Best Cash Register Toys for Kids And Toddlers, According to Moms – 2021

12 Toddler Cash Register Toys That Will Keep Them Cashing-In For Hours

March 20, 2020 Updated February 22, 2021

Best Cash Register Toys

Cha-ching! You’ve got to spend money to make money — or at least you have to spend money to count money as far as your toddler is concerned. Watching your little one play out your weekly grocery run is only made better when they have a trusty toy cash register at the ready. But today’s selection of kid cash register toys may have more to offer than the broken keyboard and cardboard box that you remember from your childhood. New options range from fully loaded toys that sing (perhaps they can accompany your toddler guitar?), count, and basically recreate the self-checkout aisle on a small scale (there are even some that appeal to us mamas with more minimalist sensibilities).

However adorable you may find a kid cash register, they’re practically a toddler playtime essential. Developing skills like counting, color identification, and a general affinity for credit cards only gets more fun when you bring imaginative interactive play to the mix — and the lessons about money aren’t bad either. Opt for more elaborate sets that include a working calculator and a “realistic grocery experience” or keep things simple with a built in abacus and felt dollar bills. Whatever toy cash register you choose is destined to become part of your kid’s playtime routine for years to come. Maybe now, they’ll be of help when you hit the market for the milk your partner always forgets? (which may be our biggest pet peeve) A mom can dream, right?

Best Old School Cash Register

Hape Checkout Register Kids Wooden Pretend Play Set

There’s nothing wrong with a little old school panache to make imaginative play time interesting. Who needs to relive the chaos of trying to enter in your rewards number when you can keep things refreshingly simple with this set that has a built-in abacus. The classic wood register and scanner come complete with play cash, coins and, naturally, credit cards for a little throwback era fun.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Realistic Cash Register

Battat B. Toys Cash Register Toy Playset

Realistic sounds, beeps, and a light-up scanner will virtually transport your toddler to a line-free self checkout experience — and if that isn’t skill-building we don’t know what is. This sturdy buy even comes complete with pretend veggies, a mini grocery basket, and a little scale for your kid’s produce. And a key! Too much cuteness. Great for kids ages 3 and up as there are small parts, which 4’s+ will love. This is like buying the toy kitchen and register in one.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Fantasy Cash Register

Disney Princess Style Collection Shop 'N Play Cash Register

Add a few Disney characters to your kiddo’s learning! They’ll be guaranteed to have more fun with it. This Disney Princess Style Collection Shop ‘N Play Cash Register includes a credit card, paper money, and coins.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

JOYIN Toy Cash Register

Looking for a bilingual toy register? The JOYIN Toy Cash Register works in both English and Spanish, in addition to coming with  quit a lot accessories. From food to cash and debit cards. Your little one won’t miss a bit in their imaginary grocery store.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Best Choice Products Kids Educational Cash Register Play Set with Scanner

“Can I get a price check at register five?” Sure, you can with this play set that includes a scanner, a conveyor belt, a microphone and a working calculator. Pack the grocery basket with delightfully kitschy dry goods then get in line for countless hours of color-coordinated fun. There are some fun sounds to be heard here, so pack this up and get ready to hear what the kids are shopping for this season.


Most Durable Cash Register

Top Race 30 Piece Wooden Toy Cash Register

The competition is fierce, but this painted wood toy cash register was built to stand the test of time. Press down buttons, and a credit card slider are obligatory perks, but not many models can boast a roll of register paper too for your fake receipts! And the wooden coins, they are just the right size for little hands and store perfectly inside the cash, we mean coin, drawer.



Best Minimalist Cash Register

Legler Play Cash Register

If you’re convinced that going cashless and ApplePay is the only way to live, then this no frills register is made for your children. There’s very little involved with this aesthetically pleasing selection, but the essentials are all accounted for. A smattering of colorful bills? Check. A credit card for racking up fake debt? Got it. A hand scanner for your equally chic mini grocery buys? Sure. It stores away nicely and takes up minimal space in the toy closet.


Best High-End Toy Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

If you’re going to commit to a playtime theme — commit with this math skill-building buy that comes with a whopping 73 pieces. Unlike most options on the market, this shopping experience comes with hilariously realistic coins and life-sized dollars so you can teach your tiny the value of losing pennies in your couch — even if they aren’t actually real. Also, may we point out that this register is solar powered with an LCD display for those late night number crunching sessions.

$39.49 AT AMAZON

Best Shopping Experience

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register

Shopping for something other than the obligatory checkout aisle impulse toy buy is a skill best refined at home. Start your toddler off on the right foot with this play set that includes a slew of healthy fake food and a wee little basket for ultimate pretend convenience. This interactive toy also features fun phrases and over 80 songs, though “Omg, I forgot my canvas totes!” and “Where did I leave my credit card?” is most likely not among them. Makes a great gift for littles. PS-Batteries are required as this one’s a talker.


Best Toy Cash Register for Your Home Decor

Melissa & Doug Spin and Swipe Wooden Cash Register

When it comes to classic kids toys that aren’t in a never-ending war with your interior design plans (whatever is left of that charade), Melissa & Doug is the brand to turn to. This timeless, pretend-play must-have keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum but that doesn’t mean your tiny one won’t have hours of fake grocery fun. Working levers, spinning pictures, and a wee little cash drawer are just a few of the features of this low-key addition.

$17.76 AT AMAZON

Most Sturdy Cash Register

Lakeshore Real-Working Cash Register

This tamper-proof option is practically made for the heavy duty wear and tear that comes with the grind of running your own itty bitty convenience store. The built-in calculator, hilariously realistic bills, and adorably retro credit card will transport you and your little one to the bygone days of actually carrying cash. It might be the only time they see it, but at least they’ll recognize it for future.


Best Count Along Cash Register

Leap Frog Count Along Cash Register

A singing register that counts along with your mini? Sounds like torture, but it’s actually quite adorable with this adorable buy. Give the customers what they want with colorful fake food items and then make adequate change with the included coins when they reach the limit of their faux credit card. And since this is by Leap Frog, there is real learning involved. Get your batteries ready, this one’s like having a math teacher for your mini at your very own home.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Now that you’ve cashed in on some of our favorite registers, check out some other amazing kids toys.

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