The Myth of Losing The Baby Weight


I ran into an acquaintance the other day who had recently delivered a baby. She looked phenomenal, with no remnants whatsoever of the baby weight lingering around.

“How the hell do you look like that?” I asked, not even attempting to mask my utter annoyance.

“Oh, you know,” she explained. “Since I had a baby plus a toddler, I just spend all of my time running after them so the weight fell off. Plus, I just never seem to remember to eat!”

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That was not the response I wanted to hear.

I’ve seen countless celebrities singing the same tune and it always makes me crazy. I have three kids and I have never once found myself running after them. Maybe I’ll dash over if I hear a loud thud followed by silence, but certainly not often enough to break a sweat. Sure, I’m with them constantly, but my normal pace is more like a saunter. My heart rate is steady and you could never call gently pushing a kid on a swing an aerobic workout.

And, how does one forget how to eat? Like, ever? The only time I ever came remotely close to not eating three square meals plus snacks daily was when I was working in an office for ten hours a day, in a cubical all alone. But, babies eat regularly. Kids are constantly asking for snacks and meals and treats. Never mind, that their plated constantly need to be “cleaned.” As a mother you are surrounded by food– how on earth is it forgettable?!

If you’re rocking a post-baby body and I ask how you got it, please give me a response like:

“I’m starving and miserable, but I really wanted to get in these freaking jeans again”

“Breastfeeding. It’s the best diet ever.”

“I work my ass off at the gym 24/7.”

“Genetics. You should see my mom.”

“Honestly, I have no idea how the hell it came off so fast.”

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Or, even the dreaded, “I’m eating less and moving more.”

Those I can understand. I can’t relate to them, but I can live with them.

But, please don’t give me the running around and forgetting to eat bullshit.

I’ve been there. I know better.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Sarah 13 hours ago

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Kari 1 week ago

I gained 64 pounds my second pregnancy. Took me 9 months to loose. Ate healthy, did advocare and worked out a lot.

Stephanie 3 months ago

Walking is helpful also eating healthy but the most helpful tool in my case was the Mummy Magic Weight Loss tea, I used to drink it twice to three times a day which helped me lose all the baby weight, I still drink it because I like the taste.

Liz 5 months ago

Yep. Put coffee on and get my oldest his cereal. Then sit down to nurse the baby with coffee (in a heatproof travel mug)… next thing I know, it’s noon, and my toddler has gotten his PBS fix, baby has napped, and they’re both ready for lunch… and I haven’t eaten anything. But the last 10 lbs of baby weight is still there.

Autumn 7 months ago

This is my second baby and this baby weight is awful. With my first I had him naturally & the weight really did just fall off. With my second, she was a emergency c-section, and I was put on extended bed rest due to surgery complications. After spending 9 weeks in bed, I weighed more than when I was pregnant. 4 months later I am still trying to get the weight off. I feel like I have tried almost everything with no prevail. And to make matters worst… My sister has already had her baby 4weeks ago & is now in the best shape of her life.

Nolee 10 months ago

thank you so much for this comment. Best wishes and positive vibes for you :)

Nolee 10 months ago

I believe you, it’s not so hard to believe, even more if you work full time and/or are a single mom lol

Nolee 10 months ago

my eating disorder ”came back” after having my first kid. Yeah actually I’m not eating, that’s how I’m losing weight *friends laughing* haha yeah… it’s funny because it’s true

Lauren Stachurski 1 year ago

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Lauren Stachurski 1 year ago

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emmy 1 year ago

um why is that so hard to beleive? i have a 3 year old,15 month old and a newborn,and i dont look like i just had a always eating and always moving.the sheer amount of work that comes with a young family does indeed burn fat.running around after kids is not just at the park,its the house,tge constant mess washing hoovering and daily walks etc.

google 1 year ago

thats it ?

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Jenn 1 year ago

This article is spot on, how in the hell does one forget to eat?!? I forget to call people back, or pick something up at the store, but eat? No f**king way. And I seriously relate to the saundering after your kids, hell usually I make them come to me, tears or not. Next time you run into some awful woman that tries that line, lick her face. If she is telling the truth, then maybe what she has is contagious, and you too can be sitting on the couch at night wondering, “what was that one thing I forgot to do today?” till your 20lbs lighter.

Penny A 1 year ago

Oh man…I am past the baby making years (not by much, but past) and what I can’t STAND are those Mom’s who are like, “OMG! I only gained like 6.2 pounds my whoooole pregnancy.” or the Mom’s (I have three of my very female family members who are like, “I absolutely hate the fact that I am 7 and a half months preggo and I can’t fit into my regular jeans. I mean, who wants to wear YOGA pants for a month and a half?” . I could just K I L L them! When I was preggo, I looked like a Heffalump – if that’s even a word?- just feet and head, the rest was just this huge beach ball sorta looking thing. And 6.2 pounds???? I gained that when I peed on the STICK for crying out loud! I’m not jealous of them or anything, but, HELLO, you are PREGNANT, you are supposed to gain weight!!!!

Candy 1 year ago

Does explaining why someone might forget to eat work with you as well? I know I’ve forgotten to eat when I’m consumed by a problem with any number of things.

Rachel 1 year ago

I HATE that BS too. I pump 4 to 5 times a day, and I work out 6 days a week and I am still struggling to lose the weight after having my 3rd baby. I get so tired of even hearing “Oh, breast feeding just melts the fat away.” That has never been true for me, nor have I ever been too busy to eat.

I feel like it’s just one more way that mommies try to outdo one another… Just be straight up and help a girl out!

Anna 2 years ago

Um, post-partum depression. Coupled with a history of anorexia. And then not sleeping killed any appetite I had left. You could say that in terms of losing the baby weight I came with a special set of skills. My 30 lbs of baby weight melted off within 3 months, followed by another 10 over the next few months. That’s when people started asking both me and my husband if I was all right. I wasn’t, really. Which is why I started therapy.

Cara Kronen 2 years ago

I'm right there with you.

Tasha Segura 2 years ago

All of my baby weight just came off within the first 5 months… then I gained most of it back because somehow, breastfeeding gave me an uncontrollable sweet tooth!

Lex Genevieve 2 years ago

Well I am not recently expecting #2 so we will see how all that goes.. But after baby #1, who is 3 now, I ran ten minutes every day mon-fri, did some weight training and took apply cider vinegar shots(look them up). I think that was my big trick to getting back into a "bikini" yes I said it!! I only breast fed for 2 or so months too so I had to figure something out!

Kimberly Furnell 2 years ago

The truth: Honestly, I have no idea how the hell it came off so fast.Also, I think some people are just "weight losers" and some "weight gainers" and some just stay the samers. ;-). All I know, personally, is if I am not careful to eat ENOUGH, I will lose weight: post-pregnancy or otherwise. And I after my first child was born I didn't so much "forget to eat" as much as I wasn't prepared for how much MORE I needed to eat. That said: losing 35 pounds in ONE month was shocking. I think it was the stress of breastfeeding. The physical my body going "what the fuck is this?" stress. It took much longer to lose the weight after my second. It was like my body was saying: "oh. I'm all pro now. You need some fat reserves to feed that little sucker. I got this."

hillary clark 2 years ago

My honest answer is “I Worked My Ass Off”. Joining a gym may be the last thing on your list of Fun Sh*t to Do, but once you realize it’s a guaranteed 45 minutes all to yourself, you’ll never miss a workout.

Susanne Newman Cash 2 years ago

I'm the only woman alive (or at least I felt that way) who gained weight while breastfeeding/pumping. So frankly, when those bitches say "breastfeeding is just flying the pounds off me" I want to throw my frozen breast milk at them. :)

Sara 2 years ago

Lauz Coupland 2 years ago

i put on 7 stone with my little un and after i started boxing and i shed alot but im still stuck at 12 stone i have a home gym running machine weights and an ab cruncher and ive been doing it for 6 months 6 days a week although im seeing a little improvement my belly mainly isnt going anywhere 29 years old which could be it but its proving hard to shift the belly

Nate 2 years ago

This blog is a joke, and appears to exist only to justify the author’s sense of entitlement. After reading a few articles I hoped would be informational, I see nothing but an attempt to convice people that life after children should be nothing more than an enablement of the mother to be as lazy and bitchy as she wants outside of basic child care.

And by the way, my wife took less than 6 months to go back to her pre-baby weight, and looks better than she ever has, using exactly the method the author denounces – running around after the baby and forgetting to eat from time to time. It’s called body type and metabolism. Some have to work harder than others, but it is what it is. Calling bullshit on biology does not make you smart, or an expert on the topic. Sounds to me like you’re just jealous.

Jamie m 2 years ago

I can personally say that every woman is different but I lost my baby weight with both of my kids in a week in a half after leaving the hospital . I didn’t exercise or hire a trainer , nor did I diet . I have 3 kids one step and two of my own and all boys.I can say there were times that I did break a sweat . I clean and take care of kids non stop and there comes times where I’m just not hungry cause I’m so exhausted. I know for a fact that all kids are different not all kids are hiaper and not all kids can sit still .I’m constantly running after my kids . Most of mothers that I know it’s the same with them.

Monica 2 years ago

Mom of 1 over here. He was born 6.22.12 and is 14.5 months old now!

I struggled with my weight – even before I had the baby. I was real sick for weeks 6-9 in pregnancy. Lost 20 pounds when this occurred. Spent the remained of my pregnancy gaining that 20 pounds back. So on the day I delivered I was only 30-40 pounds bigger than before I got pregnant! That may not seem like a big deal but for someone like me who has weight issues that was a good range. Without that nausea from weeks 6-9 I probably would have gained 50-60 pounds.

After delivery – I did not focus on weight. I was too busy trying to survive a newborn! Then I got really busy and ate lotssssssss of junk food. Got fatter! Plus I had a very stressful full-time job in which I indulged in carbs all day to “get through” my day!!

After careful planning, preparation and prayer my hubby allowed me to quit to follow my dream of entrepreneurship. I am now a stay at home mommy who works from home in the online based business I created! I am happy with my career. I stopped relying on carbs to get me through my day. I only eat when hungry (most times- with an occasional over indulgement – like when hubby insists on going to a buffet for dinner and all of the food looks sooo yummy!!)

I digress – So I am with my baby all the time, running my own business from home and I am very happy. I get to sleep in (although I work late into the nite) but it works for me! I rarely have a desire to over-eat and my son is now 14.5 months and very active. So I chase him around all day. His diapering calls for me to walk up and down 2 big flights of stairs all day – so I do that on purpose to burn calories. I also work out 45 minutes in the morning when I can. If cant work out in the morning then I will find another way to “move my body” So I did the fewer calories and more movement thing too and is working! Lost all my baby weight and I’m confident I can get the remaining pounds off.

I am officially diagnosed with an eating disorder (compulsive overeating) in which I spent some years in eating disorder therapy to overcome this. The biggest/most useful piece of advice I got from my therapist was this: Listen to your body and enjoy the foods you want. Don’t get too hungry or else you will over eat. Think of a scale from 1-8. 1 is starving and 8 is over stuffed. Eat when at a 3 and stop eating at the 5! Make healthy choices but don’t deprive yourself. Eat cake if you want! After decades of diets this is the only approach that has worked for me. My eating is “normalized” and now I can enjoy food and life as God intended!

Mandy 2 years ago

I went through the first 6 months of my pregnancy throwing up daily. When I was finally able to eat. I ate, and I mean I was the girl buying 4 Mc Doanld’s sandwiches, fries and shakes for myself. Then deciding to drive to the grocery store to an entire cheesecake. I gained 65 pounds in three months. My OB was not happy I wasn’t happy. I didn’t even look pregnant and then I looked like a walrus was trying to burst from me belly as I waddled around. I gave birth and was surprised that the 65 pounds didn’t come off. I breastfeed, another lie my mother told me how to lose weight. Eventually with better eating habits I was able to lose the 65 pounds. (Without Exercise) But I obviously had the “mom” body my boobs sagged, my belly had the pouch and my hips were wider. Now I have bony skeleton type hips looking like I’m malnourished and yet they’re bigger. So obviously none of my pre-baby clothes fit. Eventually after 2 years I sold 55 gallons totes filled with designer jeans that I could not get over my butt. I think I cried inside each time I sold another pair on eBay. Then my husband passed away in a tragic accident. No one knew how to handle the situation so they did the next best thing they took me out to eat, everyone took me out to eat multiple times a day. I gained 20 pounds that summer. Booze, restaurant food, and depression. Four years post-baby I became pregnant I got myself together started swimming daily and walking, cleaned up my eating habits and lost 20 pound in the first 2 months of pregnancy. I wasn’t on a diet I just cut out fast food, and obviously no soda or booze. I only gained 40 pounds this pregnancy. Three months after baby #2 I took a kick boxing class with a friend. It was extremely out of my comfort zone but she just had a baby too so we were the 30 something hippos in class, out of shape and always talking about getting some margaritas after class. (Yeah I know counterproductive.) But we gained muscle, learned how to exercise with weighs, which was cool by the way. I’m still at 140 which is 20 pounds pre-baby weight from #1. But I’m happy being me for the first time in years. We cut back on fast food; I walk everywhere I can go. Especially if it’s a trip to the gas station to grab a snack, I figure if I want to eat a kitkat bar I better be prepared to walk my butt the half mile to get it. I walk my kids to school. Amazingly it saves gas just walking here and there. I actually run every other night now 1.5 miles. I run faster now in my 30’s then I ever did in high school. That I’m proud of. Of course I have those delusions of what it would be like to lose the last 20 pounds, but I stopped obsessing over it. If I don’t want to eat like I’m training to win a title, and I don’t want to exercise like a body builder clearly those extra 20 pounds don’t bug me enough.

