Mom Says What We're All Thinking: Super Expensive Strollers Are Ridiculous

by Maria Guido
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Image via Gylisa Jayne/ Facebook

Mom’s post about how ridiculous expensive strollers are is on point

When you are expecting your first child, nothing will give you sticker shock more than realizing how expensive those trendy strollers everyone wants are. Well, until you realize how many people actually spend the money to get these things. That may shock you even more.

One mom took to Facebook to explain how shocked she was the first time she realized how expensive “prams” or strollers can be. Blogger Gylisa Jayne explains that in the end, the money really doesn’t matter because as soon as your kid is able to walk he’s not going to want to set foot in it, anyway.

“When I was pregnant, I gave less than half a shit about what type of pram we got. One with wheels and that went along was all I cared about,” Jayne explains. Her husband assured her he was going to do most of the pushing anyway. She quickly realized “pram envy” was a thing, as her husband became more invested in choosing the right one.

This is funny, because it’s true. Many of us will probably admit to falling into the “I have to have that stroller” trap. It’s a rookie mistake. Jayne decided to accompany her husband on a trip to shop for a stroller and quickly realized two things. First, “when you see the price that they are charging for a baby carrier, your excitement for the future literally drops out of your arsehole.” And second, “everyone else is either way richer than me, or it’s just normal for a pram to cost more than we’ve ever spent on a fucking CAR.”

Okay, the car comparison is a stretch. But the price tags on some of these strollers are insane. Take the UPPA Baby, for example. This one always appears on “favorites” lists. It’s $840. And most of the strollers on these lists hover around $500. Yikes. I had a friend who rolled around with one that called itself a “stroller system.” The base alone cost $500. The whole “system” was in the thousands. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to some momentary stroller envy. But guess what? Your baby only stays in this thing for a couple years — if that.

Jayne explains, “no one tells you, when you are parting with your ( or someone else’s) hard earned cash…That you can have the Top of the Range, Ferrari-equivalent, Needed a loan for, flashiest pram in the whole world… But when they can walk, will they sit in it?”

Nope. They won’t.

Moral of the story: don’t stress too much about fancy strollers. There are plenty of reasonable ones out there. Best case scenario, find a friend who’s done with hers.

“I read the specifications on those things, and apparently for a pram that costs the best part of a thousand pounds – it won’t change a nappy, drive itself, or be worth anything as an heirloom.”


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