Some Men Are Pissed That Arya Was The Hero, Because Of Course

by Valerie Williams
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Internet men are displeased that Arya got to be the hero instead of a fellow dude

Ever get the distinct feeling that no matter what we do, we simply can’t have nice things? As most Game of Thrones fans spent yesterday rejoicing over the glorious ending in which Arya Stark was the undisputed MVP, some were left… wanting. Wanting a man to have been given the big moment, that is. Because that’s a very brand-new thing that’s never been done before!

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Yes, the brave men of the internet have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure that Arya was the hero and Jon Snow was the zero and also, to call her a “Mary Sue” — that’s a literary term meaning “a fictional character, usually female, who is seen as too perfect and almost boring for lack of flaws, originally written as an idealized version of an author in fanfiction.”

Which some Twitter folks were quick to point out — Arya is anything but.

Aside from the Mary Sue accusations, men were just flat-out upset over the ending because reasons.

Unearned? Really? Because anyone who watches this show realizes she’s spent her entire character arc “earning” this moment

He later clarifies that he’s actually just upset we don’t know how Arya got from “encouraging words” to stabbing the friggin’ Night King, but something tells me he wouldn’t want or expect a whole long backstory if someone with a penis had done the stabbing. Just a hunch.

And FYI, they did set up the hell out of that ending. If you were paying attention instead of nit-picking over the fact that a young, fierce, female character ended up winning it all.

Meanwhile, this guy’s all “where’s the man character we were promised?”

TV writers who make female characters the heroes SUCK, ok? THEY SUCK.

This guy is really super upset that Jon Snow even came back only to see a Lady Person do the cool part. Worst episode OF ALL TIME.

This bro basically threw Arya a “thanks Obama” for her role in ending the Night King’s reign. Now winter’s NEVER coming thanks to a GIRL.

More angry menfolk. They’re literally endless.

Let’s be extremely clear here — no one handed anything to Arya Stark save for her weapons that, through hard work, blood, sweat, tears, the loss of many loved ones, and a stint of not even being able to see, she taught herself to masterfully use. With both hands. She earned that ending more than possibly any hero ever and the sad men of the internet will just have to deal with it.

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