Kathryn Lettich Ipock 2 years ago

I could not agree more! With each of mine, I had to breastfeed and exercise 4-7 days a week, plus eat healthy and it took me 6 to 8 months to shed the weight. And even though I am back at my pre-prego weight, my body looks far from the 'same as' it did before. Some women do bounce back more quickly than others but are probably fighting another battle somewhere else in their life. Nobody has everything. For me, staying fit takes work. And, a lot of it. I have two boys and want to be active with them as they grow. I love to exercise but the diet part is never fun or easy and remains an ongoing challenge.

hirsute girls 2 years ago

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Sarah Short 2 years ago

I told people I was on the "too broke to afford food" diet.

Kelsie Keleher 2 years ago

I'm guilty of forgetting to eat. Sorry. I get nauseous and some days I eat solely because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, then I end up feeling like crap because I have food in a stomach that doesn't want it. I do have a fat baby to show for it, though :)

Corri Cole 2 years ago

Especially with your third.
My first – I can totally say I lost the baby weight through breastfeeding.
My second – breastfeeding + exercise.
My third – she's almost 14 months old, and I'm still 15 pounds away from fitting into my pre-baby pants /while/ exercising and working out.
This might have something to do with me now being over 30, though… >_>

Danielle 2 years ago

It took me a long time to go to the gym because I didn’t know what what I was doing, and I didn’t want to go tot a class for fear of embarrassing myself. I broke down and went to a kickboxing class and found out that I love them. I can people watch while I pretend to kick and punch the skinny B8tch in front of me!!!!

Ruchi Arora 2 years ago

After my pregnancy I couldn’t think of wearing my old clothes. I got to know about Adira slimming tights through net, so I shipped one asap. Now I have lost some inches in comparison to the old me. It’s anti-cellulite and healthy to wear them on a daily basis.

Sof 2 years ago

I was one of those people who had the “effortless” body pre-pregnancy. And I got it back (kind of) not all too long after birth too, but that was not due to rigid dieting and most certainly no work-out – because who even wants to do that when they’re running on fumes after a month on the “three hours sleep (if you’re lucky) – three (six) hours awake”? Getting out of bed, that was my sit-up of the day, and even that was more work-out than I wanted.

But I did lose every semblance of the crazy appetite I had while pregnant, had no energy to force-feed myself and ended up running on half a slice of toast and a ton of coffee (which I mystically started loving after birth). As an addendum there, I nursed for about two weeks before I realised that I didn’t care how good it was for my bundle of “joy”, my bleeding nipples, far too large breasts and the revulsion I felt at the whole “milk in my boobs” deal wasn’t worth it and in this day and age formula is certainly good enough. Then again I had nightmares about the Alien facehuggers and expected the parasite inside of me to burst out the last 2 months of my pregnancy too, so I guess my sanity -can- be questioned.

On another note, and because I’m commenting anyway: I really like this blog. I was the first in my group of friends to reproduce, and the rose-tinted stories they started delivering roughly a year after I had been through the Year 1 hell (and “knew better”), along with commercial pressure when it comes to parenting perfection and idyllic family life has had me thinking someone should burst some bubbles and dare say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be in that regard. The planet-aligning-moments happens every day, but not in the same brutal measures as insanity-inducing-moments. I’m glad there’s someone who manages to not only go out and say it (you, that is), but also says it in a ‘cold hard facts of life’ mingling with redeeming humour.

This may be a ramble, pretty sure it is, but as it happens my 3-year old decided 4 am is a brilliant time to get non-sleepy, hungry, cuddly and artistic, so now I’m stuck with a girl who trades sleep for me drawing hearts on a post it note so she can colour them.

The irony of stumbling over a blog like this at a moment like that…

Deedra 3 years ago

The top of the muffin is the best part. :)

Jenni 3 years ago

When I got out of the hospital (emergency c-section), I looked like a deflated balloon. The “padding” still clung to my hips and lower back above my ass, and I was kinda proud. I hadn’t gained much pregnancy weight and my husband assured me that once we brought the baby home and I got back to work, I could resume using the fitness center there at work… YEAH, RIGHT! Breastfeeding didn’t help me lose weight, and I felt as ravenous as I did during my 3rd trimester. Husband doesn’t like watching the baby while I’m at work (baby is 5 months old now) because “all he does is cry”. If I had it my way, I would be back in the fitness center 4 nights each week, working out on my elliptical or exercise bike or strength training… good Lord, I had so much more energy when I was pregnant!

shama-mama 3 years ago

I weighed the same the day b4 i got pregnant and the day b4 i gave birth! i was a skinny, teeny tiny lil girl after my pregnancy :) My third pregnany changed all that…i have a closet full of clothes that i drool over everyday. I can even fit onto hubbys pants now :(

Carrie 3 years ago

OMG! Dying! I never did understand the whole running after children thing and am so glad that I am not the only one. I have 2 young ‘uns and have yet to constantly “run” after them and FOOD?! Right. It’s every where. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They’re eating.. well, I should eat too!! This is fabulous! Thanks!

Rosa 3 years ago

Thanks for the laugh…and taking the words right outta my mouth!

Jenn 3 years ago

I don’t think it’s “forgetting”, I think it’s stress and prioritizing foot differently. As a recovering anorexic, I can tell you that when you’ve struggled with BANA issues, all you THINK about is food.

Jenn 3 years ago

Ack! That actually happened to me after my kids (well, and I got diagnosed with an icky autoimmune disorder called interstitial cystitis). I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and can’t even pretend to enjoy food because I am SO fucking tired from the screaming kids, the exhausted husband, being “voluntold” to teach an art thing at the kids Montessori, and being stressed beyond belief (oh yeah, and in pain, crippling pain). If it makes anyone feel any better, I gained 80 pounds with both pregnancy and didn’t lose a single fucking ounce while I was breastfeeding.

Nicole 3 years ago

I gained 50 lbs with both pregnancies. After the first one, I lost all of the weight, plus an extra 6 lbs, which I accredit to 15 months of breastfeeding and a mild weight-training program. During the second pregnancy I had to stop working out due to a hernia I developed, hence the weight gain. However, I lost all of that weight plus an extra 13 lbs, due again to 15 months of BFing and a careful diet. Then I got pregnant again, but miscarried. After that I went on birth control, which caused me to gain back 11 of those lbs. I’ve switched to mirena, but I still can’t seem to get any of that weight to come off, although I haven’t returned to a hard-core workout regiment yet.

Mercy 3 years ago

Baby weight. Ugh. My youngest is 2 and I’m still struggling to get rid of it. And I’ve always been a little jealous of my sister – she has 6 kids and her body still looks like it always did, slim and trim.

starladear 3 years ago

My dd is 13 and I just now lost the baby weight.

Lees 3 years ago

I have never in my life forgotten to eat. Never. I weigh less after having kids because of breastfeeding and hitting the post-pregnancy genetic jackpot.

JDH 3 years ago

my youngest is 5 and I have a closet full of clothes I can’t squeeze my ass – hell, my knees into!!

Tiana 3 years ago

Even “forgetting to eat” every now and then causes me to gain weight, NOT lose it. Stupid genetics!

Mommy Needs Vodka 3 years ago

I have to agree with this statement: “things did not “spring” back to where they belonged, if you know what I mean.” Seems like despite losing (or gaining – why can’t it go to the boob area!), stuff is “misplaced.” I’m at a good weight now but would like to shuffle things around a bit proportionally.

I was told by someone in the medical profession recently that women gain fat cells during pregnancy and there is no way to lose those completely other than surgery. And he is anti-surgery, so he wasn’t just saying it to say it.

Katie 3 years ago

When I had a newborn and was home by myself on maternity leave, I often WANTED to eat, but could never manage to make it to the kitchen, prepare something and actually eat it. Sometimes I’d get one or two of those steps completed, but never got around to eating before my nap-averse, forever hungry baby started screaming. Of course, that’s not the same as forgetting (I was starving), and the lack of calories did nothing for my waistline. Neither did breastfeeding, for that matter.

Maria 3 years ago

To Tiffini: I think baby weight means this: your body expands during pregnancy, especially the belly and whole middle area. After you deliver, it doesn’t all just spring back even if you were thin before you got pregnant. I was thin when I had my first. But, it does take some work to get everything back into place, especially when we are older and/or out of shape to start with. In addition, PMS DOES NOT HELP! I also get constipated which bloats me . I exercise and keep track of calories with I have lost 9 pounds in two monts and list two inches in middle area. We can do it!!!!!

Tiffini S. 3 years ago

I’ve never understood the concept of ‘baby weight’ or ‘bloating’ or anything like that. I mean, when you’re fat, you already can’t close your pants – not like that only happens after you have twins. “Is it PMS or that sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies I ate last night?” Thin Mints, my ass. Seriously, that thing is gonna need it’s own social security number, pretty soon.

Maria 3 years ago

Hi there, I just learned about this site on Fox and Friends and wanted to offer what worked for me. I have 3 kids, one 12, 7 and 6. I was in my early thirty’s when I had my first, plus, I was very fit, but I did gain 49 pouns. (WAS NOT going to get to that 50.) So, after my son was born and along with breastfeeding, I lost about 25 in a matter of weeks. However, things did not “spring” back to where they belonged, if you know what I mean. That took much longer and even though I eventually looked pretty good, never to my pre-baby look. I did it by exercising just at home. With my second, I gained about 38 and only lost water weight by the time I got pregant with my third (they are one year apart and have same birthday!), so that was a bust. Now, for the important part, I began to exercise to Jillian Michaels cd’s. I only did about 30 minutes, but almost every day. Banish, 30 day shred AND No More Trouble Zones are all awesome! SO, I started to look better muscle wise, I still had trouble losing actual weight and keeping it off. Just recently, I started doing the Biggest Loser stuff on my X-box AND the most important thing which I have never done, is I started to count and track my calorie intake. I can tell you THIS did the trick. My goal when I started in Mid April was to lose 10 pounds and as of today, I lost 7.2. I have a program on my Droid called Lose It! and it is free and you can download straight from your phone. It is an AWESOME program that keeps track of everything day to day. Let me tell you, if I am thinking of having a chocolate and I KNOW I will have to log it in, I DON”T DO IT! It is much harder to have to log it in for me. Believe me! There are so many foods already in here that I rarely have a hard time finding the actual food that I ate to log it in. It also has a scanner, so if you can’t find what you ate, you can scan the code off the product, for instance, the bag of chips that you ate, you can scan it and all the calories of it come up, etc., so really easy to use. People who say you don’t need to count your calories…I think that is not correct for many of us. Especially if you need the discipline, like I do. Also, very, very important is if you are really overweight, like over 20 pounds, I would suggest to do much less “weight training” type stuff, because that will just build muscle. You should run, walk, jazzercise, bike ride, etc., and do stuff that will make you SWEAT. Get the pounds off and THEN start to do light weight lifting and anything that will help build muscle and especially on your tummy and love handles. It is that type of exercise that will help suck in the pounds, so to speak and keep them their by making them firm. I hope that helps you guys, I know how hard this is, believe me. We love our kids and would never trade them for anything, but getting back into shape is very difficult. You need to just discipline yourselves and DON”T FORGET THE WATER! I KNOW for a fact that also really helped shed my pounds. Drink lots of water!

Christine 3 years ago

You know, I’ve read several posts and quite frankly, I have had more than several “eye rolling” and “you make me sick” comments myself. I am so fucking sick of them. The way I see it, I am no longer going to apologize for not looking like I have had one child let alone 5. I do the work, I deserve to look good, fuck you and your lack of will power. There is no magic pill, no magic shit you sprinkle on your food that will melt off the pounds acquired of late night snacking and shitty meal planning. Repeat after me Jennifer ” I no longer give your low self esteem and lack of will power to over shadow the hard work and healthy choices I make for me and my family”.

Jennifer 3 years ago

I stumbled on this post because I had an odd experience today. I have a 15 month old and a 2 yr. old. They are both in day care and my husband and I work full time. Today one of my co-workers commented on ‘how much weight I’ve lost recently”. When I replied that I don’t eat ben and jerrys every night and eat more fish/veggies that the stuff I used to consume, she responded by rolling her eyes and telling me that “you make me sick”. It was really hard to hear that after the effort I have been through, and she probably didn’t mean it in a negative way…but it really caught me off guard. Especially after having 2 children 14 months apart. I wouldn’t begrudge any woman meeting her goals through hard work and effort. I guess she didn’t really want to know ‘what’s my secret?”….I feel awkward now when people comment about it, when before I felt empowered and good about my accomplishment.

Melissa 3 years ago

I have a 3yr old and a 2 yr old and I told myself that I would be back in shape by the time the youngest one turned 2. Im still wearing what I call my “uniforms”. I refuse to buy any clothes until I loose some weight. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 18 months old. With the stress I gained weight, but my husband of course lost 15 pounds. He looks like Skeletor and I look like the dough boy. They took a pic of both of us last night and we both laughed for hours on how bad we looked. Now that things have normalized a bit and baby girl is doing fantastic, we both committed to at least work out for an hour a day starting tomorrow. He will try to get some muscle and drink “fat” shakes and I will try to exercise my belly off. I still look like Im 5 months pregnant when Im sitting down. We’ll see what happens, I have absolutely no energy and the thought of working out makes me want to curl up into a ball. They say that exercising gives you more energy lets hope that’s the case.

