Quarantine Queens Review The Best Family Movies: BIG (1988) | Scary Mommy


Quarantine Queens Review The Best Family Movies: BIG (1988) | Scary Mommy

by Team Scary Mommy
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Quarantine may be over for you, but we are still spending more time at home with family and that means movie night. We’re reviewing our favorite 1980s film, BIG. Although nothing beats classic 1980s movies, do they still hold up and is it ok for the kids? In this video, we’re giving you the mom low-down with curse word counts, cigarette smoking appearances, violence, boobies and the sexual innuendos that the 80s loved so much. We’ll include all the time stamps below to make your family movie watching that much more easy for you!

First up: Movie Recap: In the 1987 movie, BIG, Tom Hanks plays the role of Josh, a 13 year old boy who’s a little shorter than average and made a wish to be “big.” He should have said tall because that’s why he woke up the next morning as a man, who moves to the big city, gets a job, a girlfriend and becomes a man in more ways than one. If you know what I mean.

I couldn’t wait for a break from homeschooling to watch this throwback. I thought, this PG rated movie is perfect for a kid to watch. It’s PG! What could go wrong? It’s got kids, it’s got toys, it’s got FAO Schwarz, the amazing toy store in it! And it does have all those things, but it also has some interesting language, some old fashioned 1980s sexual jokes and some physical intimacy between a 30ish year old woman and a 13 year old man-boy.

Overall, Big is a great movie and you will love it, but there are a lot of questionable parts to keep in mind depending on your kid’s age. Commonsense Media says 13+, Parents are saying 11+ and so are the kids. Finally, they agree! Honestly, the most offensive part? Susan’s giant shoulder pads. Ahhh, 80s fashion.

Watch Guide:

2:23 Looking down Teacher’s shirt

9:28 Bitch

19:30 Bitch

19:33 Bitch

19:48 we’ve got some hookers

20:02 street smoking

22:27 screams and gunshots

30:12 workplace male sex talk bonding

30:37 Bullshit

30:51 Hell and ass

30:59 Hell and ass

31:03 boob bra scene

34:05 screams and gunshots

42:28 breakfast smoking

43:02 meeting smoking

45:29 smoking break

48:28 Lovitts is me too’ing a woman on the dance floor.

49:53 party smoking

51:52 Goddam

56:15 there’s a reference to “spending the night”

1:00:59 car smoking

1:03:10 Goddam

1:03:12 Goddam

1:03:19 Goddam

1:03:16 Shit

1:07:24 Billy wants a dirty mag

1:12:27 there’s kissing – the open mouth kind

1:13 shirt unbuttoning scene

1:13:37 boob action and kissing

1:20:37 Fuck

1:21:01 Asshole

Happy Movie Watching!

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