Can't Wait To Travel? Here Are Some Of The Longest Flights In The World

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longest flight in the world
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Surely by now, you’re itching to travel. The once-stress-inducing panic of waiting at the right gate and catching a connecting flight suddenly seems like joyful problems to have. But if you’re holding out a bit longer until the rest of the nation is vaccinated, you might as well learn some fun facts about the longest flight in the world. Just think about the pilots and flight attendants who need to be in the air for more than 15 hours and still find the energy to politely laugh at a passenger’s dad jokes. It’s exhausting to imagine (but, many of them really like the spontaneity and the ability to travel — so, there are plenty of perks.)

There are a few flights that are in stiff competition for the title of longest flight in the world factors to consider that could add or shave off travel time. For example, weather. Flying in a snowstorm will likely take longer than flying on a bright and sunny day. Travel and Leisure notes that some of the current longest flights aren’t happening just yet, but are scheduled for future travelers. That means that if you want to go onboard these overnight flights you have plenty of time to get a ticket.

Of course, aside from the length of the trip, the destinations you’ll see are gorgeous. So, is it worth the long flight? Likely so.

The Estimated Longest Flight in the World

New York City (JFK) to Singapore (SIN), through Singapore Airlines, will take up your entire day, and you might feel incredible jetlag afterward. The flight clocks in at 9,537 miles, which on average will take travelers 18 hours and 40 minutes. Right now, Singapore is being very restrictive on who can fly in and out, and only permanent residents will likely get the ability. But in the future, that’ll change. Singapore has so many beautiful sights for travelers that it’s hard to resist a trip. Some of the highlights include the Singapore Botanic Gardens and a wonderful nature park called Gardens By The Bay.

The Next Longest flight Starts in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand has a flight to Doha in Qatar that’s scheduled to start up in November of 2021. This flight is also 18 hours and is estimated at being 9,032 total miles. Doha is one of the most popular locations in Qatar, as it’s located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. While many people in Doha do speak English, the primary language is Arabic, just in case you want to brush up before booking your flight.

Perth to London is Also One of the World’s Longest Flights

Like many, this route isn’t currently operating — but is scheduled to open once again in 2021. According to Qantas Airlines, Perth to London flights starts at around 17 hours and 20 minutes. They do have direct flights, but also one that stops in Singapore. So, if you were excited about seeing those gardens, you have another opportunity (albeit a small one) if you book a ticket for this route. The two popular cities are around 9,010 miles from each other.

London is a very popular location to travel to. Most tourists believe that the spring season is the best time to be in London, based on the nice weather and fun holiday events.

Other Long Flights in the 17-Hour Range

From Los Angeles to Singapore, to Houston to Sydney — more flights than you realize top the 17-hour mark. You may not know it, but flight attendants actually have “bedrooms” on the flight that passengers don’t know about. They, too, need breaks — especially when in the air for hours at a time. The beds are small but adequate and personal storage areas are often included as well. So, you can rest easy knowing that the flight staff is well prepared for long flights around the world.

Do planes fly over Everest?

Planes can fly as high as 30,000 feet; however, many avoid flight over the Himalayas. Some of the mountains in this area are much higher than 20,000 feet. Mount Everest stands at 29,035 feet tall. Being at an altitude that high also causes low oxygen levels and turbulence. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable ride, so most pilots tend to pick a safer route to avoid any trouble.

How long is a flight from New York to Shanghai?

New York and Shanghai are 7,368.39 miles apart. The flight time is 15 hours and 18 minutes. However, between security at the airport, delays, or connecting flights, the entire experience can take up to 19 hours. The only airline that offers a nonstop direct flight from NYC to Shanghai is SkyTeam. If you were to fly private, it would only be about 1.3 times faster and shave off about four hours of travel time.

How long is the flight from California to South Africa?

The flight from California to South Africa is about 21 hours and four minutes. The distance between these two locations is 10,285 miles! This is if the aircraft is going at about 500 miles per hour. However, the flight time may vary 30 minutes, give or take, based on the takeoff, wind speeds, weather, and landing.

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