Mahershala Ali Making Career Choices So His Wife Can Shine Is #HusbandGoals

by Cassandra Stone
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Mahershala Ali says ‘no’ to projects when his wife wants to work

Mahershala Ali, the award-winning actor and star of films like Moonlight and Green Book, wants everyone to know he’s more than happy to have his career take a backseat so his wife can focus on hers.

You hear that, men everywhere? This Oscar-winning actor is the definition of #HusbandGoals.

Too often, the power dynamic in couples who both work can be unbalanced. Especially in Hollywood. Think about it — how often do we see famous couples splitting up because one of them (*cough* literally always the guy *cough*) sees their star shining brighter than their partner’s?

Well, that won’t ever be the case for Ali and his wife, artist Amatus-sami-Karim. Fresh off his most recent win (the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Green Book), Ali opens up to The Guardian about how he and his wife prioritize each other.

“You get to the point where you think: ‘If I were to accept the next thing I’d be throwing off the balance of my family.” Ali says he stops saying yes to jobs when his wife needs to focus on her career.

He’s always open about how much he loves and admires his wife, and seriously, all men should be taking avid notes right about now.

Amatus is a performative conceptual artist, who works in music, theater, and film, and, according to her website, “with themes related to identity, history and popular culture.”

On a completely unrelated note, she’s also absolutely heart-stoppingly beautiful. WHEW.

Need further proof Mahershala Ali is basically the example of true partnerhood? During the awards season of 2017, when he was nominated multiple times for Moonlight, Amatus was about ready to pop with their first child. In his Oscar acceptance speech, Ali thanked her profusely for soldiering through it.

(Could you imagine being that heavily pregnant and traipsing through Hollywood’s award season? Jesus. Just give her the damn Oscar.)

“I just want to thank my wife, who was in her third trimester during awards season,” he said. “We just had a daughter four days ago. I just want to thank her for being just such a soldier through this process and really carrying me through it all.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Luckily for everyone, Ali said “yes” to the latest season of HBO’s True Detective, which just premiered its third season earlier this week.

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