Welcome To Your Friday Time-Suck: A Website That Tells You How Old You Look

by Maria Guido
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“How old do you think I am?” It’s so hard to respond to that question, and it’s grueling when people ask it. Shoot too low and it’s obvious you’re trying to flatter them. Hit their actual age on the nose, and it becomes a totally anti-climatic, awkward moment. You really can’t win with this question. Microsoft is learning that today, too — as their new website that aims to figure out your age is failing miserably.

According to Fortune, the company recently developed a tool for facial recognition, and one of its teams decided to have some fun with it by using it to create a site that will predict people’s age in photos. The site is called You can search a name and the site will generate images from the internet for you to choose from. The first image I found of myself the site guessed I was 19. The second, 33. I’m 42. So what I’ve learned is, I am really good at deceiving people with photography. Well, I’m good at deceiving the #HowOldRobot, anyway.

I thought I would have some fun with a few people whose age I always wondered about. Let’s start with the cast of the Real Housewives Of New York. (Real age: who knows)

What about the Olsen twins? (Real age: 28)

How about the cast of 90210? (We all knew they weren’t high school students – but ouch, Andrea.)


Mean Girls – all over the place.

Okay, I’m going to stop now — you see where this is going. Welcome to your Friday time-suck. Just try to ignore how creepy it is to upload your photo to a website that is scanning it and determining your age.

Because that’s not weird at all.

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