Marshmallow-Only Lucky Charms Are Here, Because YOLO

by Maria Guido
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Image via General Mills

Lucky Charms is making 10,000 marshmallow only boxes

No one thinks filling up a bowl with multi-colored marshmallows is the healthiest breakfast ever, but when a parent buys a box of Lucky Charms they are silently accepting that they have just bought a box of marshmallows for their kid, with some throw-away cereal included.

That’s why it’s so meta that General Mills is making marshmallow only boxes of Lucky Charms that you can only get your hands on if you buy boxes of regular Lucky Charms. That’s right, the company is releasing 10,000 — and you can’t buy them in stores. You need to enter the code inside the box on to see if you’ve won.

I happen to have a box of Lucky Charms with almost all the marshmallows gone living in my house, so I played this morning. Yes, I know this is supposed to be for kids, but research.

First, you go to the site and enter your code. Then you play a little memory game.

Then you hand over your email address, of course.

Then you lose.

Then you just go over to and purchase some knock-off marshmallows. Then you try to pawn those off on your kids, and they see right through your deception. Then you buy more boxes of regular Lucky Charms, and repeat steps one through three.

Good luck!

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