The importance of alone time

by Scary Mommy
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Five years ago, Lily was my only child. We had little adventures every single day; We’d eat out together, get our nails done, go shopping, take classes… do everything, just Lily and me. And, then Ben was born. And we had less time, just the two of us. Shortly after, Evan came along and our along time was even less frequent. With three kids and a husband who travels a lot, it’s hard to find the time to squeeze in alone time with each child, but it’s so important. Especially, it seems, for my Lily.

Last week, we took an afternoon to ourselves. We got our nails done, got hair cuts, did some shopping and went out to dinner. Even if it was just for a few hours, I feel like it did a world of good. For a few fleeting hours, I turned from “the meanest mother in the world” to the “best mommy ever!” Amazing how a little one on one time can do that.

I think we were both way overdue.

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