Mom Thoughts Before Falling Asleep

by Audra Rogers

I am a thinker and a planner. I really am. So it goes against my very nature when I feel zero enthusiasm toward evening prep work to make the following morning and days ahead easier. At the end of a long day, I often just need to go on autopilot, sit and relax to give my brain a rest and keep it from exploding.

I enjoy my downtime, but more often than not, I am hit with all of the following mom thoughts as I lie down in bed and try to fall sleep:

  • Okay, what do we have going on tomorrow?
  • What time should I set the alarm for so I can hit snooze six times?
  • I forgot to have him do that last worksheet in the homework packet. Maybe he can do it before the bus gets here (chuckle at the thought of getting homework done in the morning).
  • Will we need to return library books tomorrow? Are any repairs needed?
  • What do I have to pack for their lunches in the morning?
  • It’s spirit color day at school tomorrow. I think his school shirt is wadded up in the basket of clean clothes by the dryer. I’ll nuke it in the permanent press cycle when I get up.
  • We have that thing happening two nights from now. I don’t have anyone to watch the kids yet. On a scale of 1 to 10, how mandatory is it?
  • I need to bring a covered dish to the thing this weekend. Do I have enough stuff in the fridge to cover it, or do I need to make a trip to the store?
  • I stayed up too late again. I hope the little one doesn’t wake up and come in here to sleep with us at 4 a.m. I need some sleep.
  • I wonder if that person is ever going to answer that email.
  • How big of a check should we write to the PTO? I’m so glad the school gives us this option versus fundraisers.
  • The living room is a total disaster.
  • I hope I’m not too late trying to reserve that place for his birthday party. He really wants to have his party there.
  • Oh man, he’s going to grow up to be a writer and talk about what a crushing disappointment his 8th birthday was.
  • The boys played so nice tonight. It was so sweet. They looked so cute. I will always remember them spread out all over the floor surrounded by toys and empty snack bowls.
  • Did I ever return that big soup bowl to the lady at church? What did I ever do with that bowl? Do I still have it? She was so nice to bring us soup that time, and the other time that lady brought us BBQ with those amazing cobblers.
  • The apples in the fridge are going bad. I should make an apple crisp with them.
  • I should do something nice for somebody tomorrow. I have a little box in the laundry room cabinet. Maybe I can make it into a little care package.
  • Did I remember to cancel that subscription on Amazon for dishwasher tabs? We have way too many now. I did the same thing with diapers once.
  • We should run over the Diaper Genie with the truck to celebrate potty training success. Man, I hate that thing. The foot pedal is stuck again. The truck would really smash it.
  • We need to get rid of that pedal car in the garage. The kids never play with it. What else can I clear out of there?
  • I hope my family clear out in Kansas is doing well tonight, and our sponsored child Balram. I hope he has everything he needs and is going to bed happy. Is he sleeping in a bed?
  • Thank you Lord for our many blessings and this crazy, beautiful life. Can you please watch over our family in Oklahoma. There are supposed to be storms coming through. And can you also…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.