8 T-Shirts That Get That #MomLife

by Sara Farrell Baker
CozyGal / Etsy

Wake up. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Give myself a smell-check and hope my deodorant is strong enough for a mom who doesn’t have time to shower. Pull my hair up into a knot. Throw on jeans or leggings and a T-shirt.

That’s a play-by-play of my routine in the mornings, aside from getting my kids dressed and fed. I’m guessing I’m not alone in most of that routine *waves to all the smelly moms who don’t feel like showering* and especially not alone in my daily wardrobe choices. T-shirts are comfy as hell, and the right one can make you feel like a counterfeit (but kinda believable) $100 bill.

And you know what you can never have too many of? Bangin’ T-shirts. For your consideration…

1. Feminist AF T-shirt

HotMessMomDesigns / Etsy

Teach your kids that “feminist” is not a dirty word. Wear it proudly while raising the next generation of resisters and persisters.

2. The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer

CozyGal / Etsy

Have you ever met a well-rested mom whom you also liked and trusted? Me neither. I wear my tired on my face like two Gucci-ass badges of honor.

3. They Whine I Wine

JLawCreations / Etsy

This is a little something called cause and effect. Today’s causes are siblings stealing toys, being out of Pirate’s Booty, someone’s sock feeling itchy, and a missing stuffed animal. Today’s effect is that recycling bin out back full of empties.

4. The Snuggle Is Real


Anything to encourage some extra cuddles. Get over here. Mom wants to smell the top of your head.

5. Not My Prob-llama


Wear this shirt and point to it when necessary. Someone doesn’t like the dinner you made? Point. Waited until the night before a project is due to go shopping for supplies? Point. Kids want to watch cartoons when you’re settling in for a Snapped marathon you earned the hell out of this week? Point at that prob-llama.

6. Coffee Saves Lives


Whose life? Your life. Bring me java.

7. Sorry I’m Late


It’s time I stop using my kids as the excuse and just admit to the world that I don’t like going out into it.

8. Nope


For those days when your family needs to know not to even start with you. I might pull my head into this like a turtle and stay there.

Pull any of these comfy-cozies on for a day made just a little brighter by loose-fitting, breathable fabrics. And tell your kids they better not borrow any to use as their smock during paint time at school.

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