Here’s Another Viral Video Of Some Moms Getting Outraged About Something

by Maria Guido
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This week, two moms from Houston drove a cashier at a King Dollar to a public nervous breakdown with their eight kids and two interesting attitudes. Then they taped it, uploaded it to Facebook, and demanded some sort of dollar store justice.

Oh my freaking god. Can we stop with this nonsense already? It’s one thing to catch actual injustice on camera. It’s another thing to poke the proverbial bear until it roars, tape it, and pretend you’re an innocent bystander.

Here’s how the moms describe the encounter that led to this cashier completely losing her shit:

“( feel free to share )” I’d just like to point out that this is what the post started with. Yes, please share this nonsense. There’s not enough fake outrage going around this week with the Christmas-destroying Starbucks cup. Here’s a post from one of the moms about what transpired on the that fateful trip to King Dollar:

Our babies were actually just fine. On good behavior and were being super sweet in King dollar tonight in Angleton Tx. When Monica put something down that she decided she didn’t want .. The lady behind the counter yelled at her to hand anything she didn’t want to her. We had a basket FULL that I kindly told her I decided I did not want.

Um, what? You brought a full basket up to the counter that you “kindly” told her you didn’t want? That would piss anyone off. Why on earth did you do that?

The way she yelled at us here is how she yelled at Monica! She also yells about how many kids we have with us ! If you’re familiar with this store you know it’s ALWAYS dirty!

Okay, so why did you go back to that god-forsaken “dirty” place? Where you on a scavenger hunt? Was someone going to give you a prize for collecting a basket full of dollar goods and smugly handing them to the cashier when you were done? Did you win something?

And this is a public notice that, YES everywhere I go I have my four children. I have no other family that can watch them .. Not one family member. I may not be single but I am their mother and I take care of them I am all they have!

Well, they also have each other and their dad — let’s not be dramatic.

We had to explain to them as they walked out of the store in tears , literally ALL 8 of them..their little wondering hearts failed to understand why they were unwanted in a dollar store ! It took everything in me to NOT reach over the counter and shut her up myself!

A bystander in the store told First Coast News, “The kids were tearing this store up. I think the clerk did what she was supposed to do.” The moms disagree and say their kids were “just being kids.” The manager says the store has been getting death threats since the video went viral.

Death threats.

Every negative interaction you have isn’t cause for a YouTube upload. Is a cashier being “rude” in a store reason enough to stay in that store, argue with her, tape her, then attempt to make your tape go viral by uploading it publicly to Facebook and alerting the news? You rubbed me the wrong way so now I’m going to attempt to destroy your business. Is that how it works?

Yes, this video is an outrage — but not because a cashier lost her shit.

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