Zee 3 years ago

Unicorns are mythical? *sob*

Christine 3 years ago

The one thing that gets overlooked the most is getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep (besides turning this mom into a raging wench) will contribute to a stall of weight loss. I have 5..yes you read that right, 5 kids. I am 5’6″ and weigh 136lbs. I eat mostly right…i snack. I sneek snacks too. But I make a point of adding enough sleep as well. Don’t take my word for it, go to bed an hour early each night for a week…or try. I know that as a mom. especially a new mom…sleep is as mythical as unicorns.

Rita L 3 years ago

That’s EXACTLY what it is…if it were true, it would WORK, for EVERYONE.

Heather T. 3 years ago

It’s not a lie just because it’s not guaranteed to work for every single woman.

Rita L 3 years ago

This is the first post I have ever read and I did not read the 200+ previous comments so I may make a duplicate comment here, but here it goes anyway:

You would REALLY accept “I’ve been breastfeeding. It is the best diet ever.” You are really trying to sell THAT lie? I have never packed on more lbs than when I was breastfeeding. Not on my acceptable list of answers, but the rest of it…loved it! 😉

paytonsmommy 3 years ago

Your my inspiration for after this baby

Julie R 4 years ago

My “baby” will be 2 in a month and it seems that the more I work out, the fatter I get. I’ve been running for months and I just RAN a 5k race a couple of weeks ago and I have not lost a pound! I am RUNNING! I BLAME it on breastfeeding! My appetite is huge and showing no signs of going anywhere. I’m planning on weaning her when she turns 2 but she is NOT going to be happy.

I hate when biatches say stupid crap like that!

Cate8 4 years ago

yay YOU DID IT!! my 8th baby is almost 6….Hope I lose it all within 10 years…yipes.

Maegan 4 years ago

UGH! I hate those kinds of responses. How fast are someone’s kids that they’re LOSING WEIGHT just being around them? I don’t get it…I think it’s a fib.

Also…breastfeeding made me eat like a horse. I was always hungry.

I have NEVER forgotten to eat! 😀

Caiti 4 years ago

I truly forget to eat. Mainly because by the time I’ve gotten my two fed, cleaned, changed, and down…I crash. I usually remember lunch, but forget breakfast and usually a regular dinner too. Just eat crap at my part time cubicle job. But I didn’t say I’d lost baby weight, haha!

findingmomma 4 years ago

Seriously… too stressed to eat? does that work?

Erin I’m Gonna Kill Him 4 years ago

I never forget to eat, but I do forget to grocery shop so sometimes we’re all eating cinnamon and cilantro. It’s really good for calorie control.

Mommy Needs Vodka 4 years ago

Glad to hear someone else has a post childbirth bladder! Mine’s NEVER been the same. I now pee twice as often as pre-preggo. Sad!

Mommy Needs Vodka 4 years ago

BTW, I have 2 as well, and I hear ya about not getting time to eat. I recall when the twinkies were just over a year old and we went to my aunt’s for Turkey Day and their cousins were enamored of them, entertained them, and I actually got tears in my eyes b/c I got to eat MY WHOLE MEAL in ONE SHOT, without being interrupted!! I think w/ 2 at a time, it’s a different ballgame altogether.

Mommy Needs Vodka 4 years ago


Just wanted to say I LOVE the look of your blog–super cool graphic!

the family that laughs together 4 years ago

I hear ya! I don’t get it either …. I never “forget” to eat and I don’t “run” around with my toddler. I might run a few feet but come one now what is that burning. I just wrote a post,,, to be posted about the snacks that I have a really hard time not grabbing a hand full- I mean he still snacks twice a day and then we have our meals too. Don’t even get me started about the free food available at work…how does one “forget” to eat?
Not I sista!

Bohemian Hijabi 4 years ago

I can see getting so busy that you just don’t get a chance to eat. Forgetting to eat, not so much. When I had my twins, I breastfed them exclusively for the first four months. And it seemed like someone was always hungry. I spent what felt like hours each day with babies attached to me, like a mother cat with a litter. All the while, my stomach was growling. That was how I lost the baby weight.

rebecca 4 years ago

oh no – when my daughter starting running this really was how i lost weight! seriously, any trip out for me meant running down the aisles of supermarkets screaming my child’s name, commando crawling under the racks at target, leaping other people’s trolleys at a run to catch hold of my kid before i lost sight of her round a corner. and can i just say these are athletic feats that don’t come easy with my post-childbirth bladder. i’d get home completely strung out and realise i hadn’t stopped for food and yeah the pounds came off. now she’s 2.5 and slowed down to warp speed, and i am fat again! fat and happy is all i can say!

Mommy Needs Vodka 4 years ago

I’m laughing my ass off at this post! I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy, like 100 lbs. Post giving birth, I was still 30 lbs over my normal weight and that would NOT come off. I tried to diet, did the gym thing for 6 months which was miserable, and FINALLY, you know what did the trick? (drumroll). I said “fuck it” and bought 2 pairs of fat jeans and decided to stop trying to lose the weight!

And lo and behold, once I stopped trying so damn hard, the weight–ALL of it and 5 lbs more–came off within 6 weeks after buying the fat jeans! What I did was told myself I could eat whatever I wanted, just less of it. I didn’t make it into a problem. I stopped FOCUSING on it. It was all psychological, kind of like when I quit smoking–food is a similar addiction, and the mindset of giving it up is similar. So at lunch, instead of ordering 2 tacos, I ordered one. I also made it into a money issue. I told myself I could spend $1 on lunch–so a McD’s $1 chicken sandwich, but no fries, for example. I did this daily. And, it was winter, so I wasn’t exercizing much either, but I did do a brief daily walk just to get moving, usually over my lunch hour or sometimes right after work prior to picking up the kids from daycare.

Also important: I didn’t weigh myself more than once per week. I was actually quite surprised when I found myself back at my pre-baby weight. So in a nutshell, the trick for me was to stop obsessing about it, but keeping it in the back of my mind.

Natalie 4 years ago

Re: forgetting to eat, I think that this actually does happen, at least it happens to me. I think that there are a fraction of moms (and people in general) that don’t eat or lose their appetite when they feel stressed out or depressed, akin to “forgetting.” What “forgetting” probably means is forgetting to *care* about whether you eat or not, and being absorbed completely by trying to fullfill the needs of your small children. It is true that many people find comfort in enjoying foods that they like, but the last thing I want to do when I feel stressed out is eat. But that is probably as unhealthy as overeating, and shouldn’t be celebrated.

Marta 4 years ago

I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. Today is my daughter’s first birthday and let me tell you I don’t look much better than I did at this exact time after she came out of me. In fact, I’m almost 100% sure I don’t weight much less AND I breastfed so hey not a foolproof method.

However, I also tend not to run after my 4.5 year old or now my 12 month old. I do tend to eat my meal, and then the remnants of my children’s. If its a particularly stressful day I’ll have some extra dessert too.

Brook 4 years ago

Ugh…I totally HATE those girls. Just be freaking honest. Hell even say it’s genetics for crying out loud. And just so you know I worked out for 45 minutes six days a week and changed my diet completely to lose the 20 pounds, and that’s a hell of a lot more gratifiying that saying “oh, I’m chasing the kids.”

AmberB 4 years ago

How funny! My two are 4 and 1.5 and I lost all my baby weight from the last and then some – smaller then I’ve been in 10 frickin’ years – because I walked the summer after having my last baby. I walked ALOT – I mean 5-6 miles 3 to 4 times a week and went from a size 12 to a size 6/8. I breastfed too and since baby was born with some medical issues there was some stress thrown in there too – but I’ve actually gotten glares and rude comments when I have responded to the question of “how did you lose?” with “exercised my ass off” – guess haters will hate no matter what. And when I see one of those super-skinny gals at the mall with her brand-new baby I quickly follow my mental thought of “skinny bitch” with “I don’t know what her path has been, maybe conception was difficult, maybe that will be her only child, maybe she struggled to gain enough weight while preggers and her baby’s health was impacted.”

baby weight 4 years ago

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Kelly 4 years ago

Still trying to lose it and my youngest just started kindergarten! It’s freakin’ hard! Food – I stopped eating red meat, substituted all of the silk lites instead of Milk, and I try to keep my sodium under 1000mg a day. Exercise – Bellydance! I have fallen in love with it and sometimes do it until I am about to pass out because it is just sooooo much fun! It feels good, raises self confidence, and brings your sexy back! :o) The greatest thing about Bellydance for weight loss is that it is low impact and perfect for any size, age or shape! You can just jump right in and not feel like you are too big to be there. It is usually all women so you feel pretty comfortable.
I have to vary my workouts to keep up the momentum. I am so happy something is finally working. It is about time! I have lost 78 lbs. and I still have about 45 to go. There is sooooo much more to this story, but I just want anyone struggling to know…Don’t give up! Try different things until you find what works for you. Too much salt is bad. I ate my daily sodium allowance in ketchup and could never figure out why my ankles and fingers were always swollen. Read labels and see what I mean. It’s in everything and adds up so quickly. I just went shopping today for new shoes. I went back down to an 8 from a 9 and boots fit again around my calves. I felt like someone had let me out of a cage. That person was me.
You can do it.

K A B L O O E Y 4 years ago

Never. In. My. Life. Have I forgotten to eat. I’ve dieted, been broke, been stuck hungry on the subway, been physically unable to get to an edible substance, but you KNOW I was thinking about what I’d eat when I could claw my way over to the buffet. Ditto re: running after the kid. Best day of my motherhood was one when she learned how to nurse laying down.

JulieSue 4 years ago

Jewish moms don’t forget to eat.

I’ve never skipped a meal in my life.

Just sayin’.

Deep Fried Mama 4 years ago

What do you mean, how did I lose the baby weight? I don’t understand that sentence…

Sheryl 4 years ago

@kathykate, my youngest is 13 and I am still losing the baby weight as well :) I have never forgotten to eat when I was a SAHM ,I actually ate a lot. Every time I fed the kids I ate, every time they snacked, I snacked. Now when I went back to work there were days that I would forget to eat.

Gayletrini 4 years ago

ok I am ducking as I say this but I forget to eat all the time. All the time… just today it hit me that i was feeling a bit light headed and it was because I fed the girls and nibbled on a piece of vienna sausage to test how hot it was for them and never actually ate breakfast. And that is what happens to me i nibble on something and I feel as if I have eaten and in actual fact nope i haven’t.
I would say though that a combination of stress and good genes had me way below my pre-pregnancy weight for all three pregnancies I think my body just literally got full of anxiety. Children are stressful LOL. Now though age is catching up on me and I am just jiggly :(

Feyella @Parentingsmh 4 years ago

I have to admit I am one of those women that lost all my baby weight pretty fast. Nursing played a big part for me and that’s what I used to say when I got comments. One day in TJ Maxx a woman commented on my size seeing me with my then 3 mth old and asked how I did it. I replied nursing. Without a pause she said I nurse all 3 of mine and didn’t lose any of my baby weight. To that, I had no response, but to decide not to respond anymore at all. So from now on I’m pleading the 5th.

Nina 4 years ago

How funny–I followed another Nina. You’re not allowed to have TWO ninas! 😉

Nina 4 years ago

#1. Totally agree with you. Have never forgotten to eat a day in my life.
#2. Wow–this post seemed to hit such a nerve. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great post! I’m just surprised there’s anything to disagree about.

Nina 4 years ago

I’m a single Mom, I have 3 kids and I’ve never “forgotten to eat” but there are days when I am so busy I just don’t have time to sit down to eat. Or stand up to eat, for that matter. I. Am. Always. Moving. Now, when I was happily married and had my newborn baby plus my 2 year old son at home with me, there wasn’t a minute that didn’t go by that I wasn’t eating something. So yeah, I doubt the whole “I just forget to eat” statement.

VG 4 years ago

Is forgetting a more friendly term for Anorexia? Just sayin’

Mommy Needs a Xanax 4 years ago

Amen. That’s total b.s. I had a baby 5 weeks ago. Gained 20 pounds. As of 4 weeks, I had lost 23 pounds.

Breastfeeding. It’s the best diet ever. I plan to force the little shit to suck off at least another 10.

Mrs. Jen B 4 years ago

I, too, wonder at the idea of forgetting to eat. How can you forget to eat? I’ve missed a meal here or there due to busyness or inconvenience or sleep. But not enough to lead to weight loss.

VG 4 years ago

I learned to eat healthier once I was pregnant since I would just grab whatever. Oh and my OB/GYN basically told me I was a bit overweight when I was worried that I was maintaining my weight during the 1st 20 wks of my pregnancy. Only gained 15 lbs during the entire pregnancy, had my DD almost 18 months ago and I’m still 10 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. Also disclaimer – My DD had some feeding issues the first week, which led to me living off of 2-3 hrs sleep, a bowl of cherrios once or twice a day, and constantly BMing like no one’s business due to stress/nerves (have NO CLUE how I was able to even go that much). So that’s my weightloss story :)

kathykate 4 years ago

Lying sack of shit. I’m still losing the baby weight and my baby is 12 and desperately searching for armpit hair! If I ran any more, I’d see Russia from my window. She’s got a trainer, is a drunk, smokes, or has a nanny. Or a boyfriend. Or two.
Fat & Happy, skinny & miserable FTW.

