Men Are Upset About Megan Rapinoe Saying She Deserves Her Trophy

Megan Rapinoe Screaming ‘I Deserve This’ Is Bringing All The Man-Babies To The Yard


Megan Rapinoe got some baby men upset by saying she deserves her celebratory champagne and trophy

We’re all here for Megan Rapinoe’s big moment (that we literally hope lasts until the end of days) and seeing her dominate news cycles with not just her amazing soccer playing, but her brilliant words has filled our souls with joy. The menfolk of the world?

Not so much.

Yes, it seems some dudes are simply unaccustomed to confident women like Rapinoe and don’t appreciate her delightfully loud pride in herself, because, reasons? Maybe it threatens their itty-bitty fragile male egos to see a woman who doesn’t give a shit if they think she’s cute let alone what they think of her congratulating herself for a job well done.

Upon seeing Rapinoe totally unabashedly thrilled with herself, saying she deserves not only her champagne and trophy, but “everything,” some men simply could not handle it.

Basically, a bunch of internet men look like this right now.

They’re just super duper upset that the strong, smart, capable woman who just helped her team to a World Cup championship decided to congratulate herself and recognize her own worth. Wah wah, you giant infants.

This though. This all day long.

Speak on it sis.

Of course, Rapinoe’s “I deserve this” moment isn’t the only time the men of the internet (and a whole bunch of other people) took issue with a member of this incredible team publicly being proud of herself. When Alex Morgan celebrated her goal against England by miming a sip of tea, people pretty much lost their minds.