Side-By-Side Photo Proves Women's Clothing Sizes Are Bullsh*t

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Mira Hirsch/ Instagram

A reminder that women’s clothing sizes are pointless when it comes to the right fit

Clothing sizes aren’t anything to get hung up on, especially since sizing varies drastically depending on what store you go to. Or what fit and style you choose. Blogger Mira Hirsch recently posted visual proof of this far-too-common conundrum in women’s sizing.

Behold, side-by-side evidence that even when shopping in just one store, finding the right size can be a total mind fuck.


Yep, both pairs of pants are the exact same size. At the exact same store.

Hirsch writes she was looking for a pair of pants and found both the maroon pair and the aqua pair in different sections of the store. Sure, all clothing stores offer different fits for different pants. And not all styles are going to look the same or even flattering on our bodies. We get that.

BUT LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE HERE. Come on, retail designers. What style is it where in one cut of pants, a woman can perfectly and comfortably zip and button up and in another cut of the same sized pants, a thousand pairs of Spanx wouldn’t help her? Ridiculous.

“I used to absolutely DREAD shopping because of this reason alone!” Hirsch says. “You look for something in your usual size, it doesn’t fit and you end up leaving the store feeling so shitty about yourself. Letting diet culture kick in, and self loathing take over. I know I did…”

Who among us hasn’t stood in a dressing room feeling completely defeated? Like we don’t know our own bodies? It just plain sucks. At least photos like this one let us know that we’re not the problem; the fashion industry as a whole has far more work to do than we do.

“Stop trying to fit into the ‘ideal size’!” Hirsch writes. Wear clothes that you feel funky in! Who the hell cares if it’s a few sizes bigger or smaller than what you normally wear…take back your power and wear whatever size and style you desire.”

We often get so caught up in what size we are instead of how clothes look on our bodies, because we fixate on that number. “Oh, I can’t believe I’m in the double digits now,” we bemoan as we recall days and sizes long gone.

Let this photo be a reminder that women’s sizing is total bullshit, and it’s all about finding the right fit and — most importantly — clothes we feel good wearing.