You Can Turn Your 'Useless' Degree Into A Cozy Blanket

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Twitter/Kynnith Francis-Vaughan

This is for everyone who ever said your diploma won’t keep you warm at night

Even as more and more women are ditching gender stereotypes and outdated “traditional” roles, there’s still societal pressure on women to favor building a family over getting an education and having a career. No one knows that more than recent North Carolina University grad Kynnith Francis-Vaughan, whose haters told her her diploma wouldn’t keep her warm at night.

Joke’s on them.

Francis-Vaughn’s mom had her education master’s degree printed onto a cozy throw blanket, and I need one for my journalism degree ASAP. I’m also envisioning all the other types of documents that would also make great blankets, like a divorce finalization or a bangin’ job offer. So many possibilities.

“She heard me mention that I was told I focus too much on school and not relationships. So she got me something that would keep me warm at night!” Francis-Vaughn told Scary Mommy.

Honestly, she should focus on whatever she damn well pleases, be that getting a master’s degree or starting a family. There’s this fun thing women have in the modern age; it’s called choice. And anyway, ain’t nobody got time for a man who doesn’t appreciate the kind of intelligence, dedication, and follow through it takes to earn a higher degree.

Or, as Francis Vaughn put it, “Society will make it seem that your education is a waste. It isn’t. There are naturally more roadblocks presented to women who attempt to receive graduate degrees, but that makes it all the more sweet when you can walk across that stage at the end of the journey! Never let any type of relationship get in the way of that end-goal! Find a partner who understands the journey you are taking. Anyone else is just a waste of time.”

Naturally, the blanket has gone viral.

And if you’re wondering where you can turn your own diploma into a cozy blanket that’s way better than any sexist asshole, you’re in luck — they’re on sale right now.

Congrats on that degree, Kynnith.

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