Lynda Carter: The 'Wonder Woman' Movie Needs a Female Director

by Laurie Ulster
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“I know so much about what people want from it,” she told them. “It needs a woman.”

Warner Brothers has been struggling to get this movie made for years. Despite a ton of superhero-powered blockbusters, we still haven’t had a movie starring a female superhero, although we’ve seen some in team efforts like The Fantastic Four and, more successfully, The Avengers. But is it a woman’s perspective that makes Wonder Woman so popular, or the sex appeal? Carter was uncomfortable with her poster hanging on the walls of boys’ bedrooms, but it sure was in a lot of them. In the second season of the three-season show, her outfit was altered to highlight her cleavage and make the star-spangled bottom ride up a little higher on the thighs, clearly not a choice made with female empowerment in mind.

The studio has been trying hard to ensure that a woman directs the movie, perhaps in part due to the hoopla that sprang up when director Patty Jenkins left the second Thor movie. Had she stayed, she would have been the first woman to direct a Marvel superhero film. It took months of searching to select and lock in MacLaren, who hasn’t helmed a feature yet but is known for her work on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Carter says she’d love to be some sort of consultant on the new movie, to make sure that the female point of view makes its way in.

“I really do think I know what I’m talking about and why it needs to go a certain way. And they do need women involved in it…you don’t need to have some complicated ridiculous involved thing if you’re just telling the story of this amazing female. Just the story of her goodness, the story of hope, and the story of the secret self, and the story of why she feels that she’s even needed or wanted, and then what it’s like for her to have to hide a piece of that. To have to make herself smaller by not just going on talking to the news about…that she doesn’t want the accolades for it.”

Is that the story of Wonder Woman? It certainly makes her a lot more interesting, as long as she keeps the invisible plane, the bullet-reflecting bracelets, and the Golden Lasso that makes people tell the truth.

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