Monica Lewinsky Breaks The Internet With Single-Emoji Tweet Reply

by Kristina Johnson
Monica Lewinsky/Twitter and David Crotty/Getty

Monica Lewinsky’s latest hilarious tweet has the Internet hailing her as a national treasure

Monica Lewinsky became very famous for one very specific thing — but it is long past time for this woman to rebranded as one of the queens of the Internet. Case in point? When the Twitter account UberFacts asked, “What’s the most high-risk, low-reward thing you’ve ever done?”, Lewinsky simply responded with the side eyes emoji, and well, if that doesn’t answer the question for you, then you definitely weren’t alive and paying attention to the nightly news in the mid-90s.

And you know what? If you somehow missed that whole intern/sex scandal/impeachment thing back in the Bill Clinton administration, and you only know Lewinsky from her semi-regular viral tweets (or perhaps “Partition” the song where Beyonce name-drops her), that is a good thing. She might just be the most low-key of all our national treasures, and she deserves to be recognized for her brilliance above anything else. This woman went through absolute hell, and it is kind of miraculous that she emerged from it with a sense of humor. Lewinsky’s latest tweet sparked a wave of appreciation for how funny she is.

The consensus is that she’s basically a national treasure at this point.

Lewinsky has made similar references to her situation with former President Clinton before, and they’re funny every time. Especially because this time, so many of us are laughing with her, not at her — a far cry from when she was regularly skewered in the media and made the butt of probably a billion gross jokes.

Last year, when the funny people of Twitter were jumping all over the “I have a ___ joke, but it ___” format (i.e., I have a diaper joke, but it stinks), Lewinsky absolutely dropped the mic with her take on it.

As the tweet above points out, humor seems to be Lewinsky’s way of “owning it” with everything she went through — hopefully it’s working for her as well as it’s working for everyone now obsessed with her on Twitter. And for anyone for wants to know more about her, that chance is coming soon. Lewinsky is getting the opportunity to tell more of her side of the story with the help of famed TV producer Ryan Murphy. The two are teaming up for American Crime Story: Impeachment.