For The 'Hate Mongers'

Marlon Wayans Shows So Much Support For His Trans Son & Trolls Haters In Amazing Pride Posts

“As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero f*cks what people think. If I lost you... GOOD!”

Marlon Wayans on the Kelly Clarkson Show. Wayans recently posted a series of Pride Month photos in s...
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The first rule of the internet is, or at least should be, don’t read the comments! The steaming pile of awful opinions beneath even innocuous content is somehow both common knowledge and eternally shocking. We know this, and still the adrenaline of righteous indignation beckons us. When a dumpster fire of comments called to Marlon Wayans after wishing his Instagram followers a happy Pride, he answered in the best way possible, and the internet is now better for it.

The 51-year-old comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer posted a shot of himself shirtless, wearing metallic silver pants and draped in a rainbow flag. In the caption, he wished a “Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples.” Adding, “P.S. I’m STRAIGHT... well, according to my child CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples.”

Unfortunately, the post did not escape the attention of keyboard warriors eager to spew hateful slurs and condemnation at any mention of Pride. This is not the first rodeo for the father of two and vocal supporter of his transgender son, Kai, 24. Instead of ignoring the trolls, he doubled down on his Pride by sharing more Pride-themed images shot by photographer Parrish Lewis.

In a follow-up post, Wayans, whose latest standup special ‘Good Grief’ premiered on Prime Video Father’s Day weekend, wears the same silver pants, draped in the same rainbow flag, this time wearing a black bucket hat boasting a rainbow stripe. He leans back on one arm, the other draped confidently (dare I say, fabulously) over bent knee. Surrounded by yellow, green, blue, purple and red ball-pit balls, the image is both playful and sexy.

Sexiest of all is the content of his caption:

“As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero f*cks what people think. If I lost you... GOOD!”

“Your hateful ass never loved me in the first place. How can you love anyone when you’re too busy judging. Some of y’all funny. I’m a troll. I’ll post all day.”

“HAPPY PRIDE to all my friends, fam, fans and loved ones. I am happy you’re happy... period.”

Marlon Wayans / Instagram

Wayans, the son of a social worker, made good on his promise to “post all day,” following up with another image from the pride shoot with Lewis. This time Wayans holds half a rainbow mask to his face, wearing a gold chain and LGBTQ+ Pride pins over a grey sweatshirt.

“You mad?! 😡 I can do this shit ALL DAY... but instead I think I’ll do it ALL MONTH. HAPPY PRIDE 🌈💕 Love and Laughter will always drown out hate.”

He wasn’t done. Another pic in the rainbow mask dropped, again accompanied by a caption directed at anyone offended by his show of support.

“Do I look like I really give a f*ck?! Happy PRIDE month. Especially to all the hateful dudes out there mad because I’m supporting family and friends. For people to be that homophobic wreaks of repressed feelings/desires. Bruh, don’t live like that. Come on out. Be you. That’s what PRIDE is all about... acceptance. I swear I got soooo many more pics.”

Marlon Wayans / Instagram

Wrapping up on Instagram for the day, he shared a screenshot of a nasty comment with his clap back, adding more points in the caption.

“Just quietly unfollow and f*ck off.”

“On my platform I support what the f*ck I choose.”

Over on X, Wayans reposted supportive comments from his followers as they praised his secure masculinity and show of unconditional love. As an article circulated claiming the Pride post cost him 10,000 followers, Wayans was inspired to add a closing thought.

“I hope I lose EVERY FOLLOWER that is ignorant, small and full of hate. I don’t f*ck with that type of energy. Let’s just keep 100. I don’t f*ck with you so don’t f*ck with me. Respects #bye.”

Honestly, this is the energy that Pride Month needs in order to support and protect our kids. Good for him for proudly and loudly loving his son.