Disney+ Drops Celeb-Filled Trailer For Unscripted 'Muppets Now' Series

by Madison Vanderberg
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Disney Plus Just Released The 'Muppets Now' Trailer
The Muppets/Youtube

Muppets Now is a six-part unscripted series landing on Disney Plus next month

How did we live before Disney Plus? I’m seriously asking because the streaming giant continues to churn out joyful, escapist entertainment and no disrespect to any other platforms, but only one streamer has Hamilton, Star Wars, Frozen, and now… MUPPETS! In today’s Disney Plus news, the streamer just dropped the trailer for Muppets Now, a new Muppet-centric show coming to the platform on July 31.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much about the plot as Kermit attempts to share the good news about the show but is constantly thwarted by “Joe from legal,” who appears to be a… weasel? You know, just a weasel who is also an entertainment lawyer. However, what we do know is this: Unlike previous Muppet fare, this will be the first-ever unscripted project to come out of Muppets Studio and while the show is being kept under wraps, D23, the official Disney fan club, reports that the six-episode series follows “Scooter as he rushes to round up the Muppets and ready them to upload their first streaming show.”

Also, the official press release (via Collider) says that the show is broken up into different segments as each Muppet is the “star” of his or her own unscripted series — like “zany experiments with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker” or “lifestyle tips from the fabulous Miss Piggy.”

Like The Muppets, which aired on ABC in 2015, and followed the iconic Jim Henson puppets as they worked to put on Miss Piggy’s nightly talk show, and the original The Muppet Show from the ’70s was about the making of a variety show, so the Muppets clearly thrive in the faux showbiz space and love a good behind-the-scenes romp.

The tag alongside the trailer promises “Classic Muppets, new unscripted mayhem” and like many past Muppet projects, this one is stacked with famous faces. In the trailer alone, I spotted Aubrey Plaza, Taye Diggs, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, and RuPaul.

Listen, it doesn’t matter if the Muppets are solving crimes or doing makeup tutorials, the trailer looks like all sorts of energetic, frenzied, fun. Also, the fact that it’s unscripted means seeing the Muppets do improvised comedy for well, the first time ever, and RuPaul ad-lib riffing with Miss Piggy is the content we are here for.

The “Muppisodes” land on Disney Plus on July 31.

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