Mom Fosters At-Risk Pregnant Dogs and Saves Hundreds of Puppies


Mom Fosters At-Risk Pregnant Dogs and Saves Hundreds of Puppies

by Alison Bucalo

Each year 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized in the United States. Kristin Dubnoff is on a mission to change that trend.

What started with fostering one pregnant dog in 2013 has blossomed into helping over 160 dogs find their forever families.

“It’s important to stay hopeful and try to find something that gives you hope and a lot of people find hope in new life.” That’s Kristin Dubnoff’s motto that has fueled her energy in this pandemic. She’ll need that energy since Kristin is currently fostering a litter of nine puppies.

As a single mom to her first daughter, these pregnant dog moms hold a special place in Kristen’s heart. She gets to help and protect them in this crucial time – mother to mother. Although Kristin says that her single mom dogs don’t really need her, she still spends a lot of time there the first few weeks. She even sleeps in the room with her momma dogs when they are in labor to ensure they know they’re not alone.

Helping the pups isn’t just about the dogs, it’s also a way to have connection with her community. Her pups and momma dogs are well known in her community in Peace Valley Farms, New Jersey. Kristin has seen first hand how the pups bring hope and positivity to those in the community who need it most. Kristin even donates all proceeds from her organic farm stand to charities like Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Kristin is often asked, how she can foster so many dogs without falling in love or getting heart broken every time she gives them away. Kristin says “You foster because you’re saving lives and you make sure they’re going to great homes because there’s value in their lives.” Kristin works with an agency to find good homes for her dogs and pups so she’s confident they’re in loving homes.