Lisa 4 years ago

I’ve SO wanted to say this before. Love it!

Angie 4 years ago

No, I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to eat. I have forgotten to stop eating though. I only have 1 kid, and honestly the first year I didn’t eat as much as I have been this second year. Once she hit that point of eating grilled cheese sandwiches and goldfish crackers, I decided it was ok to “clean up” after her. Not so much when it was pureed peas, squash and rice cereal 😉 I noticed a couple months ago I was starting to get a little goldfish gut and figured I better just watch myself and get my ass moving again. And while chasing my toddler is part of my daily routine, it does not drop weight off of me. Getting myself out the door and jogging while pushing 50 lbs. of stroller + kid DOES.

Reluctant Momma 4 years ago

this is my favorite response:)

Reluctant Momma 4 years ago

not only do I ALWAYS remember to eat…I occasionally attempt to eat the very offspring that this woman claims to be her weight loss solution.

If they have enough chocolate pudding smeared on thier little faces….Game on….I’ll eat them right up. No joke.

Abby Perry 4 years ago

I hate when people say they don’t have time to eat.
I am a working mom of triplets, based on this logic I guess I should have had my last meal in Jan of 2009.

WebSavvyMom 4 years ago

–>”I just had a baby” has been my excuse since he was born. That excuse will turn five in November.

NoDramaMama 4 years ago

I hate that! I actually lost the baby weight, until Miss L became a toddler. Then suddenly I had no time to cook healthy food, and no time to go to the gym. Toddlers are way more work than babies. Anyone who says she lost weight chasing a toddler is full of crap.

Rileys mom 4 years ago

I lost the weight pretty quickly and I think it happened because of a combination of gentics (also why I didn’t get strech marks, thanks mom!!) and I got a stomach flu a couple months after DS was born and lost almost 15lbs. So there’s my secret ladies, stomach flu!

Megs 4 years ago

I had GD, and actually lost weight while pregnant because I couldn’t eat anything. My ass and legs shrunk a ton. After the monster was born, he was SO fussy, never slept, screamed all the time, etc, I was so stressed out that eating just didn’t appeal to me. Kept losing weight. Finally figured out he had a milk protein intolerance, so I gave up anything and everything that had even a trace of dairy in it. He was finally happy, I couldn’t eat anything. I was 25 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight when he was 5 months old. WORST.DIET.EVER. He’s ok on dairy now at 11 months I’m at a healthy weight again, only about 10 lbs below pre preg, although things have settled differently, and I’m definitely floppier than before, so that 10 lb loss doesn’t really show. Not a diet I’d ever recommend.

Katie @ Imperfect People 4 years ago

I love your honesty! So glad to find another mom “keeping it real”

Andrea 4 years ago

It was meant to be humorous…wow…

Marinka 4 years ago

ONCE I forgot to eat. I think I was asleep. I’ve been making up for it ever since.

MarsupialMama 4 years ago


That’s exactly what I was thinking! Breastfeeding did nothing for weight loss, in fact I’m convinced it kept me pudgy for longer! “I was breastfeeding and starving”, too!!

In the end I half kill myself trying to wake up at 530 so I can squeeze in a work out, eating the most miserly portions and living a miserable existence!!

6 months later and I still have a waaaays to go before I can fit into anything post 1st baby, let alone pre-1st baby!!

Lady Estrogen 4 years ago

I had baby weight BEFORE I had the twins, so….
there’s that 😉

Michelle 4 years ago

When I see a skinny new mom, I don’t bother to ask. I just hate her silently behind my smiles and congratulations for a moment.

Christine 4 years ago

Who are all these skinny moms? I know lots of moms of various ages, with kids of various ages and out of 10 I would say 1 of them are thin. Most of us are trying to the best we can and look the best we can while working, volunteering, checking homework, and keeping our marriages alive.

Beth 4 years ago

I think there is some secret club that I never had access to where there is free childcare and personal trainers yelling at you to move, or else. Breastfeeding never did it for me. No way did I forget to eat. Hello, I was breastfeeding and starving. Now, I clean my child’s plate all the time. Or I eat it in an attempt to get her to eat (monkey see, monkey do, yet it never seems to work and I just eat all her food). Almost two years later and I think the scale stuck.

Strata 4 years ago

I can legitimately say I lost the weight by chasing after kids… middle schoolers.. I started coaching middle school girls basketball and working out this them. We all no that pre-teen girls can smell weakness.. so I worked out hard. I also started watching what I ate and gave up the old “I just had a baby” excuse.. *cough*afterthreeyears*cough*

AnnS 4 years ago

I never forget to eat. My husband gives me a bigger portion than he eats. I’m 41 (I’ll be 42 in , gasp! three weeks!) and the mother of a 4yo and a 1yo who is still nursing. So yes, the weight came off, and in jeans and a nice top, I am just as skinny as I ever was (actually less than the prepreg of the first baby at 116) and yes, I lost a lot of that in the first two months. But it didn’t come off evenly, and carrying my son low will forever mean I can’t wear a low cut bikini (the fat may work off, but the skin, well, that’s there to stay!) I work full time, breastfeed, chase after two very active kids, volunteer, and in my spare time (I voraciously defend whatever morsel of me time I find) I like to bike long distances, run, sew, knit and maybe even stab my finger during needlework. But, no, I never forget to eat. In fact, kids are in bed, I’m off to find a snack (and then sew.)

Kristin 4 years ago

Everyone is different. My sister has always been very slim – so much that teachers used to call home concerned for her. And she ate like a horse! Me, not so much. Some people take a walk around the block and lose three pounds, some people need more activity.

Frankly, for me it’s not about weight, it’s muscle. I gained only 17 pounds with both pregnancies. Each time, when I went to my two week, I was back to pre-pregnancy weight. Did I look it? Heck no! Especially after the second one. Despite walking everywhere, I just never got to do weights with babies. Despite nursing, I started gaining weight after the water weight from bloating came off. I’ve gotten back down to where I was when I got pregnant with my first, but I’m four dress sizes bigger. My body is totally different.

I think each person just needs to be honest with herself. I don’t blame being hypo-thyroid or having different metabolism than my sister. Do I snack? Oh yeah. Did I enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine with dinner? Mmmm hmmmm. Could I have do some sit-ups or marching or just stand up during commercials. Uh, yeah I guess. Everyone just needs to get to the point where that extra dried mango slice (or five) isn’t worth the calories. Some days I’m at that point, and some days I’m not. I’m not willing to take diet pills or go through an invasive procedure to get rid of belly (and thigh and arm) fat. It’s just not that important to me. To some other people, it is. Be comfortable and confident in the choices you make. And respect other people’s choices.

Now about those stretch marks and veiny legs…

Lara 4 years ago

this is SO true! i hate it when women say they lost the weight chasing after their kids. please! it’s usually the fact that they’re starving themselves or working out all the time. and i, for one, could NEVER forget to eat. i’d rather be a little chunky than hungry any day!

briana 4 years ago

Breastfeeding and genetics….definitely not running and definitely no forgetting to eat!

Debbie McCormick 4 years ago

It all comes down to metabolism, doesn’t it? Two women can do the exact same thing as far as activity level and eating but one will drop the weight the other won’t. That’s the real reason. As far as forgetting to eat – I have skipped meals before. It’s not really forgetting, it’s more of being too busy feeding the kids, I’ll just move on to another chore and not bother to fix anything for myself. So that part I can relate to and yes I did drop some weight because of it.

jodifur 4 years ago

The thinnest I ever was was my 5 month maternity leave. Because my gym had 2 hour gym daycare. And I went everyday because that was the only 2 hours I knew I would have to myself.

True story.

Misadventures in Motherhood 4 years ago

As far as I know, the only way to get rid of that damn pouch is a tummy tuck. I currently know of at least three moms in my immediate circle that are contemplating it. I would personally never go that far, but I now understand the appeal of high-waisted jeans. I just tuck my pouch right in there, and voila! My belly looks magically flatter–did I mention that there’s a LOT of tight elastic in the belly area of these jeans? I guess there really is no cure for the pooch that doesn’t involve SOME pain! LOL
But honestly. the pooch isn’t the worst thing to me…. the worst is peeing myself a little bit whenever I trip over something, jump up and down, or even laugh too hard without crossing my legs. I took my son to a Bounce U party, and I probably should have worn a maxi pad for all the pee that was escaping. Horrific!!! But hey, you have to laugh about these things I guess!
Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

Amanda 4 years ago

I’m sorry, but it’s a lot different than “hating on fat people.” Jill’s post is meant to be humorous, because nobody really hates skinny moms. Everyone only want to be skinny moms.

By hating on a fat person, you’re just helping to discriminate against an already marginalized faction of society. You’re perpetuating an already negative and oppressive and detrimental point of view we, as a society, have taken up against overweight people.

No thin woman feels bad about themselves because they found out that Scary Mommy is frustrated because she can’t be more like them. As a matter of fact, they secretly feel even better than they did before.

Jana@AnAttitudeAdjustment 4 years ago

This is the kind of judgmental stuff that drives me crazy. People who have no sense of humor should find something else to do rather than pontificate on a humor blog. (Yes, Lena, I’m talking to you.)

Jill 4 years ago

This post cracks me up!! :) I admit, it can be damn hard to forget to eat. Lol but I have to say it is possible. (let me also say it’s obviously incredibly unhealthy, especially after just giving birth and will only slow your metabolism in the long run!!) so the only thing I can add to back up forgetting to eat as a POSSIBILITY (but unlikely daily occurrence! Lol), is the situation I have. Crazy bad ADHD/ADD. I still forget pretty dang often to eat- but mostly just for three of four hours past usual time because- my kids eating reminds me. But I often have to sit and rack my brain for a while to remember whether or not I ate. Sometimes I will be convinced I must not have, and even though I am not hungry I eat to be healthy…. Only to remember an hour later that Yes, I HAD eaten. That always pisses me off! :) a whole extra meal of calories. When I was a teenager though and not preparing food for other people, I truly did forget to eat. Once it was so bad I nearly fainted at school. They asked when was the last time I ate. I sat there thinking and thinking and thinking. And I was stunned myself when the last thing I could remember eating was a day and a half earlier. I got insane looks, and asked, “how is it possible to forget to eat for that long?!” But hey, that’s a neurological problem! Lol. I usually give this as my example to how ADHD/ADD differs from normal occasional forgetfulness. I like your reasons for loosing weight a lot more!!! :) I took FOREVER to loose my baby weight the second time around- even with a 2 year old w/ autism, therapy, tantrums etc, and forgetting occasionally to eat. My second is now 2 and I am STILL trying to run it off!!! :) lol

S Club Mama 4 years ago

No FREAKING crap! I’ve never “forgotten” to eat. And seriously when you have kids, how do you forget to eat? You feed the kid, you feed yourself. Common sense. And I hate when people comment on my weight loss (that I worked my A$$ off for) by saying “no wonder you’re so skinny” meaning that I’m chasing my high energy kids around. No. I don’t chase them at all. I don’t run after them (unless there’s danger involved). I worked hard and put in many miles to take off my baby weight; please don’t say I’ve just been running after kids. That puts unrealistic expectations on other people.

Nichole Ruggiero 4 years ago

Had my first when I was 18 108 when I got pregnant, 138 giving birth, 108 two weeks later. I believe it had to do with age and a higher metabolism.

2nd baby 3 years later. 116 when I got pregnant, 140 when I delivered, 116 at 6 wk checkup

3rd baby and 3.5 yrs later. 125 when I got pregnant, 150 when delivered, 125 at 6 wk checkup

4th baby and 6 yrs later 145 when I got pregnant ( became lazy, drank too much, and love love chips) 165 when I delivered, no idea what I weighed at 6 wk check up since I didn’t go. 22 months later and I weigh 112. 18 months of nursing, chasing a toddler, driving 3 boys to and from sports, STRESS, DIGESTIVE issues, school and work is why I am back to a size 3. I don’t forget to eat, but I can’t eat what I used to since I have been perpetually sick since having baby 4. GERD, COLITIS, Gall bladder removed, and a partial hysterectomy in the last 22 months…

Baby number 4 really fucked me up.

Stephanie 4 years ago

I have three kids. Had my first at 18 (102 when I got pregnant, 127 when I had her, 108 at my 6 week post appt)…had my second at 20 (121 when I got pregnant, 134 when I had him, 118 at my 6 week post appt)…had my third at almost 25 (128 when I got pregnant, 152 when I had him, 146 at my 6 week post appt)…WTH?!? My youngest is getting ready to turn 7, and I cannot shake this weight off whatsoever! How I lost the weight with the first two…I was young and my metabolism was still high…because its nothing I did, I didnt work out, I didnt breastfeed, etc etc. I worked out, breastfed, did everything after my third…NOTHING worked! Now I can work out 5 days a week, and bust my butt running around more now with the kids older, than I did when they were younger…weight does not come off. Metabolism is low…but I am with you, to see these young women walk out of that hospital, looking like they were there just for a visit…ENVY ENVY! But I also keep saying, wait until your closer to your 30s, and have a couple of more…then tell me how you lost that weight, because being young wont be the excuse thats for sure!

Zee 4 years ago

I had four pregnancies in five years. It took me years, YEARS, to drop all that baby weight. What did I do then? I went and got bloody pregnant! Five years later and I’m still carrying *that* baby weight.

