I Am Just A LuLaRoe Addict Trying To Find My Unicorn(s)

by Sa'iyda Shabazz

It started with a pair of black leggings. My friend was in a “Battle of the Hostesses” party and invited me. I do love a good pair of leggings, so I was intrigued enough to go. I didn’t know anything about LuLaRoe at the time, and I remember thinking that $25 for a pair of leggings was a little steep, especially when my favorite H&M leggings were only 12 bucks.

My friend swore to me that she’d never felt anything so buttery soft, so I took a chance. I only bought one pair that first time, and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I never wanted to take them off. I think I wore them for three (maybe four) days in a row. I wasn’t even remotely ashamed to admit it. In fact, I posted a Facebook status about how much I freaking loved them because I needed to tell the world. And I discovered that I wasn’t alone — so many of my friends agreed.

Once I went public with my love for LuLaRoe, I had a bunch of friends giving me all sorts of recommendations for shopping. They added me to groups — so many groups. They explained the importance of following multiple consultants to maximize your options for finding cute stuff, especially since each consultant carries different inventory. I learned about “unicorns,” the most coveted and hardest-to-find prints, but I was assured that if I was in enough groups I might be able to find the ones I wanted most.

A friend of mine told me that her sister was just beginning a LuLaRoe business and put us in touch. I felt like I was getting in at the ground level, and that always comes with perks. She is the consultant I buy from the most. I’m not entirely loyal, but I do think having a go-to LuLa dealer is the secret to getting the best selection and first dibs.

I had no idea when I bought the plain black leggings that they were such a hot commodity in the LuLa community, and that it was going to be damn impossible to find another pair. They are a unicorn! I was kind of bummed because, I mean, plain black leggings go with everything. I never saw the need for solid leggings in colors like pink or blue, so I just turned my attention to the leggings with prints, which is something totally out of my comfort zone.

I hate wearing things that call attention to my bottom half, so prints were not my thing. But damn you, LuLaRoe, there were so many cute patterns that I couldn’t resist. My first pair had ladybugs on them. I love ladybugs. After that, I’ve never bought another solid-colored pair. I have all kinds of crazy patterns: geometric shapes, masquerade masks, sunglasses, cassette tapes, and hipster penguins. Yes, I said hipster penguins.

The leggings are what everyone associates with the brand, but it’s so much more than leggings. The tops are tailored the exact way I like, especially as a tall woman. They’re longer than your average shirt because they know people will be pairing them with leggings. They provide maximum coverage so that my butt and labia aren’t all hanging out, and people won’t judge me for wearing leggings as pants. The dresses are super cute too. I don’t usually like a form-fitting dress, but I gave one a try, and I actually love it.

The leggings are still my favorite though. I have my own personal selection of unicorns that I am determined to find. I have put out the word to my LuLaRoe-loving pals to be on the lookout for me, and I reciprocate by keeping an eye out for them. My insane quests started with a pair of sugar skull leggings that were a part of the Halloween collection. I sat in my sister’s car driving through New Jersey obsessively refreshing one sale group to get them, and I didn’t freaking get them. My friend eventually found them for me in a different group. It was a resale group, and since people who aren’t consultants are selling, you may have to pay over retail. I did, and I will never tell you how much, but they were so worth it.

I’ve discovered that buy/sell groups are a great resource for finding your unicorns (wait, maybe I shouldn’t be giving away my secrets?), but the real place to go is eBay. I have managed to score all but one pair of my highly coveted unicorns on eBay — over retail, of course, but I wanted them so badly that I gladly forked over the extra cash. We all have our vices, people, and no, I’m not a consultant, and no, I’m not getting paid by LuLaRoe, and no, I didn’t receive any free product. I’m just in love with crazy-patterned leggings that glide on like buttah.

I know that a lot of people have some strong feelings about LuLaRoe, and I can’t say that I haven’t thought some of them myself. Yes, they’re expensive. But they’re my special thing. I use them to treat myself, and have added LuLaRoe into my monthly and weekly budget. (Shut up.) I don’t buy a lot of stuff these days, so I figure that there are worse ways to spend my money. At least I get a lot of use out of them. In fact, I haven’t worn jeans in months. Sorry, not sorry.