The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over This Kitten And His Tiny Stack Of Pancakes

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

This guy made pancakes for his kitten and the photos went viral

Everyone, we’ve discovered the recipe to achieving viral internet fame. The ingredients: a big, lovable dog, a teeny weeny kitten, and a miniature stack of pancakes. Totally foolproof, if you go by the recent photos a couple shared of their pets and a mini version of everyone’s favorite breakfast treat.

Chase Stout and Kenzie Jones are a young couple from Iowa. They recently adopted a kitten they named Mr. Wilson to add to their family, which also includes their German Shepard Huey.

Image via Chase Stout

According to Buzzfeed, Jones had to go out of town recently and leave Mr. Wilson behind. She was a little worried about the tiny guy, in particular, whether Stout would remember to feed him. As it turns out, Jones had no reason to be concerned. Not only does Mr. Wilson have a protective big dog brother to take care of him, he has Stout, who went out of his way to make sure Jones knew their itty bitty kitty was well-fed in her absence.

To that end, Stout jokingly texted Jones to keep her informed about Mr. Wilson’s diet and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

That’s right. He made Mr. Wilson a micro stack of pancakes for him to devour alongside his human, who got a human-size portion, of course. And the internet was all about it. Stout’s photos of Mr. Wilson and his wee pancakes have been retweeted over 41,000 times.

Image via Twitter

Stout says, “I made them just like I did mine, just with smaller dips of batter. Obviously I had a stack of three so my man Wilson had to have a stack of three as well.”

Image via Twitter

My man. About a little kitty? This whole situation is off-the-charts adorable.

Of the text he sent Jones asking about the chocolate chips, he says it was just a joke. “I wanted to send the question about chocolate chips just so she would get it and be like, ‘Wait what?! He’s making him pancakes?’” He adds that he’s aware kittens should not be eating chocolate and says Mr. Wilson’s pancakes were chocolate-free.

Image via Twitter

In a tweet a few weeks before Kittycakes swept the nation, Stout shared, “Got a kitten this weekend & our German shepherd pup, Huey, thinks it’s his. I’m not going to tell him any different.” So besides getting kitten-sized pancakes made-to-order, Mr. Wilson also enjoys his friendship with Huey, who’s about 40 trillion times his size. Don’t question my math, just look at these ridiculously adorable buds.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

The world kind of sucks right now. The 2016 election is a terrifying dumpster fire and it seems like the news is one scary or depressing story after another. Sometimes, it’s nice to kick back and look at a kitty hanging with his dog friend and licking a pile of pancakes.

Thanks for the much-needed smiles, Mr. Wilson and Huey. Oh, and your humans too.