Kate Coveny Hood 4 years ago

I actually did lose weight easily after my first was born and then I REALLY lost a lot of weight after my twins were born. The first time around, I think it was because he never slept and I couldn’t nap with him during the day since I was either busy at work during the week or watching my husband take naps at home during the weekend. THEN when the twins were born, I was – again – up all night and working all day. But also, my mother had a very bad reoccurrence of cancer and my oldest was being tested for developmental delays/autism. It was lot of stress.

During that time though? I ate whatever I wanted. Definitely not worth the stress…but I did get to see what life was like for my friends who could eat like linebackers but look like head cheerleader.

liz 4 years ago

So, I’m one of those women who drop the weight within 2 or 3 weeks of giving birth. However, I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of “making it up” to me because I puked daily, for all 9 months, for both babies.

I gained 27 and 25 lbs with each kid, and always tell other women I don’t know why it drops off but that Mother Nature freakin’ owed me after all the toilet hugging I did.

Practical Parenting 4 years ago

I think I lost weight by walking constantly in an attempt to stop everyone from crying. I’m not sure it worked. I remember a lot of tears for a while there.

liz 4 years ago

I dropped the weight quick BUT the Mama Pouch NEVER goes away!

The Mommyologist 4 years ago

I had to work my ASS off to lose the baby weight, and even now, unless I cut wheat, dairy, sugar, and BOOZE, it creeps back up. As a matter of fact, I’m standing in my kitchen right now with my favorite jeans on…they are totally unbuttoned and barely got them over my ass. Back in May…they were SAGGING in the butt. Summer + backyard bbqs + cocktail hour starting every day at 4pm = I went up a good 10 pounds.

Mango Chutney 4 years ago

This post is so true!!! That almost makes me vomit to see a new mother just snap back wihout effort. Ive tried EVERYTHING, starving (which is almost impossible since I am practically a short order cook), gym, diets, squats, giving up and still I am about the sameif not heavier the day I delivered my now 2yo. There all lies I tell ya!!! 😉

Callie 4 years ago

@Susan It came across the same way to me, as well.

Antonia 4 years ago

I totally agree with the “plump, clean mama is hotter than a skinny, smelly mama”. Count me in as one of the “(almost)skinny, smelly mamas”, too! Not only did I forget to eat, it was all I could do to scrape my tongue off (much less regularly brush), brush my hair, wash my face or shower! I totally understand why people want their mom to come for a few weeks after a baby comes (not that I had that luxury, my mom was anti-work for anything mom) or a baby nurse! Maybe having kids 14 mos. apart was not smart, but it was what I got!

Kathy 4 years ago

Love this post…’s so true!! Lets be real women spill it!
I’m still trying to lose the baby weight…..she leaves for college next year….I’m almost there!! NOT!

Katie 4 years ago

I’ve lost 71 of the 96 I gained PG in a year. People ask and I tell the truth: I BF, I work out for an hour or two 6 days a week, and I no longer eat beige food (white carbs, potatoes, etc). Anyone who says that they just forgot a meal or two must have Angelina Jolie type DNA.

But it’s really hard! But I’m willing to put in that kind of effort. Others can’t or won’t or aren’t ready.

Kim 4 years ago

How is this any different than hating on fat people? It’s discrimination, pure and simple.

Amy 4 years ago

oh, and i forget to eat because i had pre partum and post partum depression and then they found out i’m bipolar. and i have fibromyalgia, which makes sleep even more of a priority than eating.

Amy 4 years ago

its still there. i have high metabolism, stretch marks that will never see a thong (they weren’t anyway) and a little bit of mommy tummy. unless i do a LOT of situps and/or cut my white carbs, this ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. and I’m fine with it. i finally have a little bit of meat on my bones.

Humanmama 4 years ago

AWESOME. And so true.

The Flying Chalupa 4 years ago

I’ll tell you what – it took me a year to lose the weight and when I finally did, lord knows it wasn’t because I forgot to eat (food is paramount in my world), it’s because my son started walking.

The real question – even for the skinny gals out there – is HOW do you get rid of the mom pouch? I’m guessing it’s here to stay. At least on me.

Stacy 4 years ago

I thought I was the only one who had to dance for 12 weeks straight! Best post baby diet ever!!

Rebekah 4 years ago

I was one of those who lost weight quickly, BUT I also had one of those a babies who would not stop screaming unless she was in constant motion either by going for walks in the stroller or me holding her while I danced. The only thing I had going for me was my thin self because I had dirty teeth, hair, and body because I had no time or energy to take care of myself. I think a plump, clean Mama is more hot than a skinny, smelly Mama. 😉

Leigh Ann 4 years ago

A friend of mine gave that excuse of forgetting to eat or justnot having time to eat. She had 1 baby a couple months older than my TWO babies. Yeah, I didn’t buy that crap. If I have time to eat, so do you. We all knew she just wasn’t eating.

Leigh Ann 4 years ago

I don’t like to hear that I don’t have time to eat crap either. But when my husband was left with all 3 kids for 5 days, he said the same thing. He would get them fed dinner, play with them, give them baths and get them to bed, and then go relax. Around 11pm he would realize that he never ate dinner. But his mind isn’t always on food like mine is. Plus, I stress eat.

Leigh Ann 4 years ago

Me too! Except when I first started pumping for the twins, I got really thin (for me) really fast, save the post twin baby belly. But as soon as they came home? I was stress eating all the time. When they were around 6 months I was 10 pounds over my prebaby weight. Same with Zoe. Lost the baby weight bast when I 1st started nursing, but it all came back. I stress eat!

Jessica 4 years ago

I was totally on the breastfeeding diet and I miss it. This is my first summer without it and let’s just say I would not describe myself as “bikini ready.”

Susan F 4 years ago

I don’t know if it was just me but I found this rude. Eating a healthy balanced diet isn’t “stuffing your face”. It’s attitudes like yours that help eating disorders survive. As for “do you watch your kids play/play together, or actually play with them”, could you be much more condescending? A majority of moms do a combination of both of these things, I would bet even you do. I guess my point is that unless you intended to come across as pompous, you might want to choose your words more carefully.

TheTiredMom 4 years ago

Hi Antonia,
You are right – I was trying to be funny. I’m a person who never misses a meal (and the seams on my jeans would confirm that if they could talk). I was also hoping to take some of the pressure off of all of us ladies who aren’t exactly chic yummy mommies. I’m sorry that I offended you. You sound like you have a LOT on your plate. Take care,

Stella 4 years ago

This is hysterical! I forget all of these things, regularly, and you just made me feel better about it. But, I also forget to eat sometimes. Like breakfast on mornings I have to get 2 kids out the door for preschool. I make coffee, empty the dishwasher and pack lunches while they eat, I only remember later, when I am running on the treadmill, nauseous from starvation

Lena 4 years ago

Well, honestly, it’s because making sure my baby is fed and content takes priority over me stuffing my face. I didn’t always remember to eat for the first 8 weeks or so, but once we got settled into somewhat of a routine, I remembered again. However, throw a toddler into the mix, and I can see how some women don’t always remember. One woman I know has a 1 year old, a 3 year old, and a 4 year old. Her doctor yelled at her for not eating often enough because she has low blood sugar. Also, do you watch your kids play/play together, or actually play with them? If you’re just watching them, you probably won’t get much of a workout, but if you play with them, I don’t see how you can’t work up a sweat every once in a while. I’ve found that playing with them actually is a good workout; you run after them, they run from you-you get a good workout and they wear themselves out!

Antonia 4 years ago

I cook for my family all the time and still forget to eat. Sometimes its because the food is in the crock pot and people are helping themselves and I am out running errands and by the time I get home I’m too tired to eat. While I think you were trying to be humorous, I kind of got bugged by what you wrote. While I was single, I forgot to eat all the time, too, so this is just a continuation of a personality issue, I think. When the kids were little, I would forget to eat while wrestling with toddlers to get them to eat and then just give up after a while and was disgusted by all the food I was wearing (curing my appetite). Sometimes, I am yelling for the kids to remember their sandwiches for an outing, while forgetting to make one for me, while we run on our way to some place. BTW, I am at least 15 lbs. overweight, so I’m not really the “skinny mom” from the original post, I’m just the harried mom that can’t get her sh*t together enough to remember to eat! Organization for activities, homeschooling, taking care of the dog, husband & elderly father as well as the kids, keeping up with my friends & relatives, reading (which I find more pleasurable than eating)… those take precedence to eating. I know a lot of people get pleasure out of eating, but like another mom who posted, sometimes eating is just a pain in the tush for me. (could be because I have no sense of smell)

Trish 4 years ago

After #1, I held on to an extra 10 lbs. With #2, I gained 54 lbs and lost 60 lbs by my 6 week check-up. How? She was a sick baby and I was breastfeeding and anxious and worried ALL the time and that ruined my appetite. Then baby #3 came along 11 years later, breastfeeding a baby who was allergic to almost everything that entered my stomach. My diet was stripped of all dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, peas, beans, citrus etc. I dropped down to under 100 lbs. Once I stopped nursing her, I mananged to gain some weight back, but I have never gotten back to my pre-pregnancies weight and my “baby” is 10 now. It’s not always a good thing to lose weight quickly.

TheTiredMom 4 years ago

Forgetting to eat? Ridiculous. Here is a list of the things that are more forgivable for a skinny mom to forget:
Forget to brush your teeth and/or hair, forget to shower, forget that you have spit up and/or snot on your shoulders when you leave the house, forget to buy a birthday card to include with a present, forget the name of the child you are yelling at, forget the windows are open while you are yelling, forget to call your dad on Father’s day, forget your anniversary, forget your are out of milk and/or fruit, forget to get the oil changed on your mini-van, forget that your toddler is on the toilet waiting for you to wipe his/her bottom, forget to water your plants for so long that they die, but do NOT forget to eat while spending your days actually touching food.
(Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I forgot to buy coffee so I brewed an entire pot of espresso this morning.)

Lynn from For Love or Funny 4 years ago

It took me 15 years to lose the baby fat, and my stomach still isn’t tight. Then again, I refuse to do a sit-up, so that might have something to do with it. :)

Melissa 4 years ago

I’ve heard people say the same thing and I just smile. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I run around with my two boys, AND I workout 4-5 days a week, AND I eat a healthy diet very low in sugar/carbs… and I still can’t lose the last 8-10 lb since baby #2 (who is 22 months old). Is it fair? No. But that’s just how it is. So I bought the next size up in jeans and I just… keep trying.

But on the other hand, there is a minority of women who may have other reasons that wouldn’t be acceptable to tell others. For example, I have a coworker who lost all the baby weight and then some within 3-4 weeks postpartum, and she gets praised nonstop… she says she doesn’t know how it just “fell off.” But what she doesn’t tell people is that she smoked all 9 months of her pregnancy and still does. Sorry, but I’ll keep my extra baby weight to protect my health and more importantly, the health of my children.

Antonia 4 years ago

Just say “no” to snacking on leftovers from the kid’s plate. I learned this very early on. I lost a bit of weight when my kids were going through their “learning to hold the fork” period, because you end up at every meal helping them eat, and not being able to eat off your own plate. I put my baby in a baby backpack and hiked with them until they were 2 and I could no longer carry that much weight, so I gained the “baby” weight back while they were in the time period when they couldn’t keep up with us during hikes and walks but wouldn’t want to be in a stroller. I think it gets better after they are 7 or 8 (mine are 11 & 12 now), because then they run up mountains waaay ahead of my a%%, making me feel like I am carrying around , oh about 20 lbs. too much (is that what is on my butt?)… sighing

angelica 4 years ago

ok, maybe I don’t break a sweat, but I do feel like I’ve run a marathon by the end of the day, it’s F**ng exhausting. I think we all deserve to look like kate moss with that kind of physical labor we put in… sadly, managed to loose the baby weight for #2 when he turned three, and only for a couple of months…. I have to go now, a chocolate bar is calling me.

KC 4 years ago

I’m that woman that you mentioned. Thank-you for the response list at the end because, not only do I feel guilty about every decision I make as a parent, I also feel really guilty about losing all the baby weight so fast! If I were to answer honestly, though, I would tell you that I didn’t forget to eat. I have been SO anxious that I have no appetite. Scary dreams and terrifying vision of every possible bad thing that could happen to my baby. I actually went to the doctor because I have lost too much weight and my spouse and mom told me to go. Of course, I can’t actually tell people that so I kind of just shrug my shoulders. I will use your suggestions next time someone asks me how I lost all that baby weight. Perhaps then I might have one less thing to feel guilty about.

jen 4 years ago

My dh turned 4 today – realized that it’s no longer “baby weight” on me! :)

OHN 4 years ago

I just reached my goal of losing 50 lbs of baby weight.

My baby is 16.

Headacheslayer 4 years ago

Breastfeeding, BAH. I nursed my son for 26 months and was constantly STARVING. I gained weight and it wasn’t just in my boobs :X

I have, on very rare occasions, forgotten to eat. But usually only because I was in alot of pain or sick or something.

Never “ran” after my kids either. Of course it helps they are 7 yrs apart lol. My daughter did more running after her brother than I did!

Ah well. That’s why I’m having nip/tuck eventually LOL

Victoria KP 4 years ago

Yeah… I couldn’t forget to eat if I tried. Sigh. I did lose a lot of weight from breastfeeding my first but I looked awful. Sort of like a cross between human and a basset hound. It was not pretty.

