Bloggers Make Video About 'Why Moms Never Meet Up'

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Tova Leigh

This is every mom

If you are a mother and have ever tried to make plans with another mother, you know it can be challenging. To say we are busy would be the understatement of the century. Even if we do get a rare moment where all the stars align and we find ourselves with some free time, we are usually too goddamn tired to do anything but stare at a brick wall.

Moms Tova Leigh and Riona O’Connor decided to create a hilarious new video titled “Why Moms Never Meet Up” that approximately 100 percent of moms will see themselves in. They spend the entire conversation trying to come up with a day to see each other and the results are perfection.

“Listen, I need a coffee, in public, with an adult. Can you meet,” O’Connor starts. When Leigh suggests tomorrow, shit gets real fast. “YES. I just need to load the stroller, pump the boobs, pack the baby bag with ten changes, have a shower for the first time this week. I can be with you by three!” O’Connor says. “Picking up the kids from school at three and then I’m taking them to swimming. Rushing home to prepare three types of dinners because nobody likes to eat the same stuff in my house,” Leigh responds.

Image via Facebook/Tova Leigh

And so it goes. They try desperately to land on a day for some much needed time away and can’t seem to find one because of mother-in-law visits, baby gym classes, birthday parties, laundry, and midday conference calls. And they manage to discuss all of it while doing laundry, scrubbing the floors, making dinner, and dealing with dogs pooping on floors. Because they are moms – and moms get shit done.

It is hard to find time to spend by ourselves let alone with friends. Once you become a parent, it seems all free time gets sucked up by the important job of keeping another human being alive, fed every 30 seconds, in clean diapers, and entertained. Once kids get older, those tasks are replaced by driving them around from one activity to the next or to friend’s houses or school functions. It. Never. Ends. There is always something and dammit, sometimes we need a hot minute with our friends.

Image via Facebook/Tova Leigh

“Friday?” Leigh suggests. “I’m usually catatonic in a corner by Friday,” O’Connor says, while mowing the lawn with her baby strapped to her chest, as one does. When O’Connor suggests Saturday, Leigh has a wax appointment because “her bush is out of control.” “OMG, you still wax?” O’Connor says in amazement. “It gets me out of the house for an hour,” Leigh says. And moms around the world slow clap at the genius of it all.

Image via Facebook/Tova Leigh

After a bit more back and forth, the pair land on a day three months from now and, let’s be honest, that will probably get cancelled because something will come up. I have text strings a mile long with some friends trying to make plans. But in the end, moms get it. It’s not because we don’t want to get together because ohmygod we WANT to get together. It’s just these tiny humans we created keep getting in the way.

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