Moms Of Picky Eaters, Rejoice! Mac & Cheese May Be Coming To A McDonald's Near You

by Toni Hammer
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McDonald’s testing out mac and cheese option for Happy Meals

Too tired to cook but you need some comfort food? Are your kids anti-anything but mac and cheese? Then get thee to McDonalds!

The fast food giant is now serving mac and cheese at 18 of their restaurants in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Customers can order the four ounce portion for $1.75 or, if your kids are singing the “mac and cheese please” song, they can get it as the entrée in their happy meal instead of the usual burger or chicken nuggets. “We’re always looking for new ways to offer relevant tastes to our customers, so we’re giving mac and cheese a try and gathering valuable feedback from our customers,” says McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb.

Unsurprisingly there are many people who are excited about the idea.

And why shouldn’t we be excited about mac and cheese being on the menu? Sometimes it’s 7 p.m., the kids are staaaaaaaarving, no food is prepped, no meat is thawed, and the cupboards are as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s. Despite the fact your children are complaining that they’re so hungry their big guts are eating their little guts, they still turn their noses up at pizza or burgers again. Now you can assuage their woes and give them the old standby of mac and cheese plus the usual cheap plastic toy which makes them happy for all of seven seconds.

There’s some good news and bad news about this potential new menu item though. The good news is it’s MAC AND CHEESE. Three cheers for cheesy, carby goodness on a cold winter’s day! And even more cheers for something different with which to bribe your kids!

The bad news is your kids may complain that any mac and cheese which is not procured from an iconic blue box is a poisonous insult to their palette. Or the small tub of Heaven never gets to your home because someone in the backseat spilled it all over your car and now you have to google the best ways to remove cheese stains from your upholstery. It’s a gamble for sure.

The noodles will be on the menu until February and then it’s up to the powers that be to decide the fate of the American classic. Will it be rolled out nationwide or it will go the way of the McDLT? Only time will tell. Until then, those of us outside of Cleveland will just have to wait with bated breath and whiny children.

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