A Mother’s Guide To Making Breakfast In Bed

by Rita Templeton
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breakfast in bed

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Dear Kids,

Let me begin by saying how very grateful I am that you’d like to make me breakfast in bed. That’s a sweet, wonderful gesture, and I’m proud of how compassionate you are.

That being said, I have a few suggestions that will make the breakfast-in-bed experience better for both of us…

You can wait until the sun comes up. And even long after. Really, this doesn’t have to take place at the crack of dawn.

I’ve seen your hands in…questionable places, so it might be a good idea to wash them first.

Spills are inevitable, and I understand. But maybe try not to use the entire roll of paper towels to clean them up.

I know you’re all about doing this on your own, but if the jug of milk or O.J. is too full to pour, pleeeeeease don’t be too proud to recruit some assistance.

I love coffee, but it’s best when there are no grounds floating in the mug.

If you use up the last little bit of an ingredient, perhaps you could consider throwing the container away instead of putting it back empty for me to discover when I go to use it next time.

If you use sugar, maybe try carrying the container to the canister instead of leaving a trail along the entire length of the counter. And the floor.

Sure, presentation is important when it comes to breakfast in bed, but I don’t really need one of my highly breakable wine glasses or the good dishes.

I kind of enjoy my breakfast without bites taken out of it. And my spoons unlicked.

And if you drop something on the floor, it’d be great if you just got a fresh one to replace it. Or at least pick off all the visible hairs so I’ll never know.

My darling children, I’ll love whatever you bring me for breakfast, because I love that you care enough to bring it. I’m just thinking if maybe you followed at least some of these suggestions, we wouldn’t end up with a messy countertop. Or a clogged sink. Or a sticky floor. Or broken dishes. Or weird stains.

On second thought, how about just bringing me a bowl of cereal? A bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios would be FANTASTIC. As a matter of fact, go ahead and pour a bowl for yourselves too. We can have breakfast in bed together.

Much love,


This Mother’s Day, let your kids know you’re good with a simple breakfast in bed. If a bowl of cereal is your choice, General Mills wants you to know they’ve been working to make your family’s favorite cereals even better by removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.

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