Moms, Here's A Reminder You'll Always Be 'Home Base' For Your Boys

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Three Boys and a Mom

Grab a tissue and hold your boys tight, moms

The bond between a mother and her son is undeniable. It seems they have us wrapped around their fingers from the very beginning. And while we aim to raise our boys to become independent men who will take care of themselves and their families, we hope they know we will always be here should they need us.

One mother’s post about that bond has all of us boy moms drying our eyes over here. Rachael Boley, who writes at Three Boys And A Mom, shared a touching tribute to sons on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Originally written by Tabitha of Team Studer in 2011, Boley unearthed the words and reminded us that no matter where life takes our kids, we will always be their home base.

“A mother is her son’s home base. You are home to him,” Tabitha wrote. “When he learns to walk, he will wobble a few feet away from you and then come back, then wobble a little farther and then come back. When he tries something new, he will look for your proud smile.”

“When he learns to read, he will repeat the same book to you 20 times in a row, because you’re the only one who will listen that many times. When he plays a sport, he will search for your face in the stands.”

I am lucky enough to be the mom of two boys. When they turn a year older, I always think this is his most fun stage, his most endearing time. I find myself willing the clock to stop so they don’t get a single second older. Because I know one day soon I will blink and they will be grown. They will start to pull away and not need me as much as they do now. I want them to stay right where they are, fighting for their independence in one breath and asking to be carried to bed the next. Boys are full of life and love and everything that is right in the world. And some of us are lucky enough to be their mothers.

While it is hard watching them get older sometimes, these words remind us we will always be connected, no matter what. “When he is sick, he will call you. When he really messes up, he will call you. When he is grown and strong and tough and big and he feels like crying, he will come to you; because a man can cry in front of his mother without feeling self-conscious,” she quotes.

If we’ve done our jobs right, eventually they will leave us. Still, Tabitha writes, “Even when he grows up (…) you are still his mother; home base, the ever constant, like the sun. Know that in your heart and everything else will fall into place.”

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