10 Moms Every Mom Should Have On Speed Dial

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How would moms do it without their mom friends? They have saved us, helped us, been there, shown up, and shared our pain. They have such a strong understanding for what we are going through simply because they are going through (or have gone through) the same thing. They have seen it all too—the good, the bad, and the “I have no idea how I am going to get through this day.” All of the precious moms in my life have a unique place in my heart as well as my phone. They are always there for those trying times like:

1. The Free Shrink

Verbally throwing up is just fine—this mama can take it. She is a vault, and she knows how to listen without giving advice unless it is asked of her. She is your rock. Without her, your head would explode, and you are so happy to return the favor to her. There is a deep understanding between the two of you: what is said between you stays between you.


2. The Fun Mom

You desperately need to cut loose for a night, maybe wear some heels and dance. This super fun mom is always up for a party—really she is a party. She knows about the latest trendy drinks, the newest places to eat, and if you even said, “I want to Thelma-and-Louise it with you,” she could make it happen. She makes you laugh so hard your abdominal muscles are sore the next day. She is your true escape.

3. The Stylist

Stylish mom loves talking fashion. She is always ready to shop and loves to get selfies of you from the dressing room if you aren’t sure about how something looks. She knows how to dress for every occasion and is honest with you about what looks good. While shopping with her, she encourages you to go for things you would never pick up if you were alone, and she is usually right.

4. The Gourmand

Call on her if you want to make a nice dinner for company or just need to know how to get the box of brownies to turn out right. This woman can bake like nobody’s business. She can tell you what temperature to set your oven to if you want your cookies to be chewy or soft. She knows a super fast way to soften butter and can construct the perfect Pavlova. She may even bake for you and tell you to pass it off as your own.

5. The Veteran Mom

This mom always makes you feel better about your mistakes. You lost it in the school drop-off line because little Tommy wasn’t cooperating; she reminds you that it happens to everyone. You spent too much money the other night while perusing Amazon Prime and drinking wine; she tells you not worry because you can just return it all, then follows it with, “Heck, if you had fun, who cares! You only live once!”

6. The Butt-Kicker

This woman is a machine. She belongs to two CrossFit gyms. She doesn’t mess around. Whether you need help moving, fitting into your favorite dress for your friend’s wedding, or someone to tell your mutual friend to stop posting pictures of you on Facebook despite your constant pleas to do so, she is your woman. She is protective of everyone she loves, and you admire that about her.

7. Mary Poppins

This woman is a saint. She loves kids—the more the merrier. She has the fun house, she is always the host, and her fridge is always stocked with juice boxes and squeeze yogurts. She can handle it all. She has saved you so many times, and you adore her.

8. The Pinner

Pinterest mom has the patience you wish you did. The pillows in her home are made from fabric that she hand painted then sewed together. You just saw the same ones in a high-end boutique for $450 a pop, but she made them for $2 a piece. Her kids’ birthday parties are fancier than your wedding was, and she knows how to use a glue gun like a boss. She is the one you need when someone else volunteers you to make costumes for the play your daughter is in, or you simply want to host a little brunch. She is usually armed with glitter and fabric swatches.

9. The Cheerleader

This mom is your cheerleader. There is a lot of love and history between you two. She hates to see you sad and always tells you how beautiful, smart, and funny you are. She makes you feel like a good mom even when you feel like you suck. Her friendship is real and true.

10. The Savior

This mom is your savior. She practices yoga for two hours a day. She knows the history of every essential oil and how to relieve stress and anxiety through diet alone. You could accidentally give yourself the worst haircut ever right before your high school reunion and she would be able to talk you out of a panic attack.

All of the mothers I know are so thankful for all of their mom friends. Without them, I think we all would have made some very bad decisions, drank a little more, laughed a lot less, and not been able to cope as well.

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