'Grandpa' Adorably Babysits His Daughter's Dog And The Internet Is In Love

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/Meghan Specksgoor

His texts, signed “Gramps,” show he and Chance enjoying all sorts of adventures

During her holiday travels, Meghan Specksgoor decided her beloved dog, Chance was better off staying with her dad rather than a kennel. Little did Meghan know that by sharing a few text messages her dad sent to update her on their adventures, her dad would quickly be deemed The Greatest Dog Sitter Of All Time — courtesy of Twitter.

Dubbing himself Chance’s “Grandpa,” Meghan’s dad had a grand old time with his #1 granddog. And let Meghan know about it, regularly, with the world’s cutest text messages.

“Someone please get this man a grandchild.” LOL. Basically, we all need to find us someone who looks at us the way Meghan’s dad looks at Chance.

Image via Twitter

You just know Chance ate like a king the entire time he was with Grandpa.

Image via Twitter

THE NAIL SALON. OMG. Could “Gramps” be any more precious? A trip to the nail salon topped off with ice cream is literally better than any day I’ve ever had in my very adult, very human life.

Image via Meghan Specksgoor

It’s pretty clear Chance and Gramps have imprinted on each other far better than any character in the entire cast of Twilight ever did.

Image via Meghan Specksgoor

OK, both the dog and his grandfather are The Goodest Of Boys — a sentiment everyone on Twitter seems to agree with, as Meghan’s initial tweet quickly went viral.

THIS. My dad watches my human child and I will sometimes go hours without a text response. Major props to Gramps for his thorough communication skills.

Basically we all wish we were as loved and cared for as Meghan’s dog was over the Christmas holiday. As for Chance’s sweet grandpa, his response to his daughter’s tweet going viral is so perfectly, well, “Gramps.”

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