Moms Lip Sync Their Kids' Fortnite Game

by Julie Scagell
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Image via YouTube/The New Stepford

If your kids play Fortnite, this video is a must-watch

If you have kids of a certain age, you know about Fortnite. You don’t just know it, you live and breathe it because your kids live and breathe it which means it’s the only effing thing they talk about. So, when two moms decided to make a video of exactly what it’s like living in a constant state of battle, the results were painfully and hilariously accurate.

Moms Whitney Cicero, who writes at The New Stepford, and pal Angela Hoover decided to show their boys exactly what it’s like to live with Fortnite-obsessed humans, so they recorded a recent game they played and lip-synced it. It something you have to watch to fully appreciate.

“WATCH and SHARE with a parent who is suffering from Fortnite Fatigue Syndrome,” Cicero said on her Facebook page, sharing the hysterical video. You only need to get about three seconds in before you’re nodding your head and saying, “Same.”

“We’re going to Tilted. See, everyone’s going to Tilted,” Hoover yells into the screen. “Go default orange juice skin, Goooooo,” Cicero responds, lip-syncing over their son’s voices.

Image via YouTube/The New Stepford

The pair continue to act out how an actual game of Fortnight goes including: Shoving junk food into their faces while not breaking eye contact with the TV; intermittent dancing (if you haven’t seen the floss, you haven’t lived); screaming about how bad the internet situation is in the house (“This isn’t a joke. OMG, MOM.”); and of course, farting.

Image via YouTube/The New Stepford

My husband and I like to play a little game sometimes over a glass or two of wine where we disconnect the wifi and watch total carnage unfold. Our 13-year-old is usually the first up the stairs because he’s real quick like that and it’s as if someone’s killed his cat. “OMG, WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE INTERNET?!? I was in the middle of a game. Seriously, when do you think it’s coming back on? Are you even going to do anything or are you just going to sit there?!?” all while we casually sip our wine and pretend we know nothing. You should try it sometime. It’s therapeutic.

The video continues to get funnier by the second as they talk about how bad they are at the game but also how they should start a YouTube channel and get “like 3000 subscribers,” all while screaming at each other to look out for shotguns and llamas, which sounds completely normal to any parent watching this because it’s our reality.

Image via YouTube/The New Stepford

There is more yelling and screaming and finger pointing at who is getting who killed and slamming down of remotes and it’s funny because it’s true. It ends with the actual footage of their boys playing and of course yelling into his headset, “No profanity, my mom’s here.”

Fortnite-obsessed families everywhere, unite.

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