11 Free Monkey Coloring Pages Your Little One Will Go Bananas Over

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Monkey Coloring Pages
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You’re a fan of Friends, right? Think back to the start of its run. The hit sitcom had just added a new cast member to the show — and she happened to be a primate. That monkey’s name was Katie, and she played the role of Ross’s pet monkey Marcel. Despite reportedly being a nuisance on set, audiences loved the monkey. In fact, Marcel the monkey could have been a big reason why the show succeeded in that first season. And, hey, it should come as no surprise. Monkeys are pretty fantastic! Do you know what else these fascinating animals make? Tons of fun in the form of monkey coloring pages.

While they don’t make the best pets in real life, monkeys are still wonderful to see in zoos. They’re quite intelligent, reportedly having more cognitive flexibility than humans. One area in which monkeys don’t excel, though, is coloring in the lines. Guess it’s a good thing these themed printables aren’t for them!

If you want to show some respect to all of the monkeys out there — including Katie — these free monkey coloring pages are a great way to do it. And once you finish up this barrel of fun, move on over to our other animal printables like pig coloring pages, lion coloring pages, ladybug coloring pages, cow coloring pages, and more.

Free Monkey Coloring Pages

Monkey No. 1

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This monkey is obviously a pro. Swinging on a vine, it’s sporting a giant smile we find quite contagious. While you can use your monkey coloring pages any way you want, this particular monkey would look great with bright, vibrant colors. Fun fact: When capuchin male monkeys are looking for a mate, they pee in their hands and rub it in their fur. It makes female monkeys fall right in love. Gross… we know. They also stick their fingers in other monkeys’ eyes to build a bond. To show closeness, they may suck on each other’s tails, fingers, and ears.

Monkey No. 2

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Have you visited the Museum of Natural History recently? No? Us either. But from what we remember, this monkey looks kind of similar to something you’d see in the Hall of Primates. If you miss museums, this would be an ideal monkey to color. Did you know that in some countries monkeys are delicacies? In China and Malaysia, raw or cooked monkey brains are common dishes. Howler monkeys are also one of the loudest animals in the jungle. Their voices are up to 90 decibels and can be heard from three miles away.

Monkey No. 3

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Are you a fan of bananas? So is this monkey. Feel free to peel open a banana of your own while you color this cheeky fellow. And did you know monkeys are also super hygienic? Not only do they groom themselves, but they floss too. This creature looks a lot like a spider monkey! These primates have very long tails that can grow up to three feet long. Spider monkeys can use their tails to pick up items as small as peanuts.

Monkey No. 4

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All moms can agree — it’s adorable when a cartoon character has a beloved plush that somewhat looks like them. It’s why we’re all big fans of Tigey from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, after all. This monkey’s little plush monkey must give him a ton of comfort, making this a precious monkey coloring page. Did you know the largest monkey in the world is the male mandrill? They are more than three feet tall and weigh about 75 pounds. And fun fact: The first monkey sent into space suffocated during the flight. He was in the V2 rocket that launched in 1948. His successor, Albert II survived the flight, but his parachute failed, which resulted in his death.

Monkey No. 5

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What’s better than one monkey? A pair of monkeys! You can color these friends to look similar or completely different. By using a variety of hues, you can imbue them each with a unique personality. And here’s something to keep in mind — never piss off a patas monkey. They can run at about 34 miles per hour.

Monkey No. 6

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If you have a young musician at home, this is the monkey coloring page for them. This happy monkey is playing the maracas with glee and would probably appreciate being filled in by sparkly markers (or crayons) if you happen to have them.

Monkey No. 7

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Sure, this monkey may be simple. However, the heart on its belly makes gives it an air of magic. Ask your kid to come up with a clever backstory about what special powers come from the monkey’s belly-heart. This little cutie also looks a lot like a spider monkey, don’t you think? Did you know they can jump across gaps as large as 35 feet? They should call themselves super spider monkeys.

Monkey No. 8

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Looking for a pal that’ll tell you a good joke? The monkey on this coloring page looks like it’d be up for the task. No, it can’t talk. But if it could, the joke this monkey would tell would be something like, “What kind of monkey is the best to hang out with?” The answer, of course, is a “Funkey.”

Monkey No. 9

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Raise your hand if you came here to color a monkey similar to the aforementioned Marcel. Same! And this coloring page is a good bet. To make it even more lifelike, try adding some texture around its face with different colors and coloring pencils. There’s not much to this drawing, so adding more hues will definitely make it stand out.

Monkey No. 10

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If none of the other monkey coloring pages happened to bring you joy — which seems doubtful — this one definitely will. With his big smile and silly limbs, he’s a monkey you’d want to hang out with. While this guy would look great with traditional colors, he’d also look great in pastels.

Monkey No. 11

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Fun fact: A Columbian woman claimed that after she was kidnapped and left in the jungle at the age of four, a troop of capuchin monkeys raised her. We knew monkeys were sweethearts, but this story takes the cake!

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