Mommy 2.0

by Alexis Tande
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Every morning I wake up, take a long leisurely shower, try on a few outfits, curl my eye lashes, jump into heels, and voila! I’m ready to…Screeeeaach! Waaaait a minute! That’s not me! That was me 10 years ago! Allow me to begin again.

Every morning I wake up with my son’s finger up my nose and my daughter screaming for a cereal bar. So, I catapult into the bathroom and shove both contacts into my eyes. With my hair in an unwashed pony, I frantically shimmy into the same Lulu’s I’ve been wearing for 3 years. Lululemon is perfectly fine for school drop-off and playing at the park. Heck, it’s more than fine. It’s expected. But not for today.

Today, I’m not going to a playdate. Today, I have to be a professional. See, I’m going to a business meeting. And not just any business meeting…I’m going to a business meeting…that I called…for my new business. So yes, I have to be professional. I have to be put together. I have to not have eggs on my shirt. I have to be “Alexis 2.0.”

But what does 2.0 mean and how do people achieve it? I mean my computer, my car GPS and even my toaster oven have figured out what their 2.0 is, but they had engineers rewire them and literally assemble them. Why is it so hard for me to find and believe in my own 2.0 transformation?

Perhaps, it is because as I start this business, there is always going to be a cell phone in my hand ready to be answered should my son hurt himself at preschool and needs to be rescued.

Maybe, it is because my daughter is going to master some new adorable skill and my babysitter is going to tell me about it because I wasn’t there to witness it.

Possibly, it is because my husband will get home after a hard day’s work and he will have to eat the kids Elmo snacks for dinner because I have yet to get to the grocery store. Oh wait, that is a bad example. That happens once a week.

The first two worries, about my kids, stall my 2.0 transformation and sometimes the fears become so loud I find myself stopped dead in my tracks, unable to move forward.

As I begin this new chapter, something I’ve wanted to do since forever, I must come to terms with the fact that part of my 2.0 brain will forever be occupied with the 2 little seeds I planted on this Earth, who both happen to grow a wee-bit every day. I cheer them growing, celebrate them growing and sometimes I confess, I bribe them to grow faster or slower depending on my mood. But now, it is time for me to grow too. It doesn’t matter if I am dressed up with my eyelashes curled or clad head-to-toe in Lulus. It’s time for Alexis 2.0 to press on, greet the world and have confidence that everything is going to be okay.

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