Tinne from T and T 4 years ago

You heard it from an aquintance, I have to hear it from my mom, every freaking time we go shopping. Grrrrrrrr…..

Meg 4 years ago

Five years…it’s been five years and I can’t seem to remember what I looked like WITHOUT the baby weight! Ugh! AND I DO chase after them. I follow my youngest around the playground and my oldest is just as active and ALWAYS wants me to participate!

Gouge Crew 4 years ago

After having 2 girls in 3 years, I worked my butt off at the Y for over a year to get my body back…Think it’s just plain genetics for some that they snap back like rubber bands

Jackie 4 years ago

WTH? I have 4 kids and just like you have yet to break sweat! Her kid must be an absolute maniac!
Some day the baby weight will go away! We have to believe it!

Cate8 4 years ago

Breastfeeding …..I gained weight…like after the baby was 6 months old I gained all the weight I lost back… NOT FAIR, but kids come first so I breastfed til they weaned themselves-none longer than 1 1/2.

I think I am getting the baby weight back from my first child (she is 29) and still haven’t lost the baby’s babyweight and she is 5!!!!

Sarah 4 years ago

And what about the snacking on the left-overs?
Plus I can’t move fast as I normally have a small person attached to my leg.

Skye Diaz | motherhood, etc. 4 years ago

Sorry Scary Mommy, it’s true… I don’t eat often. sometimes I don’t eat breakfast, sometimes I don’t eat lunch until 3pm… and if it’s that late, I don’t eat a lot, just a snack. Breastfeeding totally helped the weight off though… but meals were definitely not regular and still aren’t.

mommy23girls 4 years ago

you give me hope. I am on year two, maybe by next year??

mommy23girls 4 years ago

OK, whatever! I am 2 years PP and have yet to lose the 5-10 extra pounds who have lovingly settled around my waist. YAY!! I forget to not eat-you know that chocolate bar that was calling my name all day so by 4 pm I had to let myself have it! Let’s not even talk about the ( you know what) in town that has the same number of kids, same ages but when I ran into her at the pool she was wearing a bikini and tanned looking like she had never given birth….ever! Ugh!!

Christine 4 years ago


Christine 4 years ago

Okay, my kid is adopted and I gained 20 pounds!!! why? Because it was no longer about me, but about him. When I was childless I went to the gym, kept a food journal, thought about me and my weight.. a lot. When my son arrived I spent every.single.minute thinking about him. Did I go to the gym? No. Run? No? There was a little person whose needs were bigger than that.

Alexandra 4 years ago


then I was right to respond to the 30 lb wt loss within one month:

“OH? THIS? just the worst case of PPD known to humanity. Can’t seem to swallow without choking. Or sleep, either. Yeah, the combo of no sleeping and not eating really did the trick!”

hannah 4 years ago

I ended up skinnier after my 1st baby purely because I had no opportunity to go out and drink beer!7 years later I had my 2nd baby-she’s now 7 and I slimmed down(not lost weight) as I took up running;with my boobs that’s no mean feat.I figured if I didn’t want to be hungry and miserable I’d better move my sorry ass!

Kiran (Masala Chica) 4 years ago

I would generally want to kill women who say things like that . . . except that the skinniest I have ever been is those few months after delivering, with both of my kids. I always had rough pregnancies, never gained much weight other than in my belly (not for fun reasons mind you – I used to faint when I ate because I couldn’t get enough blood flow to my brain – low blood pressure). So I drank lots of Ensure to at least get my calories and nutrients but was soooo sick. Would actually LOSE weight during pregnancy and then would nurse for a few months (cough, cough – ok, like less than 2 – I never got the hang of it!) and looked like one of those lollipop head hollywood actresses. It was weird, and I swear I never would have believed it. I think for some women, especially with the nursing, that weight just FALLS off. I could eat like a crazy person when I was nursing – and it was never enough. Sadly, when I stopped nursing, I became my old self again. Your ass retains muscle memory if it has ever been large before and it once again resumed its old, if perhaps larger, shape ;-).

Melissa 4 years ago

I’m in the “running around forgot to eat” camp. I’ve had four children. I nursed them all. I was crazy busy running around juggling a bazillion different things, and it would be 4pm before I noticed I hadn’t eaten more than half a piece of stale toast and a cold cup of coffee. I was 120 lbs within a few months after each one. Friends and family would all roll their eyes when I told them ‘I’m just busy, I forget to eat”. But sorry, it’s true. It happened. Four babies. Four times.

Antonia 4 years ago

Oh my gosh, I wish I had wrote this. We do need to get over our weight, our inability to remember to eat, or our inability to not eat everything in sight. I love your answer. I just want to add, that the people who forget to eat, did that before their pregnancy and are doing it afterward. Just my 2 cents and I hope we all have a person like this in our lives to remind us that we are strong, we are beautiful and we are creative beings that don’t need to validate our worth by looking like the models in all the magazines who probably wished they didn’t have to focus so much on their looks!

nicolette @ momnivore’s dilemma 4 years ago

no, really the gluten. I am still getting plenty of starchy carbs via rice, potatoes, and all the GF flours. Rice pasta is actually higher in carbage than regular semolina!

My body was truly allergic to it, and once the villian was removed, I returned happily to a weight I haven’t seen since my early 20s.

I also think that I used to binge on carbs though. That behavior has stopped, because gluten has a morphine quality to it to those who have trouble digesting it. Google DPPIV enzyme for fun. :)

trixie melodian 4 years ago

Is it the gluten that was making you fat though, or the starchy carbohydrates in bread and pasta (that most of us eat too much of) combined with the fat and sugar in cakes, biscuits, pastries etc? Gluten is simply a protein that occurs in fairly small quantities in these items.

If you replace a huge bowl of pasta in a creamy sauce with an equivalent sized bowl of lots of vegetables, some protein and a small portion of rice, you are certainly going to lose weight, but I can guarantee that it wasn’t the gluten that was the problem : )

Carri 4 years ago

I forgot to eat but only because I was a PPD ridden hot mess. I don’t suggest that diet. Now? I’m fat and happy.

Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up) 4 years ago

I lost weight for all 3 pregnancies. They were actually bitching at me to gain weight. I ate a pound of M&M’s the day I went into labour. I had ice cream every day. Out of my 52 years, those were the ONLY 27 months of my life I had a good metabolism.

It was almost worth having another child…but not quite!

trixie melodian 4 years ago

THe answer for me was gestational diabetes – not a fun way to lose weight, but a good incentive! I was about 20kg heavier than my optimal weight after my first child, no time to exercise, married to a chef, sweet tooth etc etc etc (ie the usual excuses!)

At about 28 weeks into my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I had to drastically change my diet, increase my exercise and eventually inject with insulin twice a day. In the last trimester of my pregnancy I actually lost 1kg – my baby kept growing fine, but all the extra weight that I was carrying just fell off when I considerably increased the amount of veggies in my diet and cut back on starchy carbs and sweet treats and walked for 15 minutes twice a day (yes, it’s that simple!)

Altogether I only gained 9kg in my pregnancy, and carrying a 4kg baby, within a week of my son’s birth I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Because of the gestational diabetes, I now have an incredibly high risk of getting Type 2 diabetes so I still watch my diet and make more of an effort to exercise, and now, 8 months after the birth, I’m down to 6kg below my pre-pregnancy weight.

Heather Tovey 4 years ago

Well. Not everyone is the same. I find it easy to forget to eat now that I’m not having to scarf down food every 30 minutes to prevent or control all-day morning sickness. I’ve discovered that I ended up relying on morning sickness to tell me it was time to eat. I no longer have that cue. But I can understand how you’d get tired of hearing it when so many people say it (and maybe not even truthfully, but who knows for sure).

Then again, forgetting to eat isn’t exactly a great way to lose weight. Most people’s bodies just store the fat you do get instead. Meh, everyone’s different.

Galit Breen 4 years ago

Amen sister. Amen. XO

Jeanine 4 years ago

Just know that ultimately it does not matter. Once you turn 40, regardless of how you once looked or burned calories, you will gain weight in places you never knew existed on your body. Doesn’t matter if you starve, chase dogs or children, it is there to stay and you have to get used to it!

Loukia 4 years ago

My problem is, I never FORGET to eat. I eat my food and the food my children don’t eat, plus the food that’s fallen to the floor. Despite all the running around I do after my kids, I guess my calorie intake is still greater…

megan 4 years ago

Ok I always forget to eat. I think this happens with people who truly do not value food. I have never enjoyed eating. Eating is a chore for me so often times I can find myself having gone 10th hours without eating the way you would neglect any dreaded chore. Often I stuff an Apple and a piece of bread in just to get rid of the hunger and get on with life. I make my baby food and chunk what she doesn’t eat. She doesn’t get “snacks” and if she wants food more than twice a day she has to find it herself (oh haha….like she just did….walked into the room asking me to “find her snacks”)

Steph Mom of 2 4 years ago

Awesome answer! Thanks for sharing :)

Steph Mom of 2 4 years ago

So after reading all of these remarks…. I think we can sum up that EVERY body is DIFFERENT! I have not lost my baby weight yet, I watch what I eat and was working out for a while…. I am one of those who pack on weight while breastfeeding. As sucky as it is to be overweight, I am so happy that I am able to breastfeed my kiddos. I hope the weight will come off once my little one stops nursing, I know it will take hard work, but I am looking forward to feeling good about myself again. I think it’s important to remember that each womans body works differently and that just because (for example) breastfeeding takes the weight off for some, it might do the opposite for others. Enjoy time with your kids ladies! They grow WAY to quickly ♥

Rianne 4 years ago

Okay, whether you lose it fast, slow, or not at all, whether breastfeeding was your weight loss friend or foe, it’s obvious now in the light of science that it’s GENETICS. Sure, healthy eating and exercise are common sense – but they contribute to good health and well being more than to weight. Some people are going to work their asses off and count every calorie and still look like hippos next to their skinny friends. Others are going to eat like fast food junkies and be able to blame their weight loss on chasing after the kids. My point is – LET’S ALL GET OVER OUR FREAKIN WEIGHT! Whether we see ourselves as too thin, too fat, or even just perfect, it really isn’t a matter of our worth, or even our attractiveness for that matter! Being sexy and attractive comes in all shapes and sizes. WE NEED TO STOP COMPARING EACH OTHER, RANKING OURSELVES BASED ON WHERE WE THINK WE FALL ON A SCALE OF BEST TO WORST. Sorry for preaching, but it’s just so obvious. EVERYBODY has their own story, their what worked and what didn’t, what was a miracle or a nightmare – and at the end of the day, we’re all still women – being beautiful, strong, capable, intelligent, caring, creative has nothing to do with jean size. Lighten up – not physically, lol! – you’re neither blessed nor cursed, you just ARE. BEING is so much more important than being ______. That’s my 2 cents worth.

Aimee @ Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog 4 years ago

I lost 70 of the 80 pounds I gained with my first son within 6 months (half of it was water!), but I never fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. And I had to work my ass off, literally, to get back down to a decent size.

This time, I’m a few weeks away from delivering and have gained about 40 pounds so far (it’s so sad that I think of a 40 lb weight gain as an accomplishment – ha!). I’m already compiling a list of my local bootcamps, personal trainers, and nutritionists. I’ll do my best to lose the weight again but, just like for most women, losing a lot of weight (in a healthy way) is NOT easy.


Cassandra 4 years ago

No buddy runs after their kids enough to loose weight, but I totally believe the whole forgot to eat, there were days I forgot to pee until I was ready to burst.
With my oldest the weight did fall off, because it was all water, I was throwing up the whole pregnancy, so I couldn’t gain weight.
Now my second I found the cure to the nausea (8oz low sodium/low cal Gatorade) and I had 50 lb. to lose after the birth. It took me 3.5 years but dam it I lost it.

wendy 4 years ago

Don’t be a hater! I’m one of those. It has “just come off” both times post partum. All bodies are different.

Missa 4 years ago

It is too funny. If she keeps it up, I am hoping to have a pair of those skinny jeans that I hear everyone talking about. Maybe one day I may discover that I have bones somewhere in here. I think she is just a budding Susan Powter.

Sandy 4 years ago

I’m sorry, but my twin baby weight did “just melt”. I was back to my Pre-BABIES weight in less then 2 weeks. My husband was deployed and we had a two year old at the time. It happens. I was busy taking care of everyone and thing. I was NEVER relaxed. It was just gone.

Colleen 4 years ago

I have forgotten my keys, I have forgotten to floss, I have forgotten to change my underware, I have even forgotten my own name, but I have never, ever, forgotten to eat!

Tiffany Lynn 4 years ago

I’m currently at 36 weeks pregnant with my third and my story is a bit different. I would give ANYTHING to be able to be overweight at this point! I LOVE food! I can’t eat….I have struggled with such horrible nausea that I vomit all day every day and it was like that with all 3 pregnancys. I now have lost a whopping 40 pounds during this pregnancy! So I am litterally 15 pounds lighter than my pre pregnancy weight at 36 weeks. Don’t take for granted the fact that you can eat! I know I wouldn’t. :)

Cristina 4 years ago

When I came home from the hospital the weight came off easily, but that was because I wasn’t hungry for the first week. Then my appetite came back and overall I’m probably only down 10 pounds from when I was pregnant (and I think I gained 40-50 lbs).

