Ludacris Is Every Parent Trying To Get His Kids To Stop Saying 'Fart'

by Julie Scagell

Ludacris took a drive with his girls and a spelling lesson ensued

Rapper and actor Ludacris is every parent trying to get through the day. He shared a video on TikTok where he was ever so patiently trying to get his kids to stop saying (and spelling) the word “fart,” while trying not to laugh/lose his marbles.

The three-time Grammy and nine-time BET Award winner has three daughters: Karma, Cai, and Cadence, and the two youngest were in the car on a recent drive with their dad. He posted the video with the title “Daddy Problems” (with a poop emoji because of course), and in it, you can hear two adorable voices coming from the backseat.


“Daddyyyyyy, daddy. Do you spell fart ‘F.A.R.T?'” one of the girls asked. “Yeah, but why y’all trying to spell fart,” he asks. Seems like a fair question but it was met with giggles and a stream of, “I got it right. I got it right,” from one of his daughters.

His girls keep spelling and he keeps asking why and the whole thing is hilarious because we’ve all been there trying to keep our kids from saying inappropriate words they will choose to use at just the wrong time. This is what no one tells you about parenting. You’ll spend an obscene amount of time engaged in conversations that are both meaningless and also have to do with bodily functions.

Ludacris has some serious dad game. He performed a catchy freestyle reading of the Anna Dewdney classic kid’s book, “Llama Llama Red Pajama,” a few years back that would put a smile on any kid’s face (and any parent as well because we don’t have to read the book for the 80th time).

Poor Luda continues to try to get his girls to stop saying the word “fart,” even threatening that if he hears the word one more time he’s “going to put them on punishment,” but we all know that’s an idle threat like so many others we parents make throughout the day. The problem is, every time he says the word “fart,” it just makes them laugh harder, which makes sense because it is a funny word.

The bottom line is the video is a wholesome, hilarious glimpse into a day in the life of a parent. It’s not all snuggles and proud moments and sunshine. Sometimes (most of the time), it’s getting through the day trying over and over to teach them a lesson about appropriate (and inappropriate) words.

Will the word “fart” always be funny? Yes. Does getting your kids to belly laugh ever get old? No. Good job on both, Luda.