Let's Talk About The Male G-Spot

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If you haven’t heard of a P-gasm, then we need to get some things out in the open. Everybody loves an orgasm, but if we can take the arousal factor to the next level for ourselves, or our partner, I think most can agree we should give it a go.

I mean, if given the choice, would you take the plain Hershey chocolate bar that cures your chocolate craving, but leaves you wanting more and is kind of boring? Or would you go for the 1- pound box of Godiva chocolate that tantalizes your taste buds and has long-lasting, deep flavor? The choice is the latter, obvi.

Women love to get whole-body orgasms that take us to a special place (and sometimes back again), and so do men. We talk, as we should, about the female G-spot all the damn time. Do we really have one? Where is it? How can we stimulate it? How can we help our partner find the damn thing?

But what about men? Do they have a G-spot? Well, yes. Yes, they do.

Now before we go any further, it can be an uncomfortable topic to approach with our partner because of its location: The male G-spot is located on the prostate gland, which houses certain ingredients that make up his semen — the P-spot if you will. It’s located between his bladder and his love wand, and there are a few ways to make it dance.

Kait Scalisi, founder of, has a master’s in public health in sexual and reproductive health. She says you can stimulate the prostate with two different techniques. From inside the body, the only way to get there directly is through the hairy cheerio.

But before you go all in (pun intended), you need to talk about it with your partner first. It will make the experience more exciting and pleasurable if your partner is aware, and consenting, before you go diving in.

Maybe he wants to have a P-gasm but doesn’t know how to ask for it? Perhaps you want to treat him to a mind-blowing orgasm, but aren’t sure if he’s into it. If that’s the case, pass your partner this article right now and wait for a reaction, have a drink and bring it up over dinner, send a sexy text, or wait until you are in the heat of the moment and let your partner know you’d like to try it. Whatever you do, breaking the ice before you enter into the land of anal play is important.

If putting a finger into a b-hole is outside of your comfort zone, you can make him explode by taking your fingers and gently massaging his perineum, also known as their t’aint or gooch, or the area between his testicles and backdoor. But if you want to go for it and really get in there, make sure your fingernails are short and filed (because ouchie) and enter his anus very slowly. Consider using lubrication.

Once inside his chocolate starfish, Scalisi recommends “pointing your fingertips down like you are doing air quotes and make sure you use lube.” Don’t go crazy here — a little goes a long way. You aren’t yanking down, just massaging in a downward motion. Make sure to handle with care.

Massaging the P-spot is great on its own, but when paired with oral sex or intercourse, he will think you are an angel who has sent him to heaven. But if you aren’t into rolling up your sleeves and doing a bum injection with your bare hands, you can slip a condom over two fingers or purchase a toy designed for anal play that can do the dirty work for you while you are busy fondling other areas of his body.

Keep in mind, nothing should go into the anus unless it has a base. Things get sucked up in there when it’s stimulated and a trip to the emergency room may kill the mood.

Giving your man a P-gasm means a stronger, longer-lasting orgasm for him. Scalisi also adds, “There is no erection needed. That means prostate stimulation is great for anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction.” Massaging the male G-spot may also have a hand in reducing erectile dysfunction.

So, if you’ve been wanting to take the horizontal bop to new heights, have a talk, try it out, and see if you both want to add this to your bedroom rodeo routine.

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