Selfie Retouching Apps: Essential Entertainment For New Parents

Mom uses selfie retouching app on newborn, hilarity ensues

We all know having a newborn is exhausting, amazing, exhilarating, confusing… what other adjectives can we throw in here? Rarely do we mention how boring it can be. Seriously, no offense kids, but when you’re newborn blobs of need you can get pretty boring.

One mom figured out a way to pass the time with her newborn and entertain all of Reddit at the same time. She used a selfie retouching app and gave her little bundle of joy some makeovers. Oh, man. Why didn’t we think of this?

Reddit user Unicorn Reality posted the images with the caption, “Used a makeup app on my 7-week old son.” She sure did. And after you see these, you’re going to want to make your own infant star in one of these amazing transformation series.

First, subtle. Perfect for a day at church or an afternoon at the mall.

Next we have a look for an evening out. Contouring is key.

And sometimes you want your infant to look like the demon baby version of Liza Minelli:

“No make up touched Gabriel’s skin,” Fiona assured Reddit. “He is a very, very loved little boy. I intentionally take/use photos of him making faces because I live to amuse myself.” And she’s obviously a genius.

If you’ve ever actually used one of these apps you quickly realize they are good for absolutely nothing. The makeup is not subtle. The retouching is painfully obvious. They should really just start marketing these apps as ways to pass time for new parents and pet owners. Fiona tells Reddit she used YouCam Makeup.

See? Hours of fun.

H/T Redbook