This Mother's Day Parody Shows What We Really, Really Want

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My Lifesuckers

Yo! It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you are determined to have a day filled without disappointment and broken dreams, you are not alone. Moms want a damn Mother’s Day — we want to be celebrated, honored, and noticed.

Honestly, we’d probably settle for not having to clean up any messes and a meal made by someone other than us, but if you are having trouble putting into words what you really, really want for Mother’s Day, behold this spot-on video. Deva Dalporto, the woman behind MyLifeSuckers, speaks for every single mom out there with her parody, “Spice Moms.”

You are welcome.

“I want a nap, I want a maid, I want a chef, I want a break, I wanna really, really, really wanna day at the spa.”

Yeah, we do.

And if you are a dad who isn’t quite sure what to get the mother of your children for Mother’s Day, just give it a listen. This song will have all the insights to her soul — you can handle the rest.

“You wanna show your love? Make me a meal.”

Then clean up, please.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and even though we deserve a whole damn week, I guess we’ll settle for having it all packed into one day. We want to relax. We want someone to cook for us. We don’t want to hear any lip. And we want some time to do what we want without having to pick up the pieces for the rest of the week because we took one damn day off.

Because this Mother’s Day, just like the song says, “Let us take it easy. Life’s hard when you have kids.”

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