 year ago

Lol he does look like my nap skipping toddler! ….This article is so fitting for us too :) Danielle Moore

Lydia Quinones 1 year ago

I still make my 4 year old lay down for quiet time in the afternoon because her baby brother is napping too. In daycare, the children need to lay down and rest for 2 hours, state regulations, through age 5 …

Kari Burns 1 year ago

My girls are only 16 months old but if they didn’t still take 2 naps a day I would go CRAZY!!! I won’t be dropping a nap anytime soon!

Morgan Stuller 1 year ago

I had a fleeting moment two days ago and thought my 2 1/2 year old was done napping. She didn’t sleep that day. But yesterday all hope was returned when she slept for 3 hours. I needed this article today– I will not give up!

Amy Young-Buckler 1 year ago

Little man will turn 5 this fall and they still have a 2 hour nap from 1-3. He is one of those kids who still needs a nap. It will stop next June when he transitions to the school age group for summer activites before Kindergarten. They don’t nap or have a rest period in full-day kindergarten here.

Theresa Howles 1 year ago

Agree completely!

Dottie Self 1 year ago

Nap time was invented by the mommy fairy princess! You can get so much done when the baby is taking a nap. just make sure he/she can sleep thru all types of noise!!!! Naps should continue thru college age!!!

Joy Casto Riddle 1 year ago

I am 31 and I still need naps.

Chrissy Lawlis 1 year ago

Yes!! I love my son’s nap time! I was sad to see his afternoon nap go, but at least he still takes the morning one!

Larissa Boccher 1 year ago

Yes! Will keep that nap as long as I possibly can!

Deidre Mitchell 1 year ago

YES….if there is no reason for the kiddo to be up all day…and they need a nap…LET THEM HAVE A NAP! The only reason we stopped afternoon naps was because he was going to school full-time for grade 1 (he was 6)

Jennifer Mulcahey 1 year ago

I hope my daughter naps forever!!!

Jenna Kuhmann 1 year ago

Somehow, my mom convinced us all to keep our naps until we were 10. She is my nap hero.

Kris Kirwan 1 year ago

My 5yo still naps, but his school in Sept does not – we’ve had to transition this summer. I wish :/

Marie Goldstein 1 year ago

This is so true we
Need our sleep to function in anything we do
To feel like brand new happy and beautiful and and ready to tackle our day

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

My 4-year-old still needs naps; when he doesn’t get one, he’s in bed by 8!

Melissa Castro Savino 1 year ago

LOVE the naps!

Laurie Appleby-Williams 1 year ago

I’m so grateful my 3yo still naps. I’m milking that as long as possible!

Amanda Messer 1 year ago

My husband and I both like to sleep. .. we don’t get as much being parents, but I’m hoping my son naps for a while. I loved napping even as a kid and I need that time to while he’s napping to myself. Granted, my son is only 19 months, but he is really grumpy if he doesn’t get his nap, like when we’re running around and makes up for the missed sleep by sleeping an extra long time at night.

Rebecca Bohlinger-Church 1 year ago

This article is so over dramatic. My daughter stopped naps before she was 2. She is fine. Yes on days we are busy she gets cranky. That’s any child. It’s called being a parent.

Evey Whetstone Cobb 1 year ago

My now 4 year old quit napping for almost a year. Then about 3 mos ago it was like someone flipped a switch and he resumed his normal napping schedule. So don’t get terribly discouraged, it is possible for them to start napping again. And it is all the more glorious and appreciated when they do 😉

Shari Wippert 1 year ago

My oldest still has to have naps. She’ll be 4 next week. However my middle daughter is two and sometimes absolutely refuses to lay down even when she is overly exhausted! I’ve started making her have quiet time in her room while her sisters sleep in the living room. That doesn’t always work because she thinks she has to come out every 5 minutes to give me something or ask for something or say she has to use the potty even if she doesn’t. This child barely sleeps at all! She gets up just after 7 and stays up until 9, which means I don’t get much, if any time to myself.

Lenore Michetti 1 year ago

Im there too… soooooo exhausted!!! Beyond cranky 3 year old. Sigh….. She refuses to do quiet time or anything close to it. She starts part time play school in two weeks. Hopefully she’ll go back to napping. I think she still needs it!

Carrie Webber Dodge 1 year ago

Jack will be 5 in a few weeks and he still naps most every day. He’s actually nervous about not napping at kindergarten. I dread the day when it’s gone.

Emily Schiesl 1 year ago

I’m right there with ya!

Lauren Shaw Mickles 1 year ago

I stopped naps before they were 3 and it was the best thing i ever did. They would have a problem free bedtime by 7pm

Amber Loehmer Vuich 1 year ago

Ohmugoodness… Going though this *right* now. Lol

Jett Dixon 1 year ago

I found the secret to keeping my infant and toddler napping…. Basically they stay asleep as long as I don’t sit down. If I sit down even for one second they know and their eyes will open simultaneously and shoot little laser beams at me.

Kelli Rhodes Stevens 1 year ago

I’m trying desperately but my 3-year-old won’t cooperate as of late. Don’t I wish he would so he wouldn’t become a monster every evening!

