Someone Mowed A Giant Penis Into A Field To Welcome Trump To The UK

by Julie Scagell
Born Eco/Twitter

They mowed a ‘stiff message’ about climate change for the President

Student and environmentalist Ollie Nancarrow came up with a unique and, um, sizable way to get President Trump’s attention as he made his way to the U.K. for his state visit — he mowed a message near the airport that including a giant, impossible-to-ignore peen.

“Guess who’s been busy today mowing a stiff message for Trump under the Stansted flightpath… Please share and let’s see how far we can spread the welcome!” he wrote on social media over the weekend next to a picture of a penis and the words, “Oi Trump, Climate Change Is Real.” He also included an adorable polar bear just to round things out.

It’s, um, big.

Nancarrow is one of the thousands who have urged British Prime Minister (until Friday, that is) Theresa May to get tough with Trump over his dismissal of the science behind climate change. A letter signed by 250 academics from universities across the U.K. demand conversations about his refusal to acknowledge global warming and “increasing risks for lives and livelihoods” will also be presented to Trump, HuffPost UK reported.

Trump and Prince Charles are set to have tea this afternoon and one would also hope the discussion will be a lively one, as Charles has been outspoken for over 40 years about the environmental issues plaguing our planet, while Trump has referred to them as a “hoax.”

The president pulled the United States out of the 2015 Paris Climate accord, saying it was “too costly,” making America the only nation in the world not to ratify the agreement. He also often confuses the weather for actual changes to our climate, making it clear to everyone on the planet that he has no knowledge of that which he speaks. In 2018, his administration was also accused of scrubbing information on climate change from U.S. government websites.

“Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome,” Nancarrow said of his penis sign, “and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies into Stansted,” he told the Bishop’s Stortford Independent.

Climate change isn’t the only hurdle Trump will likely have to overcome this week as protesters of his visit have made their opinion of our president well known. Sky News, one of Britain’s major TV news broadcasters, advertised their coverage of Trump’s visit by using footage of the giant Trump-baby blimp created by protestors during his state visit last year.

The now-famous giant 20-foot inflatable Trump baby is expected to fly above Parliament Square after its owners reach their fundraising target, which shouldn’t be too hard given the British opinion of our president is similar to his popularity at home.

Trump will most-assuredly spout off about the giant penis on social media at some point this week because he lacks the capability to keep any of his emotions to himself. It should be an interesting week for all involved.