Melania Warns Against 'Destructive And Harmful' Uses Of Social Media, LOL

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The First Lady is on a crusade against cyberbullying, which is hilarious if you’ve read her husband’s Twitter feed

First Lady Melania Trump held a cyberbullying summit in the Washington, DC, suburb of Rockville this morning, speaking out against the evils of damaging behavior online, and causing large amounts of cognitive dissonance in anyone who follows President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Speaking in support of her “Be Best” campaign, the First Lady stressed “the safe and responsible use of social media” and did not mention her husband’s notoriously bullying use of social media platforms at all during the event.

Let’s break down what she had to say:

“In today’s global society, social media is an integral part of our children’s daily lives. It can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly,” she said.

A great example of social media being destructive and harmful could be Trump’s attack on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in which he threatened actual war, violence, and death.

“This is why Be Best chooses to focus on the importance of teaching our next generation how to conduct themselves safely and in a positive manner in an online setting,” she continued.

Her husband has been less than positive–according to an ongoing list kept by The New York Times, he has insulted 487 people, organizations, and entities since he took office 18 months ago.

“I have been so inspired by the children I have met in my time as first lady, and because that our next generation has unlimited potential to impact the world in positive ways,” Melania Trump continued.

Hopefully, the children in the next generation can undo the damage caused by Trump, who has rolled back environmental regulations, separated parents from their children, and reversed freedoms for women.

She concluded: “By listening to children’s ideas and concerns, I believe that adults will be better able to help them navigate this often difficult topic.”

Maybe, in addition to some adults helping children navigate the internet better, these children can help our president understand how to conduct himself online. To start, perhaps he could learn not to call other people dogs.

Reactions to Melania Trump’s speech were quick to point out that she was ignoring a very big problem with her attempted campaign to stop cyberbullying–and that irony didn’t even begin to cover the troubled summit.

“It was as though Nancy Reagan had given a ‘Just Say No’ speech while her husband honored the occasion back at the White House by snorting cocaine during a live news conference,” wrote Washington Post columnist Dana Millbank.

Twitter had some choice words as well, starting with film producer Adam Best:

J.K. Rowling also joined in, showing just what a childlike bully Trump can be.

Most Americans were just wondering, as they have been throughout this administration: what in the world is Melania thinking? Is she trolling her husband? Is she dumb as rocks? Is she trolling everybody?

Melania Trump’s spokesperson tried to explain, first by saying that the First Lady is sincere and then by adding that, “She is aware of the criticism but it will not deter her from doing what she feels is right. The President is proud of her commitment to children and encourages her in all that she does.”

The First Lady also announced this week that she will be traveling to Africa this fall — without her husband. It’s another sign that the pair don’t particularly enjoy traveling together and don’t particularly have the same causes — eight months ago, Trump called Africa a collection of “shithole counties” while arguing that the United States should welcome fewer immigrants from certain locations.

Trump hasn’t mentioned the “Be Best” cyberbullying summit yet — online or elsewhere.

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