Miss America Wins After Doing Science Experiment For Talent Portion

by Cassandra Stone
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‘We need to show that Miss America can be a scientist and that a scientist can be Miss America’

The Miss America pageant has undergone major changes as of late, with the concentration moving from bikini segments to in-depth interviews and the importance of each contestant’s social impact. Miss Virginia, who won the pageant last night, showed just how much of an impact she can make after performing an amazing science experiment for her talent.

Camille Schrier took to the stage and captivated everyone with the first-ever science experiment ever performed as part of Miss America. Schrier, a 24-year-old scientist earning her doctor of pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University, announced during the pageant that she would demonstrate the “catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.”

“Science is all around us! I’ve loved science since I was a little girl,” she said during the experiment, where she donned a white lab coat. “It’s my mission to show kids that science is fun, relevant and easy to understand.”

She began by pouring potassium iodide into three flasks containing hydrogen peroxide, food coloring and dish soap, which caused foam of all colors to begin erupting. “But be careful! Don’t try this at home,” she warned. Everyone was immediately in awe of her.

Especially the judges. “Camille, that was so fun,” said judge Lauren Ash. “I feel like if my science teachers were half as vivacious as you, maybe I would have paid more attention.” HELL YES.

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Schrier also did a thorough, impressive job navigating the pageant questions. Judge Kelly Rowland asked her how she’d handle people who “might make fun of Miss America,” and her answer was absolutely perfect.

“I think that what I’m doing by being a woman of science and redefining what it means to be Miss America in 2020 is how I deal with those people,” Schrier said. “I’ve had people that don’t think that what I do is necessarily a talent. But you know what? Miss America is someone that needs to educate, be able to communicate with everyone, and that’s what I do as a woman of science. And we need to show that Miss America can be a scientist and that a scientist can be Miss America.”


People everywhere were super impressed with Schrier and her experiment, and lots of them took to social media to applaud her.

As part of her year as the one and only Miss America, Schrier will spend her time advocating for Mind Your Meds: Drug Safety and Abuse Prevention from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. We stan a woke queen.

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