Good times.

billie zinke 4 years ago

I’m sorry to laugh but that was funny.

nicolette @ momnivore’s dilemma 4 years ago

For me, my enemy was the gluten. Is it hard to worry about every thing that crosses my lips and getting sick as a dog when restaurants screw up? Yes. The benefit: I’m thin, because taking that crap out of my diet made me healthy…

suzanne @ pretty swell 4 years ago

Amen, sister. At four months postpartum and sporting my 20-weeks-pregnant body, I wish my extra pounds would just “fall off.”

nicolette @ momnivore’s dilemma 4 years ago

Okay. No bullshit here. Pinky swear.

I learned I was gluten-intolerant after I put my son on a GFCF diet. And the 20lbs that I couldn’t lose no-matter-what-the-hell-I-did, just melted off.

To be honest, I really think that the majority of Americans have some sort of gluten issue, the more I learn about it. Eating tons of wheat products causes inflammation, and the whole freakin’ American diet is based on wheat. Inflammation makes us fat. Period.

Our bodies aren’t meant to eat the sheer amount of refined carbs and sugar that the “SAD”. It took my son having autism and being on such a restricted diet to open my own eyes to the myraid of health issues that gluten caused in my own life for 20+ years.

I do eat lots of fat and meat and drink coconut milk. I’ve never felt better. And I fit jeans that most celebrities starve themselves into…

:) No BS.

madisonsmommy 4 years ago

I agree. It’s complete bullshit when a celebrity is back to size 0 within a month and their excuse is similar to those you listed. I got down to a size 0 after breastfeeding for 9 months and felt way too thin. I never “forgot to eat.”

Ami Acheson 4 years ago

Amen, sister.

Stephi419 4 years ago

I never say “it just fell off!” I say “I just got lucky”…
Breastfeeding is a miracle pill. my mom is very large and I still can’t figure out how/why she stayed that way. And I’m sorry stretch marks are not “pregnancy souvenirs” they are hideous little reminders that “yes, your ass actually did get that big and no your boobs didn’t”

Amy 4 years ago

I’m 6 foot tall and until baby number 4 had a VERY high metabolism. I also have a LONG torso, which means that the babies get to grow upwards first before they start to spread out. 3 of my pregnancies were boys and they settled into my hips and spread outward to the point i was wearing men’s size 38 underwear. and stretching them. so, how did i lose the weight? high metabolism, when i’m tired, sick or stressed i don’t want to eat and i’m tall so it just *looks* like it came off when the reality is you no longer see the baby bump. my waist is still the same because my torso is ridiculously long, but my ass is now a size 12. i’m fine with it. i’m not ok with people sneering at me going “4 kids, what, are you a size 2?” because i THEN have to kill the urge to say “you could be too; just eat a fucking SALAD!!!”

Erin 4 years ago


Amber 4 years ago

2.5 years out, I’m still rocking 15 pounds of baby weight. Because, you know, I forget to forget to eat. Silly me.

Alison 4 years ago

I can’t imagine anyone “forgetting to eat.” That will never happen in my life-I enjoy my food! My baby weight fell off after my second, but after my 3rd? Not so much. I’m still 20 pounds more than I was before I had any babies. But I’m okay with it. I like how my body looks more womanly now, and I actually have hips-most of the weight seems to have gone to my hips, butt, and thighs. The only thing that really bugs me is my very large Y-shaped stretch mark that starts about 4 inches above my belly button and ends about 2 inches below it.

Melinda 4 years ago

Who are these people? 😉 I did not lose mine easily and breastfeeding did nothing. Now I’m dealing with teen fat…an infliction so rare I may be the only one with it. I’m working that off first.

Carabee 4 years ago

You said absolutely perfectly what I wanted to say. Losing weight is hard. Either emotionally, because your head and heart are in a bad place or physically, because you are eating less and doing more. Sometimes NOT eating the whole box of ding dongs is its own kind of hell.

Whatever the case, it NEVER just “falls off”.

E 4 years ago

Mine did just fall off- in fact, I weigh 15 lbs less than when I got pregnant. I made no effort to lose weight, and I do forget to eat. We don’t really have enough food some days, though, so it’s a good thing I skip meals.

shannon 4 years ago

I lost my baby weight.. 3 years later when I got pregnant a 2nd time and had horrendous morning sickness for 7 months. I weighed 3 pounds LESS when I gave birth than I did when I got pregnant. Lost 35 pounds but my doc said I was fine and healthy all through my pregnancy. I’m wearing my “someday maybe my ass will fit into these jeans again”. So puking…a lot of puking.

Morgan 4 years ago

Thank God for breastfeeding otherwise I would weigh a ton. After boy number 1 was born all I ate were brownies. I was also a SAHM so there was no running/walking or moving all day.

After baby 2 I looked like I could have a staring role in Sir Mix Alots, Baby Got Back video.

Heather 4 years ago

I had my 3rd baby 8 mos ago. 7 days after he was born I could fit my pre-preg pants. I’m thinner now than when I got married. I don’t exercise. I DO breastfeed! I breastfed all of my children for at least 1yr.
I’m not bragging. This is just my body. So maybe she’s like me and has no idea but feels self conscious b/c she’s always being asked and knows that other moms think she must be starving herself or exercising to death. I do neither. I’m skinny. It’s just who I am. Stop picking on us!

Julia’s Child 4 years ago

I lost my baby weight very fast. And my OBGYN said “You look nice, sweetie. But you know it’s all genetic.” Since that moment I’ve never once thought I had anything to do with it.

Stephanie 4 years ago

THANK YOU for calling bullshit!

I have 3 kids, run after them constantly and still breastfeed my youngest who is only 6 months. Please, the weight doesn’t just ‘fall’ off.

Be proud if you’re working your ass off, but don’t lie. It just irritates me.

Elana 4 years ago

I breastfed my son for nearly 3 years. I exercised. I tried to be aware of what I ate. I still remained the weight I was when I got him out of me. It wasn’t until he started to slow down on the breastfeeding did I start to see changes in my body. So that breastfeeding to lose weight was total B.S. in my experience. I know, I look at these skinny women with 3 or more kids can’t help but wonder how the heck they do it!!!!

Rebecca 4 years ago

Nothing but lots of hard work to get lose the baby weight for each of my three girls. In fact, breastfeeding KEPT the weigth on for me. I could only really lose after i stopped. On the plus side, i fell in love with working out and now its a five to six times weekly habit for me which i am sure will keep me healthier in the long run.

selina 4 years ago

Losing weight by just breastfeeding is a big fat LIE!! When you nurse your baby you are suppose to increase your calories to help produce more milk, and if you cut calories your milk supply slows down. I had 5 kids in 10 years and gained during all five pregnancies combined over 250 pounds. My youngest is 3 and I still need to lose about 15 to get to pre-baby weight. But, I am very happy with my size now, I like my curves, and the stretch marks don’t even bother me, I think of them as souvenirs from each pregnancy. I never forget to eat, but I also never eat from my kids plates, it’s a habit to easy to pick up and not be able to stop. I have just faced the fact that nobody will ever have that “miracle before baby body”, and they say the do – they are LYING!

Krystal Hurst 4 years ago

I’ve been struggling with this issue too! I will say I’m within 5 lbs. of my pre-pregnancy weight, but I wasn’t a supermodel before I was pregnant. I have more weight I’d like to loose. I’m breastfeeding and doing Baby Boot Camp, and it’s not coming off quickly. I’d love to know how these woman do it!

Salena Lee @ A Little Piece of Me 4 years ago

I totally agree!!!

Anon 4 years ago

I hope this is an attempt at satire that I just did not get….

Nope, still don’t get it.

Julie 4 years ago

I breastfeed but I still struggle with losing the weight and I have have 4 other kids. I think like you food is always to close by and it is hard for me to say ok throw it away. Soon winter will be here and I will get more exercise. I love sledding for just that reason.

Anna 4 years ago

I’m with you sister! I did just get an answer from someone that I liked a lot!! She had a tummy tuck and a boob job. I could have kissed her.

Amy K. 4 years ago

I lost all the weight quickly with both my (colicky) kids, as I didn’t put them down for the first several weeks of their lives. However, I also got *really* good at shovelling down a meal whenever the opportunity presented itself, and it took way longer to break that habit than it took my kids to get over colic. So I ended up heavier anyway!

Alicia @MommyDelicious 4 years ago

THANK YOU! Ugh! Granted, I’m back was back to being a size 2 after having my son, but…. I worked my ass off. Literally. I worked out to get back to my size. All that, “it just fell off” crap is just that… crap.

Ludicrous Mama 4 years ago

Sorry. My baby weight just fell off. I did breastfeed, and once hubby went back to work, was on a starvation diet for a few weeks until I felt confident enough to get out of bed and make food (Normally I’d just eat whatever he left on a plate by the bed for me before leaving, plus supplement with Power Bars, if they were within reach. Then pounce on him to feed me when he came home.) But since my butt and thighs are flabbier and saggier, I’m assuming I lost muscle mass, rather than fat! But I sure as hell didn’t exercise or watch what I ate. But it took, like, 6 months to fall off (not the 9+ I was planning for.)
I reminded my husband to look at my mom, and prepare for the worst (she’s kind of huge, after 4 kids and marrying a jerk who insulted her weight even when she was skinny.) Since I sure had no plan to try and lose any of the weight! :)

Kerri 4 years ago



Paula @ thewilyweez 4 years ago

I hate people like that! I get incredible hulk huge when I’m pregnant and it takes me a good 10 months to lose it.

Sabrina 4 years ago

This is amazing, took the words right out of my mouth.

Kim at Let Me Start By Saying 4 years ago

When I have BIG stress, I have trouble eating.
I hate to assume it, but when someone is looking rail-ish with a newborn, I usually assume either they are working hard, or no one told them how crappy new parenthood is (or they forgot) and they are FREAKING OUT and lost track of eating in the midst of all that freaking out.

Losing weight in a healthy way isn’t always easy, and I wish more people admitted to their successes by confessing that they worked hard to do it. Or admitted they didn’t mean to do it because they are having a hard time and Please Help Me.

Lauren 4 years ago

I know! I was on dilantin and it made me feel horrible! I much rather be fat and happy than take AEDs

Karri 4 years ago

Love your post! I breast fed and I was still gigantic! I was a tiny woman pre baby and I had to diet like CRAZY and walk around the Air Force track like a million time just to get to a size 8!!! Now I am a size 6, 3 kids later, but that is with me marathon training. WTF!

Missa 4 years ago

My daughter hates the sound of chewing. Hearing me take one bite is enough for her to scream until she turns purple. She can even hear it through doors and with music on. This is the same child who can sleep as I vacuum around her chair. To eat, I have to swallow bites whole like a shark and hope my stomach acid can do the job. I lost 38 pounds in two months after I had her. It’s the only diet that has ever worked.

wendy @ mama one to three 4 years ago

I think so much is genetic. I know that’s kind of fatalistic– but I gained so much weight each pregnancy without really eating all that much–ALL that much–and then each time it took exactly a year to lose 50+ pounds–totally different strategies, same result. my body did what it wanted on the way up and the way down. I have no answers other than to not make it mean more than it should. we all deserve to feel good about ourselves; we all deserve to feel sane.

PartlySunny 4 years ago

How’s this. I’m on some pain-in-the-ass, anti-seizure meds that make me feel sick for the first 14 hours of the day. Then I finally get hungry and eat a bunch of crap because it’s the only thing that tastes remotely good.

And I can’t tell you how many times people have said, “I need to be on some of that!” when I tell them I’m thin because I take a medication that makes me not want to eat. Yeah. It’s awesome.

angela 4 years ago

Oh, my baby weight fell right off.

Onto my thighs.


MamaBennie 4 years ago

I lost the baby weight by going for walks twice a day….after my second daughter that was fun (NOT!) since she was born 13 days before #1’s 2nd birthday. Now they are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and I eat CONSTANTLY….but they always want me to run with them, wrestle with them etc….so right now I am BEAT. It is almost 9:30 and I have been ready for bed for a while.

Kirsten 4 years ago

Preach it sister. If they give you that answer, they were just born skinny, will always BE skinny and they answer that way because they never really had anyone ask ’em about it BEFORE they had the kid.

lesa 4 years ago

Okay, so when I got pregnant with my son, I lost some of the weight but not all of it. However, with my daughter, I came home weighing less than I did when I got pregnant with her. I would still love to lose the 30 lbs I have hanging on here though. I am constantly active with my kids. I live in a 3 story house for crying out loud. So I call bs on your friend!

Kristi 4 years ago

Four words: my crazy stressful job. If the running around during primetime serving coffee to make people caffeinated and happy didn’t do it, the constant need for a perfect looking store, perfect sales numbers and perfectly behaved staff did.

That was my “secret” and not one I’m proud of.

Lauren 4 years ago

I seriously forgot to eat…and it was MISERABLE! I didn’t forget because I was busy with my kids or running around- but my anxiety and depression was so overwhelmingly unberable after I had each of mine.

Morgan 4 years ago

Thank God for breastfeeding. All I ate with child number 1 was brownies. No kidding. That kid ate so much the weight flew off. The second kid- not so much.

Alena 4 years ago

I have never forgotten to eat. Even when I was going on 4 hours of sleep (one hour at a time) and too tired to remember my name. Remembering to eat was never a problem. Ever.

Jill @BabyRabies 4 years ago

You’re going to hate me, so I’ll start with “Breastfeeding is the best diet ever.” For me. I’m one of those women who produces what looks like melted ice-cream for breastmilk, and I have the uber-fat babies to show for it.

