Mermaid Skeletons Are Here To Make Halloween Extra Magical

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Amazon

This mermaid skeleton will scare the sh*t out of all your neighbors

Halloween comes just once a year which means you need to do it right. Like, really, really right. I’m talking setting up creepy decorations that won’t necessarily make the neighborhood kids run away from your house, but they’ll definitely have a moment of pause. On that note: allow me to introduce you to the mermaid skeleton.

Okay, so regular old skeletons are scary. The mermaid skeleton is legitimately terrifying. It’s half-fish, looks like it’s leering at you, and clocks in at just around 6 feet tall. It’s currently on sale at Oriental Trading for $69.98, which is a small price to pay for making a bunch of people jump as they’re entering your house.

Feel free to hang this bad boy right above your front door as a fun, objectively terrifying greeting for all those trick-or-treaters. Also – according to reviews – the tail is very easy to bend, which means you can definitely pose the enormous creature on your porch a la The Little Mermaid (but, you know, a really horrifying, graphic version of The Little Mermaid).

Image via Oriental Trading

Like, absolutely yes please, immediately deliver this to my door.

Image via Oriental Trading

You just know that Ursula would wholeheartedly approve.

Has this officially put you in the Halloween spirit? Are you suddenly in the mood to buy a bunch more scary shit just for laughs? Thankfully, there’s a whole lot more skeleton accessories you can set up in your front yard. Like this one, which looks like it’s literally coming out of the ground. Your neighbors will love it.

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Or this straight up pile of bones, made specifically for people who have zero patience for actually setting an enormous skeleton up.

Image via Amazon

And, I mean, if you’re going to creep people out with a human (or half-fish) skeleton, you might as well stick an animal skeleton in there as well. Warning: you cannot unsee the horror of this dog’s face.

Image via Amazon

Well, there you have it. Your yard just officially became a graveyard of human and mermaid bones. It’s almost Halloween and you really shouldn’t have it any other way.

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