Mindy Kaling Opens Up About 'Radical Gratitude' With Rare Photo Of Daughter

by Madison Vanderberg
Tommaso Boddi/Getty

Mindy Kaling shares a photo of her daughter Kit alongside a heartfelt post about practicing ‘radical gratitude’ at end of 2021

Mindy Kaling is probably best known for being funny AF, having a rainbow-colored wardrobe to die for, and for creating some of the best television shows ever (her new show The Sex Lives of College Girls will both make you squeal with delight and fear your own children ever going to college). But in a rare moment of vulnerability for the TV queen, Kaling shared a photo of her four-year-old daughter Katherine aka Kit (Kaling generally withholds from sharing photos of her kids until they can consent), alongside an earnest post about being thankful.

Kaling shared how her practice of “radical gratitude” is getting her through 2021.

During the last few weeks in December, it’s pretty standard to get, uh, how do I say this, weepy? Sentimental? Nostalgic? But as we enter 2022 and COVID is upon us like it’s March 2020 again, Kaling, like a lot of us, is trying to make sense of this complicated year.

“I’m not always a super reflective person. I think part of why I’m successful is because of this relentless urge not to dwell, and to move forward (which is probably because of my discomfort to do the hard work of examining what’s going on in my life),” Kaling began her post.

Kaling opens up about a year of “disappointments and heartaches.”

“The truth is, this year was a rollercoaster. Some truly wonderful things happened, but also, disappointments, and heartaches. People hurt me, let me down, and I know I have done the same,” Kaling continued.

Kaling details her “radical gratitude” practice.

“The end of the year, reflection is hard to avoid, isn’t it? I think sometimes radical gratitude is the only thing that helps me. (And not in some guilt-inducing ‘acknowledge your privilege’ kind of way. Just like, taking stock of the good things.),” Kaling shared. “I’m grateful I can walk, with my daughter, on a beach in late December picking up shells and then going back inside the house for dinner. Acknowledging the enormous amount I have to be grateful for makes me actually feel content, you know?”

It’s true. You can’t escape a therapist’s office without some form of gratitude practice being mentioned, because well, it works. And it seems Mindy is really diving in. She shared a Thanksgiving photo of both Kit and her year-old son Spencer earlier this year, by the beach (again) with the caption, “What I’m grateful for this year.”

Kaling may have fame and fortune and all the trappings we assume would bring endless gratitude, but for Kaling it all boils down to her kids and a simple walk on the beach.