With both kids, I’ve lost the same 43 lbs I put on during each pregnancy by 9 months postpartum by just breastfeeding… and… not eating what I *used* to. Before I had babies, I went to freaking happy hour and drank wine and craft beers whenever I wanted, and had plates of gourmet olives and expensive cheese every night while I watched grown up shows that can not be found on Nick Jr.

Now? I eat a Luna bar and suck down half a pot of coffee for breakfast/lunch. I can’t afford the expensive cheese and olives, and a “Happy Hour” is an hour that passes without having to wipe pee off the floor or tend to terrorist toddler. And yes, I do physically chase mine. He runs fast. I have to be swift and catch him before he runs into parking lots. I have to lift him, flailing and screaming, into his carseat while I balance a 25 lb fatty 8 month old on my hip. I sweat. It’s a workout.

But please know that even though I’ve lost the weight, the sight of what’s left behind is horrific. This saggy tummy with wrinkly skin and stretchmarks doesn’t look anything like it did when I weighed this much before kids.

Jenny 4 years ago

I love love love food. But if I’m being honest, even if I am exercising daily, the only way my body sheds pounds is when I eat very little {and feel like I’m starving}. Breastfeeding helps me lose, but also makes me so. hungry. I’m a *healthy* weight, but not a day goes by that I don’t consider hiding from my kids in the coat closet and eating an entire carrot cake.

tracy_a 4 years ago

you are awesome – great post.

Alison@Mama Wants This 4 years ago

I never once forgot to eat after the baby was born – I was constantly hungry from the incessant breastfeeding. I even ate while the baby was asleep from a milk coma on my lap. I did lose the weight but I think it was the breastfeeding and I always said so. I never ran after anything though. Maybe the ice cream truck.

karen 4 years ago

Could’t agree more.

Mary 4 years ago

I have never forgotten to eat. Ever.

I really don’t have any baby weight. It’s all marriage weight. I gained 30 pounds in the first 3 years after the wedding. One week after my second daughter was born I weighed the exact same as I did when first daughter was conceived. (Gained 40 with the first, 25 with the second) But the 30 pounds is still there. Got married 14 years ago.

I love that idea of giving up the car to lose weight, but I live in Minnesota. I’m not walking everywhere when we go a month without going above 0 degrees.

I personally think that many of those people are just genetically blessed. It has nothing to do with their diet and exercise.

Life with Kaishon 4 years ago

Yeah…whatever. She lied.
I am still trying to lose my baby weight. My kid is 11.
Oh yeah AND he is adopted.
Darn it all.

I think you are beautiful JUST the way you are.

Ruth 4 years ago

I had two kids 364 days apart. I’m taking a Gladiator class at the gym ( yes, it’s as hard as it sounds) three times a week and I’m still 80 pounds away from pre baby weight. Talk about making a mama want to drink.

Bethesda Locavore 4 years ago

Well, when I just had my first (and very calm) child, I never really got the “running after the toddler” thing. But now I have That Toddler. And I do run after him. And I do forget to eat proper lunches. And I’m totally out of shape. But the weight thing – I think it’s all relative. A friend just told me (nicely) she was disgusted with how “skinny” I am given my complete lack of self-care – but another woman I met in the park the other day, I swear she was starting to compliment me on my “pregnancy” before politely changing the subject.
I’ve only recently been introduced to your blog, by the way … LOVE it.

angie 4 years ago

i’m almost (by 10 lbs ) back to my pre-baby weight and you know how I got there…6 days a week working out (an hour each day at 4am) and eating better….

and this is a year after giving birth to my 2nd.

Anthony from CharismaticKid 4 years ago

That’s like at highschool when I would fail a test and I would ask my friends why they always get As. They say, “I thought I was going to fail too!”

Darn friends.

Amy 4 years ago

Baby weight is one thing, pre-baby body is a whole different ball of…ball of whatever, it’s different. I never had this hunk of bread dough hanging over my belt before two kids (thanks to my 5 year old for that description) and have no idea how to get rid of it. What’s scarier, I don’t know if I care anymore. I just want to be happy with myself, bread dough and all.

Beth (A Mom’s Life) 4 years ago

I find Greek yogurt filling but that’s because I top it with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and chocolate chips. Yum!

Walkingborder (Karen) 4 years ago

Ok, in the interest of honesty, my baby is 2 weeks and some change old and I currently weigh 5 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant. Don’t hate me.

How I did it?

My pregnancy was so miserable physically, mentally and emotionally (mental health issues when not pregnant, miserable work situation, and then physical issues) that I struggled to even gain weight. Then immediately after delivery, as in while still in the hospital, I went back on my Cymbalta and when your body is first adjusting to that you really can’t eat because you are so sick to your stomach. Which is fine since it kills your appetite anyways. That only lasts about a week but it makes losing a bit of weight fast, really easy.

But, I think I’d rather have the baby weight in the long run, than the depression, etc.

Greta Funk 4 years ago

Exactly. I hate that “running after the kids” line. Especially when it’s one brand new baby that she’s “running after”. Please.

C @ Kid Things 4 years ago

I have 3 kids and while I have ran after them to the point of breaking a sweat before, it’s not an every day occurrence. Although I am always on the move. Always. Well, except for now, while I’m typing this comment. So, OK, not always. But often. And I’ve also breastfed both of my youngest for over 4 years combined, back to back. The myth that breastfeeding melts pounds is bullshit. All of this and I weigh WAY more now than I ever have before in my life. I’m sure the bowl of chocolate ice cream I have at night as a congratulations for making it through the day doesn’t help any, though.

Karen 4 years ago

Thank you! Finally… You made my day!


Jessica 4 years ago

Here’s a horror story. After my second child was born, I fell apart from stress. My first child 2 yrs, very needy, and my new born so needy and cried all the time. Didn’t sleep through the night till almost 1yr old. Stress was so bad, my neck hurt all the time. All the time taking advil and not with food, I gave myself a stomach ulcer. Then almost all food hurt to eat so I didn’t eat. Life sucked. Weight poured off. Would have gained it all back just to feel better. Swear. Finally life did get back to normal and I got healthy and happy again, but it took a little while.

christy 4 years ago

So freaking true. You know I lost 40 pounds last year – I was ALWAYS hungry. And I worked out like a demon five or six days a week. None of this ‘forgot to eat’ bullshit here!

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Watching them eat prevents me from eating too much off of their plates. If they haven’t mouthed it, picked at it, licked it etc., I’ll eat it. But, chances are, they’ve done at least one of those. Nasty little creatures.

Jessi 4 years ago

My secret, barf several times a day for the first seven months of the pregnancy so that by the time the baby comes you are so far behind it all works out. Only gained about 8lbs throughout the pregnancy so I left the hospital smaller than my pre-baby weight. I do not recommend this.

nellie 4 years ago

I totally agree! I didn’t lose the baby weight by running after anything but a constant bag of doritos :) losing the weight took such hard work, hard hard hard work. But at least I know how to prepare for next time :)

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Yes, that works. But, I love you too much to ever hate you. And now? I love you even more.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Yeah. I’m *still* not back in my pre-Evan clothes and he’s almost four.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

See, the gym is what I’ve never been able to get into. One of these days, I’ll try again.


Scary Mommy 4 years ago

The thought of my metabolism slowing down even more terrifies me. I can’t even imagine.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

That’s nuts. Also nuts? I puked daily and manged to gain 65 pounds each time. A medical marvel.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

That’s the only way to do it. Blech.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

From me? Snort. I’ve given up.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Exactly. And, if you work for it, why not get the credit. It’s HARD- why act like it’s a piece of cake?

Yum. Cake.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

THAT is bullshit, indeed. Big time.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Embrace the muffin top. It’s adorable. Or, so I’m convincing myself.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Amen. And, I’ll always choose the nap.

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Thank you for your honesty. And, why the hell am I the only person on earth who finds Greek yogurt not all that filling?!

Team Suzanne 4 years ago

Per your request, I’d like to tell you: “Honestly, I have no idea how the hell it came off so fast.”

But, in truth–I suspect it’s because I don’t eat. It’s 4:45 and I’ve eaten one cup of Greek yogurt. I’m 5’4″ and weigh under a buck ten. And, I also do yoga to keep Celexa off the grocery list.

At other times, though, I eat nachos like someone trying to win a contest. Probably because I’m starved. But it doesn’t affect my weight. There’s clearly some bullshit in play with the weight thing. Diet and exercise are only part of the story.

Limola 4 years ago

I’ve always hated that “running around after the kids” phrase too. Going for a hike with a toddler burns as many calories as an afternoon nap.

Heather 4 years ago

Eh. I can’t run after my kid or I’ll spill my beer.

Letty 4 years ago

WOW.. in doing the exact thing and still as big as I was when I gave birth two freakin years ago. I’m constantly running after my now toddler sweating bullets cuz the kid can’t play with out me and I always forget to eat and of I do eat is bcause I’m at work. But alas no weight has come off. Grrrrrr and I even breastfeed and pumped and no dice. Double grrrrrr

Nicole 4 years ago

I’ve forgotten to eat. But that’s habit I’ve had since before I had kids.

I think I lost most of the weight by breastfeeding and good luck.

Karin 4 years ago

“thud followed by a silence” pretty much sums up my parenting philosophy too. I lost all the weight through extended BF, weigh the same as I did before, but have the dreaded muffintop that is apparently here to stay. Not done having kids yet so I pretty much just ignore it.

Rebecca 4 years ago

I am completely guilty of forgetting to eat.

It’s not so much that I forget, I get distracted/busy. Next thing I know I’m giving the kids lunch and all I’ve had is coffee. I don’t eat what my kids eat and I NEVER clean their plates.

It’s 3:24 pm and I’ve eaten nothing yet today. But somehow I’ve the time to comment here. Go figure.


I still haven’t lost all my baby weight.

That, friends, is bullshit.

Jack@TheJackB 4 years ago

As a PSA to the men who read this, when someone says how do you get rid of the babyweight never respond by saying “divorce.” For some odd reason women never find that to be funny.

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. 4 years ago

Agreed! I wish people were just honest about it. I work my ass off — literally. That’s how the baby weight came off. If someone told me she “forgot to eat” I think I would subscribe her in the pie/cookie/cake of the week club!

Rach Corrin 4 years ago

I BF and gave up my car. Walked EVERYWHERE. Nearest shop to our house is 2 miles. Back to normal weight pretty quick. It’s the belly sag I can’t shift, despite sit ups… any ideas? Lol

KalleyC 4 years ago

I’ve lost weight after my daughter was born, and people kept asking me how I did it. I did it through hard work, calorie restricting and breastfeeding. But when I tell people that they give me a look like I have 3 heads.

I don’t think the weight will just fall off because you forget to eat. I know that when I don’t eat enough, my mind goes through a “there ain’t no ice cream in the house!” phase.

Seriously Sassy Mama 4 years ago

I love this post. Love it! I had a two year old with a baby, and I ate all the time. Then I had two under 4 when the third arrived. Breastfeeding did not help me at all. I was 100 pounds when I started having kids, and now after, it is like a big German grandma came out in the form of my ass. The only thing that has helped me to get back into shape is exercise and cutting calories.

mom taxi julie 4 years ago

Before I got pregnant with my middle child I had went on weight watchers and lost about 50 pounds. Then I got pregnant and threw up for 9 months. The kid weighed 9 1/2 pounds so I came out of it weighing less than I went in. Talk about awesome! (Well except for the throwing up part).

Julie McGuire 4 years ago

Actually, I do sort of get it. I had my second child when my oldest was only 14 months old. My meals consisted of her left-over cheerios or animal crackers and I was so flippin’ tired I didn’t have the energy to chew. However, now that they are teens, I find I’m eating their crap and the weight is creeping up. Love it when the metabolism slows down just as junk food finds its way into the house.
Love your blog.

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 4 years ago

I believe I saunter as well…there is no way I run after my kids. I sit in the backyard, on my ass, drinking wine while THEY run.

I am a thin person & eat a lot but I am the 1st to tell you, I work HARD in the gym…A LOT. But only so I can drink wine at night! :-)

Liz Gossom 4 years ago

I don’t eat when the kids eat bc I don’t want to eat cheese sticks and chicken nuggets for every freaking meal like they do. I want real food, like Doritos and sour cream, with a big spoonful of peanut butter to round it out.

Katie E. 4 years ago

So so true! I hate the celebrity post-baby pictures talking about how they lost all their weight within a week or so of having a baby. With the obvious assistance of a personal trainer, a chef, and maybe some type of surgery. I kept talking about how I had to lost my last 10 pounds of “baby weight” for 6 years after my second kid. It probably wasn’t baby weight anymore at that point. Then I lost most of it and got pregnant again. And I have to say – the third time it’s taken me months and months to lose the weight. I kept waiting for it to sort of melt off, but it didn’t work. I had to stop eating like I was still pregnant. But I didn’t want to wear maternity clothes for the rest of time, so I worked on it. I’m now back in my regular clothes, but still have a bit of weight to lose. My baby will be 9 months old next week, so it wasn’t exactly speedy.

anna ~ random handprints 4 years ago

love this. now for your next post, please advise how to not eat everything off my children’s never-finished plates.

anymommy 4 years ago

I thank my grandmother every day for my wicked fast metabolism. Does that work? P.S. I think you’re gorgeous.