Mandy Patinkin Roasts Trump With Famous 'Princess Bride' Line

by Julie Scagell
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Mandy Patinkin/Twitter

Patinkin’s video wins the internet today

Actor Mandy Patinkin is here to save us from the inner turmoil most of us are still feeling after last night’s debate. While we watched, and drank, and yelled, and drank during the myriad of lies hurled by Trump during the final presidential debate with Joe Biden, Mandy Patinkin was using his time a bit more constructively.

The beloved Princess Bride actor took his character’s famous phrase from the film and used it to school Trump on his assertion that he was the “least racist person in the room.” Patinkin played part of Trump’s embarrassing claim and then the video cuts to him and in his most Inigo Montoya voice says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Trump, who has a long history of racist policies and language claimed several times during the debate that he’s the “least racist person” and has done more for Black people than anyone in the history of the world, except for slave owner Abraham Lincoln. “I am the least racist person,” he said. “I can’t even see the audience, because it is so dark, but I don’t care who’s in the audience, I’m the least race in person in this room.”

His response was for a question moderator Kristen Welker asked on the topic of race: “Mr. President, you’ve described the Black Lives Matter movement as a symbol of hate. You shared a video of a man chanting ‘white power’ to millions of your supporters. You’ve said that Black professional athletes exercising their First Amendment rights should be fired. What do you say to Americans who say that that kind of language, from a president, is contributing to a climate of hate, and racial strife?”

People were quick to point out the same conclusion Montoya — I mean, Patinkin — did on social media:

Princess Bride has been one of the most watched, loved films in history. Generations have fallen in love with the story and the cast recently reunited to raise money for Democrats in the swing state of Wisconsin.

While Patinkin’s video was a brief respite from the bullshit we all endured, he did follow up his Montoya bit with a call to action. “If you need a new administration keep fighting for it. Get involved in these last weeks to #GOTV sign up with [The Last Weekends] to phone bank for swing states from wherever you are,” he wrote. “We are making phone calls to get out the vote. Join us. Keep going.”

With less than two weeks left until the election, this debate was the last time both Trump and Biden will have on a national stage to get their policies (or lack thereof) out to the masses. The time will go by excruciatingly slow, but at least we have Patinkin’s video to watch when we need a laugh.

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