Michelle Walker 1 year ago

My sons almost 5 and naps for 2-3 hrs still!! He likes sleep like his mom lol.

Brandi Roberts 1 year ago

I wish my kids would take naps

Gina 1 year ago

I hesitantly let go of the routined, scheduled 2 hr naps when my twin boys turned 5. They are now 5 1/2 and would still take that nap if I didn’t show them the “no nap world.” I love nap time!!! I guess it’s good now that they are starting school in September. They will still fall asleep in the afternoon after a car ride, transfer into the house and treat me with taking a nap once in a while!

Sydney Thompson O’Haver 1 year ago

My 5 year old still naps in between morning kindergarten and dance in 2nd half of the day, as does my 3 year old. They share a room, so sadly when the older stops, my younger is gonna be pissed, and probably boycott naps, at least naps in their room. I dread that day :( but for now I cherish it all!!!

Amy Snipes Jennings 1 year ago

My four year old still naps like a champ. It is great now but I don’t think he is going to drop them anytime soon and they don’t nap in kindergarten. He is going to be a beast next year after school.

Alynn Rakoczy Decker 1 year ago

I’ve always said, they really only need three things…1. Love (easy) 2. Plenty of quality sleep 3. Excellent nutrition. The rest is just details :)

Dara 1 year ago

We do quiet time for the three year old as well. I need that break and so does he! Sometimes he falls asleep. However we are at the point where he’s almost better behaved without a nap (until about 7, then nuclear meltdown begins). He starts preschool Monday and doesn’t get back til 3. We will still attempt a little quiet time then but we will see how that goes!

Also a gate is Mommys best friend. Mine can easily knock it over but it serves as a mental block for him and still works. For now!

Toni Hunter 1 year ago

Not all 3 year olds need naps. My oldest napped until he was 5, though they weren’t long naps by then. My youngest stopped napping at 2 1/2. I tried to get him to nap but he wouldn’t. Quiet time was a joke. He’s 4 now. On the days he does fall asleep at daycare (pretty rare at this point), he’s up late at night. Without a nap, he sleeps 12 hours a night. It’s wonderful!

Theresa Krause 1 year ago

So true. My son just in the last two weeks decided he doesn’t want to nap anymore. So exhausting!

Emma Eaton 1 year ago

I’m pregnant with twins and am so grateful my 3 year old still naps because most days right now I nap WITH him.

Laura Graham Howell 1 year ago

My LO is 13 months and I’m a nap nazi and the shush police. Seriously, don’t make noise while she is napping or angry Mama Bear will come out! I don’t care who you are or what you are doing, you will be shushed. I make sure she has 2 good naps a day. It’s hard work some days when she wants to resist them but we don’t give up on naps ever! I also have an app for sleep so I can track her sleep times and what times seem to be best.

Lisa Howatt Hamel 1 year ago

If my almost 3 year old doesn’t have a good nap, his “witching hour” starts at 4pm (instead of 6) 😉

Kelsey Bishop Whited 1 year ago

What r naps? Seems like a distant memory from the past. He stopped taking naps before 2 years old. Goes to bed at 9:30 pm and wakes me up at 7am. I get extremely little time to myself.

Aubri Armistead Girardeau 1 year ago

My 3 1/2 year old has pretty much stopped napping and it’s awful! I still make her rest for an hour but she no longer sleeps. By evening she is DONE! It stinks.

Tracy Jo Hilden 1 year ago

4.5yo and napping strong! I neeeeeeeeed nap time!

Meaghan Crawford O’Gara 1 year ago


Tara 1 year ago

Can I get an AMEN? My little one decided to stop naps out of the blue. At just under two years old. This was not a parentally approved decision- we tried valiantly and in vain to get her to sleep at that golden, precious 2:00 hour. But she fought, refused, rolled around in her crib until we had to face the hard truth: nap time was no longer.

On the plus side, scheduling is much easier. We don’t have to decline invitations because they coincide with an afternoon nap. (We can’t use that as an excuse to get out of things anymore, though.) We don’t have to lock the house down like Fort Knox in the middle of after-school play time because, “Sssssh! The baby is sleeping.” I can start preparing dinner without cringing at every pot clang or dropped spoon. So there’s that.

But I can’t get MY nap, dammit! Sometimes, I needed an afternoon refresher myself, even it it was only a 15-minute mini power nap. Now coffee has to try and do the job, and most of the time, it fails miserably. It’s delicious, but it can barely cut through that “I just spent the last several hours entertaining a toddler” fog. Thank goodness she’s cute. Now, when does preschool start again?

Amy Freeman 1 year ago


Keighley Chatterton 1 year ago

My son will be 3 in a few weeks, and he HAS to nap everyday. He usually naps close to 3 hrs everyday, and it’s total bliss for both of us…. Lol

Jennifer Hoid 1 year ago

We do “quiet time” for my 3yo…generally right after lunch. And on the weekends even my 9yo and 7yo are required. They don’t have to sleep, they can have a book to read in their own beds (or sometimes they take turns reading to the 3yo so she might fall asleep) but it’s just a break that we ALL NEED…mommy included. It works great. (And bonus…when the girls have a friend over, they do quiet time too…even if they don’t at home…I’ve found most of them need it anyway as they aren’t used to the commotion and drama of a houseful of kids 😉

Cameron Smith 1 year ago

My child often refuses to nap, she’s only 10 months. Those days I want to cry!

