Now People of All Skin Colors Can Give You the Finger Online

by Elizabeth Seward
Originally Published: 

As far as we know, Microsoft is the first big tech company to allow the middle finger emoji, which I find kind of hilarious. I have a needle dripping blood, a gun, a pill, a knife, and even a pile of cash with wings all as emojis on my iPhone, but I can’t have a middle finger? I can tell someone where to shove it with a glaring red demon face emoji or an angry purple-horned emoji. I can even side-eye someone via emoji. But I can’t give them the finger?

The only problem is that I personally only have Apple products. So what do I do when someone else gives me the Microsoft FU? I feel defenseless. Apple: could you at least throw me a bone here and give me an emoji that’s rolling its eyes? How is that not a thing Apple offers yet? I’m all for civility and manners, online as well as off, but let’s face it: a lot of things go out the window when a person is behind a screen. That usually annoys me because it can make the Internet awful, but as a person who doesn’t regularly flip other people off in real life, I wouldn’t mind having the gesture available to me for a certain kind of Facebook post. You know what I’m talking about.

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