Madewell's Fall Campaign Asks 'What Are You Made Of?' And I Love It

by Holly Garcia
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Shopping isn’t a fun thing to do for some people. Especially because a lot of the trendy, cute, and fun styles are marketed to a very specific type of person. For example, I used to adore Victoria’s Secret but never saw myself in their ads because of the models they used, and the message that sent. It was like Regina George telling me I couldn’t sit with her, except with angels and unrealistic body aspirations. You window shop online and see clothes that you might really love, but close the browser feeling defeated because not one of the models in the photos represents you. It’s the same white, straight-size person that has a certain look, a specific aesthetic. The vibe feels off. The brand’s only concern is to sell you something as quickly as they can. It doesn’t feel real, and it rarely represents real-life in action.

Madewell’s new campaign literally changes all of that. But first, what is Madewell? Honestly, I live under a rock and had never heard of them until a few days ago, but Oh Em Gee! Their fall campaign is what real talk and joy are made of, and we are here for it! According to their about us page, Madewell is “for denim lovers—or basically anyone who appreciates timeless designs that put you at ease.” Madewell is a clothing and accessory retailer but also literally a vibe that is so much more. Don’t believe me? Take a look at their newest campaign. Warning: It will give you all the good feels.

Chloe Fineman, Phoebe Robinson, and Hasan Minhaj share with us what they are made of. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re here to sell us on what they’re wearing, but instead, I found myself wondering what is Madewell all about. Madewell is a spin-off of the retail giant J. Crew — which, frankly, was shocking to me. Growing up, J. Crew was the department store in the mall my mom would always walk right by because it was tailored to a certain kind of woman. But not Madewell. Madewell is for every girl and every guy (yes, they carry men’s clothing too).

We’re Made of The People Who Surround Us

The most brilliant thing about Madewell’s recent campaign is how it focuses on us. The people who are buying and wearing the clothes. They’ve been able to make this about so much more than just the clothes. It’s about the life we live while wearing these clothes. It’s the people who surround us and the experiences that make each day. I have to give it to this company, they totally got me with so many different things that Chloe, Phoebe, and Hasan explained when talking about what they’re made of. Each person included in this campaign spoke directly to the people and experiences in my life. Not only did they do a promo altogether, they each got their own 60-second clip. I did my best to narrow it down to a few faves, but I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m made of laughing with my sister, a lot of laughing with my sister. I’m made of a thousand packages, a million cups of coffee.” -Chloe

“The Midwest humility of Cleveland meets the New York swag of can’t-nobody-tell-me-nothing, is what I’m made of. You know that scary yet exciting feeling you get when you come up with a good-ass idea? That’s what I’m made of.” -Phoebe

“What do you think about Fuschia? It’s like salmon with confidence. I’m made of bright colors that spark my creativity… You know why I like books over the internet? Books have an ending. Books are signal, social media is noise.” -Hasan

Ugh. So many true words, so many good feelings, and that is the beauty about this campaign. There is something that will speak to everyone.

We’re Made of The Experiences We Live

Most of us aren’t supermodels or fashionistas, we’re just regular people living our lives. Madewell reminds you of that. After a year full of chaos and anger and uncertainty, Madewell is giving us all exactly what we need. They give us easy living, real people living real lives, and a breath of fresh air. Other brands, please take note.

We don’t want to just admire your fashion, we want to relate to your brand. Madewell absolutely hits the nail on the head. Maybe joy isn’t the right word to describe the feel-good vibes that came with watching these brief promotions. What I do know is I absolutely did not expect to have such a strong reaction to an ad for a clothing brand. Maybe it was a few moments to be able to think about what makes me, me — and more importantly, what makes us, us.

Of course, Madewell inspired me to tell you a little about what makes me, me. Late nights reassuring my girls everything will be alright and using my voice to help wrong the rights, that’s what I’m made of. Running my hands through rows of my grandparent’s sunflowers and taking pause to breathe in the sunset, that’s what I’m made of. Ask yourself, what makes you, you? A little bit of self-reflection and introspection is never a bad thing for any of us, especially with all the noise that is the world we live in.

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