Mom Has Epic Response to Trump’s Pussygate Scandal

by Christine Organ
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Pissed off by Trump’s latest scandal, a Florida mom sends his campaign a ‘contribution’

By now we’ve all heard Donald Trump’s vile words about grabbing women by the pussy because “when you’re a star…you can do anything.” Like every rational person in the country, south Florida mom Emily Robinson was pissed the hell off when she heard his nasty words, but then in a moment of impulsive genius, she came up with the perfect response – a pube protest.

After spending Saturday morning feeling powerless and angry, her husband handed her a Trump campaign mailer and said with a smile, “What should we mail?” The couple laughed and Robinson realized what she wanted to send. She raced off to find a pair of scissors, cut off a few of her pubic hairs, and taped them to her contribution letter to the Trump campaign.

“Dear Mr. Trump,” she wrote in a letter that she shared on Facebook. “I am not able to mail you my actual pussy so I’ve included the next best thing.” Then she mailed the letter – and her pubes – in the preaddressed envelope in the mailer.

The “pube protest,” as it has been called, was Robinson’s way of saying fuck you to Trump’s degrading language and the pervasive sexist attitude that women can be grabbed, groped, and man-handled in ways big and small.

“After I did it, I drank a beer, chuckled, and felt better,” Robinson told Scary Mommy. Cheers, Mrs. Robinson.

Whether you find Robinson’s response awesome, creative, or even a little raunchy, at its heart it is about one thing: empowerment. It is about women saying enough to this degrading language that contributes directly or indirectly to misogyny and sexual assault. It is about women– and men – standing up to say fuck this shit.

Let’s repeat this one more time for the people in the back. This isn’t about the word pussy. Lots of men and women use the word pussy. Pussy, pussy, pussy. See, no big deal. What is a big deal, however, is Trump’s downright gross sense of male entitlement and cavalier admission to engaging in sexual assault.

Nothing about this election is surprising anymore, except of course that Trump has any supporters at all. But this latest political scandal transcends politics. “This thing – the tape, what he said – is not politics,” Robinson said. “It’s the language of the oppression of women. Women watching that tape, in the millions, felt their skin crawl. They felt afraid. They felt disgusted. They felt ashamed. They remembered all those moments in their own lives when they have been treated like less than.”

It isn’t about politics, and this isn’t locker room talk either. These aren’t just words or boys being boys. This isn’t idiotic male machismo or braggadocious behavior to impress other idiotic males. This isn’t even about sexual attraction or misunderstood vulgar admiration. This is perverse misogyny and revolting entitlement. It is, quite simply, sexual assault. These aren’t just words or jokes; this shit does actually happen. Pussies are grabbed all the freaking time. So are tits and asses. And it has to fucking stop.

Like Robinson said, when we heard the tape, we remembered. I know I remembered. I remembered all the times when a man leered at me, moved in too close, touched my body in a way that felt uncomfortable and unwanted. And I remembered that night in middle school when, at our town’s summer carnival, I witnessed a carney worker grab my 12-year-old friend’s pussy as she climbed into a moonwalk bouncy house. It happened more than 25 years ago and I still remember it with 100% clarity; my friend a 110%. So yes, this pussy grabbing happens. It happens all the time.

According to Robinson, the response to her Facebook post has been largely positive, though she admits that a few people have said ewwww. But that doesn’t bother her. “My pubes aren’t gross,” she said. “They are just trimmed off, clean little hairs. A man who thinks it’s okay to talk about how he grabs pussies (in front of several other people on a bus) is way more gross than few taped down short ‘n curlies.”

Although her message is directed at “the pig of a man who wants to be our president,” Robinson says that she wants people to know that feminism is powerful. “Do not be afraid of calling yourself a feminist,” Robinson said. “It means you believe in equal rights for all humans.” Preach, sister.

A mother to two girls ages 10 and 6, Robinson says her daughters have taught her more about being a better person than she ever might have imagined. And like so many of us, she is surrounded by lots of amazing women. “The list of badass women I know and their accomplishments is staggering,” Robinson said. “This one little thing I did – this silly little gesture – is not about this election. It’s about women not taking any more bullshit from sexist men and a sexist culture.”

“I am a human, and a good one – not a pussy to be grabbed.”

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