Moms, It's Time To Say Goodbye To Those Ratty Undergarments

by Sarah Cottrell
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Ladies, let’s talk for a minute about an embarrassing problem that most of us have. And no, I don’t mean leaking when we sneeze. I’m talking about those nasty old undergarments that have seen better days but you keep around anyway. Let me tell you something, they are not like comfy old slippers!

In a world where moms everywhere decry a lack of “me time” and report feeling like our needs are put squarely last on our never-ending to-do lists, let’s all agree that the state of our undergarments ought to be a place where we draw the line. Let’s put our boobs and derrières at the top of that list — stat.

Let’s treat ourselves to something nice! And that maybe has some lace, or spaghetti straps, or at least enough material to hold back our post-pregnancy girth. Take a look through your lady drawer, and if you see anything that looks even remotely like the following descriptions, then toss and burn the contents of your drawer. Then hustle your butt down to Target or Victoria’s Secret.

1. If your period panties are beginning to resemble Rorschach tests, then you should know it’s time to let those go.

2. All of your panties could easily be described as “granny panties.”

3. The wires are not only poking out of your bra, but you are pretty sure that in a pinch you can MacGyver together a TV antenna.

4. Holes appear where there shouldn’t be any, like the seam in the crotch of your panties or along the elastic band.

5. Those little loopy clasps are missing the male to its female or vice versa, and you’re no stranger to a safety pin.

6. You read an article that bras are bad for you and your tatas and you decide that science is far better than getting a cut in your rib from a wire poking out.

7. You are wearing a maternity bra from two pregnancies ago that fits you about as well as two sippy cups strung together with a rubber band.

8. You can’t tell if your panties are inside out because the tag wore off and the seams are frayed all the way around.

Ladies, go out and treat yourself to some new pretty matching bra and panty sets. Treat yourself to soft cotton blends and natural curves. Hell, splurge a little and buy some Spanx if you must. But whatever you do, make sure that you take care of you.

Don’t put your beautiful self at the bottom of that list of priorities anymore. Moms are women too — gasp! — and need to feel sexy and beautiful, so let’s at least start by allowing ourselves some sturdy undergarments.

Most boutique-style undergarment stores will give you a bra fitting for free. It might seem a wee bit awkward having a strange woman ask you to lose your top so that she can measure your chest and cup size, but a trust me: A proper bra fitting is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It’s a total game changer.

Once you know your actual bra size, you will be able to find bras that not only fit your budget but will also make you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t be afraid to buy underwear that looks wild and fun. At places like Target, you can find a zillion styles of panties that will fit your personality and your budget. Go for it.

Whatever you do, just make your needs matter as much as everyone else’s.

You’re worth it.

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