Jordan Ferris 1 year ago

Proud parent of a 5 year old that still occasionally naps – 2-3x week. When she needs it she needs it and we still get her in bed at a decent hour. Establish sleep habits young.

Barb 1 year ago

My daughter stopped napping on her own about 2 and while she too would doze in the car on occasion, about 20 minutes was more than enough. It took us a while to get smart and adjust her bedtime…to 730! For a little over 2 years she slept from 8 ( actual sleeping time after bedtime routine) to 7 am. What a glorious time! In bed early enough that hubby and I could watch grow up TV at a decent hour and we could spend a couple hours together. She is now staying up till closer to 9 which is a little to close to my bed time, but she is going to be a night owl like her Dad. Just put him to bed earlier. It takes a while but it can be done…

Jayne O’Hara 1 year ago

Naps are a baby/toddlers/mommy’s best friend. Adam !!

Jennifer 1 year ago

We do “quiet time” for my 3yo…generally right after lunch. And on the weekends even my 9yo and 7yo are required. They don’t have to sleep, they can have a book to read in their own beds (or sometimes they take turns reading to the 3yo so she might fall asleep) but it’s just a break that we ALL NEED…mommy included. It works great and sometimes they fall asleep too. (And bonus…when the girls have a friend over, they do quiet time too…even if they don’t at home…I’ve found most of them need it anyway as they aren’t used to the commotion and drama of a houseful of kids 😉

Vivid Rife 1 year ago

Not only for sanity, but napping is actually good for children’s intellectual growth.

Leah 1 year ago

My two older ones dropped naps on their own at about 2 1/2 (they’re now 5 and 3). I envy people who get naps. Hopefully this baby will nap until she is in preschool!

Christina 1 year ago

My daughter decided shortly before her second birthday that she was done with naps. And oh, how I miss the little break I used to get. She’s 2.5 now and generally as long as I keep her belly full and entertained one way or another we get through the day with no problems. Occasionally she’ll pass out in the car or just be particularly exhausted from waking up extra early and while it seems like a welcome relief in the moment, she’s a TERROR when she wakes up, and then will proceed to not go to sleep that night until 10pm or later. So while I do miss the nap sometimes, at this point I say good riddance!

Melanie Farnell 1 year ago

i stopped my lo naps at 2yrs, why because despite getting up at 7am having even 30 min nap in thhe afternoon meant he would not go to bed tiil 10pm. No naps means i get him to bed at 8pm. he just doesnt need it. I would love it if he did.

Nikki Steiner 1 year ago

My 3 1/2 DD fights naps at home, but needs one. It’s a never ending battle!

Sarah Fox 1 year ago

My twins only just stopped taking naps over the summer in preparation for starting kindergarten. They’re almost 6. I miss their nap time.

Michelle Harceg 1 year ago

I miss naps…..

Charleen Taylor 1 year ago

My 7 yr old must lay down at nap time. She may or may not sleep, but she needs some down time every day. My 5 yr old will sleep 3-4 hours still and I’m lucky if my 2 yr old sleeps an hour!

Tisha Lee 1 year ago

My daughter is 7 and after a good, productive day she needs a nap, heck she needs a nap after a day at the pool.

Christine Allen 1 year ago

I’m pretty sure that most parents know this instinctively. I, for one, tried to draw out the blessed nap for as long as possible. Who would willingly encourage their three year old to give up their nap time???? When it’s gone, it’s gone. At least until they’re teenagers!!

Karly Howell 1 year ago

My almost five year old still naps daily. His older brother napped on weekends and days off of school through age 6. We keep naps as long as possible in this house!

Christine Carter 1 year ago

Our second couldn’t from the age of 2….. She would be up till all hours from 5mins sleep :( She’s 14 now and I still miss them :(

Michelle 1 year ago

The loss of a two hour nap makes me cringe…after reading this, my kid can nap until he is in his teenage years if he wants to.

Judy Jones 1 year ago

Amen! Everyone tries to push you to drop a nap and the reality is that kids will do it when they’re ready and your life will be so much better for it. My 2 year old has always been an early riser (hears his daddy) so he was doing an early morning and afternoon nap until 22 months and only fully transitioned to 1 afternoon nap at the age of 2. Was it inconvenient at times? Yes, but I had a baby girl in December and nap times are the only things that keep me sane so screw everyone else!!

Amy Parsons Kemp 1 year ago

My 5 year old still needs a nap. Heck most adults still need a nap.

Melissa Buck 1 year ago

I miss naps! It’s been about 4 years since I have had one…lol

Nicole De Bellis Iglesias 1 year ago

My five year old still naps. People think I’m crazy. It works for us!!