Mary-Kate Olsen Weds in Smoky Affair

by Anna Gebert
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

In news that will likely make a number of readers feel really, really old, on Friday night in New York City 29-year old Mary-Kate Olsen married her boyfriend of three years, 46-year old French banker Olivier Sarkozy. They became engaged when Olivier proposed in 2014 with a 4-carat ring while the two vacationed in Jamaica. The ceremony was reportedly intimate, with just 50 or so guests witnessing the nuptials; in a bid for privacy, attendees were required to turn in their cell phones beforehand.

Mary-Kate came to fame alongside her twin sister Ashley by jointly playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the saccharine sitcom Full House, laying claim to several cringe-inducing catch phrases, the most notable of which is probably the grammatically incorrect “You got it, dude.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley were role models for kids everywhere in the 90s, having continued to act in family-friendly (and barf inducing) features and direct-to-DVD movies after their long tenure on Full House. They capitalized on their notoriety by licensing their names and likenesses and packing stores like Walmart with extensive merchandising, including modest clothing for girls. Through their numerous business ventures they amassed incredible wealth, allowing them to quit acting and enter the fashion industry. They now own several clothing lines, and despite professing disdain for public scrutiny, they’ve both engaged in high-profile relationships and have found themselves perennially in the tabloids.

According to a source who attended Mary-Kate’s wedding, the décor included “bowls and bowls of cigarettes,” and everyone in attendance reportedly smoked all night long. To quote one of the Real Housewives, I guess money can’t buy you class. If heaps of cigarettes were thrust upon guests at anyone else’s wedding, it’s unlikely to have made the news as a whimsical addition to honor one of the couple’s favorite mutual activities. In spite of wishing the couple well and appreciating whatever decadent food and alcohol was served alongside the plethora of tobacco, I’m sure the non-smokers and staff in attendance were likely less than pleased by the forced carcinogen intake. Mary-Kate has certainly come a long way from the fresh-faced girl from It Takes Two. I guess in her case, life is less like a bowl of chocolates, and more like… you guessed it… a bowl of cigarettes. I wish the couple happiness, but I do hope that her erstwhile fans don’t mimic what appears to be Mary-Kate’s favorite pastime.