6 Things I’ve Learned Since Using A Menstrual Cup

by Laura Bower
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I finally did it. After months of research and great speculation, I bought a menstrual cup.

I first heard of the menstrual cup a few years back before I even had my babies, but the thought of using a reusable cup to hold my menstruation seemed gross and scary. I mean, wouldn’t it be messy? What if it got stuck up there? But I finally bought one, and let me tell you, the experience has been eye-opening.

I can never go back.

I LOVE my menstrual cup! I want to tell every single menstruating person I know about this amazing little device. It really isn’t as scary as you may think and it will literally change the way you view your period.

Here are six things I’ve learned since using a menstrual cup that you may find helpful if you’re still on the fence:

1. Get familiar with it.

As soon as you purchase your menstrual cup (and there are a lot of great brands out there—I use a Diva Cup), become familiar with it. Take it out, examine the little device, wash it, and read the instructions. You’ll need to know the certain way that it folds and goes into your vagina. There’s a learning curve to getting it up there and also how many times you need to empty it throughout the day. I inserted mine a few times before my cycle began just so I would be familiar with the way it worked.

2. Things will get messy.

Especially in the beginning of using your cup, things will be a little messy. I mean, it’s just blood; no worse than pulling out a tampon (and way more hygienic and safer), but be prepared to get your hands um… a little bloody. Just be sure to take your cup out slowly or it can spill and your bathroom will look like a horror movie scene — which will bring me to number 3.

3. Go in the shower the first few times.

The very first time I took my cup out (and a few times after that) I took it out when I was in the shower because I wasn’t sure how things were going to play out. I think this is the best way in the beginning so you’re not anxious about spilling your blood everywhere, and if things do get messy, well, you’re already in the shower.

4. Your life will instantly get simpler.

One of the main reasons why I love my cup is because it makes my life a little easier. I chase two small kids around all day, and I don’t have time to worry about changing a pad or a tampon or worry about making sure I have enough product in my home. I also have a heavy flow (sorry, TMI) and the cup is amazing for that. No more bulky diaper-like pads!

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5. It’s more comfortable than a pad or tampon.

I’ve never been the type to use tampons, because I found them uncomfortable, but the cup feels so much better because it forms to your body. I was always a pad girl, but with a heavier flow, I would just go through pads too quickly and I would leak all the time. I find so much comfort in my menstrual cup — I sometimes forget it’s even there. And huge bonus: I’ve noticed my cramps have significantly reduced since using my cup.

6. You’ll view your body in a different way.

I used to hate getting my period and would view it as a huge inconvenience; probably due to my anxiety over making sure I had enough feminine products and avoiding leaks like the plague. My menstrual cup has put my mind at ease and my period is no longer a chore. Also, since I physically see how much I pour out of my cup, I feel more in tune with my body.

So there are 6 things I’ve learned since using my menstrual cup. Hopefully I shed a little bit of light onto this widely talked about yet much-feared trend. If you’re still feeling unsure and slightly grossed out, I assure you, just give it a try. All that money you used to buy on pads and tampons can go to much better things — like new yoga pants… or wine.

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